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  1. Greetings!

    Hello everyone! I'm a computer science and engineering PhD student in the midwest. I've been playing off and on since 2015 and I decided to peruse the forums one day recently and fell in love with what I saw. I am amazed by the creativity that this game has inspired and the positive nature of this community.

    So am I the only one to read this as the story mode redux is coming next week!? And updates to survival mode at the same time? Christmas is coming early this year!
  3. Crazy Challenges/Weird Things you thought of doing

    The need for water makes sense if it's impossible to gather the necessary calories in coffee each day. Do you think this is the case? It seems like you could either rely only on painkillers and antibiotics (surviving off of the remnants of civilization) or go with the liquid diet approach. Both sound killer to me.
  4. Crazy Challenges/Weird Things you thought of doing

    I actually wonder how much of an issue water would be if you were drinking enough coffee to not starve... As for medicinal teas, I can't see a need for reishi tea (unless you can get food poisoning from low quality coffee) and I'm not sure about rose hips. Given the basic premise, what do you think would make sense?
  5. Crazy Challenges/Weird Things you thought of doing

    Perhaps it's a bit silly, but it's based on the idea that Captain Janeway (Star Trek Voyager) is obsessed with coffee. Taken to the logical extreme, let's say she crash lands on a planet where the only food she trusts to consume is the most coffee-like substance. I would imagine that if all you can consume for calories is coffee then you would probably need to spend every day scouring the map for the stuff. I wonder how long someone could survive with Voyager style loot + rest as resource.
  6. Crazy Challenges/Weird Things you thought of doing

    Janeway challenge: survive on coffee alone.
  7. BareSkins Are Sleepwalking

    Thanks for taking the time to write this! It has been very fun to read. After I started reading this I tried SW0 several times and only lasted 4 days. I need more practice (and to find something to start a fire...)