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  1. Share your screenshots

    Forlorn muskeg is beautiful when the weather is fine !
  2. Share your screenshots

    What are those strange spikes ? Maybe trees with a texture error ? (Those "spikes" are in Forlorn Muskeg, at the left of the Mystery Lake tunnel) Answers are welcome !
  3. Share your screenshots

    I craft my new favourite and destructive weapons : the Bear Spear !
  4. Some time ago I thought: "What a pity, we can't harvest bones". Then, I searched a utility for bones and I thought of bones statuettes (I'm surprised, "statuette" is a french word). But a logic TLD player doesn't lose time at crafting decorative statuettes, and for the utility of these statuettes, with this dear @SneakySquid, we thought that they could increase the wildlife respawn rate ( and, for sure, there also are a trophies). Yes it's a little bit mystic but, in TLD, there is Bear Spear, Old Bear that doesn’t shy bullets, Aurora which produce power and Methuselah is mystic too. You can harvest one bone for each carcass. Statuettes require a table of engraving (it's just flat stone). Tables of engraving can be found in a native village, in the region that @SneakySquid is going to make, the region of the first nations. I post the link when he'll have posts his region. We think a challenge involving statuettes will be great in this region. For this challenge, you start in a cave (not explorable) with a lot of little alcoves and you must craft 5 mooses and 5 bears statuettes, 25 wolfs and 25 deers statuettes and 30 rabbits statuettes. The difficulty is the same as Stalker. Statuette: Craft: Range: Tips: Rabbit Statuette 1 rabbit bone, 1h, a knife 250 meters very useful with snares, more effective with 2 near rabbits spots Deer Statuette 1 deer bone, 1h30min, a knife 400 meters if you are a good and quiet hunter (bow or rifle), this guarantees you plenty of food Wolf Statuette 1 wolf bone, 2h, a knife 750 meters ideal in interloper, with bow and decoys. But if you quit your safe zone, you can be in risk Moose Statuette 1 moose bone, 2h30, a knife 300 meters given the rarity of moose and the usefulness of its skin, this statuette is useful Bear Statuette 1 bear bone, 3h, a knife 15 meters you are obliged to put this statuette IN the bear den, but this statuette is great !
  5. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    And I wonder how you integrate the Bear Spear in survival mode. It will be a unique item ? You can craft it (I think it would be unbalanced) ? You find different pieces and you assemble them ? You can find the Bear Spear but you must repair it, like Wintermute ? I say all this because I think you’re going to add the Spear but maybe not
  6. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    In all of my saves, wolves eat decoys instantly, this is normal ? I saw a video where wolves take time to eat decoys.
  7. Share your screenshots

    My new pet ! (yes this is a wolf)
  8. Share your screenshots

    What is this mysterious star ? It’s just me doing the foolish with the distress pistol.
  9. Share your screenshots

    Perfect balance...
  10. Secret stash

    All of the caches are listed here
  11. Share your screenshots

    I’m an extreme hunter!
  12. Share your screenshots

    Does anyone need a Milton map ?
  13. Share your screenshots

    An orange soda can that is too full ?