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  1. the name of the pic is "ASTRID_in_snow", don't worry
  2. oh cool un autrefrançais !
  3. Where are you for this extreme temperature ?
  4. Can you guess how I take this wonderful aurora screenshot ? (no retouches) If you find the good answers, I like your post
  5. for the aurora, what frequency you've selected ? And maybe this challenge can be called Ludicrous mode
  6. 31 is the number of buffer memories computer and you have discovered 49 buffer memories because there are several memories for each computer.
  7. I don't try this but, with unpotable water, you got dysenteries anyway.
  8. I totally agree, it's one of the reasons I post this topic !
  9. Forlorn muskeg is beautiful when the weather is fine !
  10. What are those strange spikes ? Maybe trees with a texture error ? (Those "spikes" are in Forlorn Muskeg, at the left of the Mystery Lake tunnel) Answers are welcome !
  11. I craft my new favourite and destructive weapons : the Bear Spear !