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  1. Hey guys, first of all I absolutely love The Long Dark. Thank you guys so much for making such a wonderful game. My question is about the achievement "Skilled Survivor". I am usually not someone to chase achievements in games but since The Long Dark is one of my all time favorite games I really wanna complete all achievements. The problem with this particular one is the fact that it needs every skill on lvl 5. I play Interloper only and I guess i might not be the only person doing so. This obviously means I will never get lvl. 5 with the rifle. It feels like I am getting punished for playing the most challenging version of the game. Also it´s not like I can switch over into another difficulty and just quickly get the achievement. Getting all skills to lvl. 5 takes quiet a long time and it would force me into playing a version of the game I don´t really enjoy (no offense to anyone here, I just love running for my life when it´s -45 on the first day) for hours and hours. Would it be possible to slightly adjust the achievement for interloper only players ? Either to remove the rifle skill in interloper completly or maybe build in the execption for interloper difficulty? I have no clue about anything when it comes to developing a video game but I really hope that this problem can be solved with an easy fix. Again I would´t mind changing the game mode for a few hours to get a specific achievement but the time investment it takes to get "Skilled Survivor" and the fact that it is impossible to get in interloper is making me desperate enough to pose this question here. Still keep up all the good work. So much love for developing this amazing game.