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  1. Interloper / Loot Runs

    Get your condition up and then burn it on a longer walk. Depending on the route you can also warm up along the way and if it's just by passing time in a bed. Also get crafted clothing. Interloper is the only mode where you actually need to craft stuff. You can start collecting deer hides and bunny skins early on. Then make the mittens, deer boots and deer pants. And after you have the bow you need to make two wolf skin coats. With that it's not so horrible in the later afternoon. Even at day 80 you can be at only 1 or 2 arrow down later in the day. Mornings are bitterly cold though With the moose hide satchel I'm not worried about being well fed all the time.
  2. Some spawn locations are better than others, but they are all survivable. As you noted time of day matters. It's not great when it's night or shortly before night. The TWM spawn is actually one of the best starts. You can get two packs of matches, a tool, cat tails, and some coal. But you need to know the map for that. In DP you need to head for Hibernia. There is potential for great loot there, plus you're most likely to get matches. There can be matches elsewhere too, but Hibernia has several possible locations. At least one pack should be guaranteed there
  3. Should have gone to Hibernia right away. Or at least the Riken, though it's very cold in there. There are matches in Hibernia but they aren't in the trailers. Then you can travel all the way to the light house through the mine, which is warm And yes, many of the structures are too cold in the beginning. This is something that TLD usually neglects. Cabins aren't so well insulated that they are magically warm. What you can do is use the warmth bonus of beds to warm up a bit. Just passing time is fine for that. But it doesn't take much to get positive on warmth
  4. With a FM spawn you have two choices: Just follow the train tracks and use the flare at the poacher's camp to make a fire to warm up. Then continue to ML. Or you head over to Spence's farm and maybe stay there for the night. And then head to ML too. It's easier if it's still earlier in the day As said, Interloper is very, very hard at the beginning where everything hangs in a balance. Then it's a rush to craft your tools, weapons and better clothing. But once you're equipped difficulty drops significantly. Of course you can still easily die by doing stupid things
  5. Frostbite question

    It permanently lowers your maximum condition
  6. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #20

    For me I'm not looking so much for more extreme setting, but more granularity. More options between the existing options. At least for some of them like temperature or loot. Other stuff like wildlife spawn chance for example are fine as they are. It can also be a game of the same difficulty though. Or harder in a few cases. And you can get feat progress on Pilgrim, but not if you slightly change the Interloper preset. Ideally I'd like something like in some Paradox games like Crusader Kings 2 with the game rules: https://ck2.paradoxwikis.com/Game_rules Each rule has a clearly defined setting for when it disables achievements. So you can customize the game a bit to your tastes, but if you turn off core features or set them to values that would make things too easy you can't get achievements anymore. Of course that would introduce even more complexity behind the scenes. And require another UI change to show why exactly feats are disabled.
  7. Having a good interloper run but.....

    Only the very lower part where it flows into the sea. You don't have to go there. There are absolutely no wolves further up. Only the bear
  8. There is a mod for that. Makes it a bit it too easy to get your first scrap scrap metal for forging though. Ideally there would be multiple types of metal. Like needing iron/steel for crafting tools, but aluminum being good enough for hooks. Never going to happen though
  9. Having a good interloper run but.....

    Qonset isn't that bad on Interloper. You have to be a bit careful as every now and then a wolf can stroll through town and if you're smelly you can draw a wolf from the ice, but often they leave you alone. And the area is really great for sticks. The coal mine close by is also nice. I actually like it to hunt the wolves there for the wolf coats. It's also really great when the moose appears there. The Fishing Camp is a very nice alternative though. Go up the creek to get the cat tails if you haven't already. There are also several bunny spots up there Use herbal tea to increase your condition recovery if you have some
  10. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    Is there a chance for more difficulty settings in custom mode? With a few settings you an exceed the presets, but the most part you can only mix and match between the existing difficulties. Most notably, loot is abundantly available on anything but Interloper. This means there is rarely an incentive to craft animal clothing, making most of the recipes useless. What you can easily find everywhere is simply better. This is the case even on Stalker, but then there is a huge jump towards Interloper. It's similar with temperature decay where the only options are "barely noticeable" and "brutal"
  11. Hunger mechanics are too simple

    Too complicated, but just having a long term calorie store could work. You can do short term starvation, but doing too much eats into reserves. But if you stay feed long enough you can increase your stores again
  12. Rabbit hunting

    They did change something with rabbit aiming, but I haven't quite understood what. I think the change note said that they wanted to make it easier. No idea why as it was simple enough already and shouldn't be too easy. I didn't notice a change in how I aim. Still using the line be line between the fingers as a crosshair. But I seem to hit a bit more. Not sure
  13. Disassemble/harvest burned-out campfires

    Burned out campfires are most annoying when you used them to harvest a carcass. The carcass disappears but the campfiire will remain and look weird
  14. Flare Gun

    I used it a while ago against a bear. I just killed the moose at Qonset and quartered it. When the stupid bear above decided to patrol through the area. Not wanting to abandon the quickly decaying quarters I scared it off with a flare. On lower difficulties it's a waste against wolves as you can easily win a struggle against them. Even on Stalker with good clothing you can fight a wolf. But on Interloper it's a good last resort when evading a wolf failed.
  15. Knife, sharpening and condition

    Tools below 25% (I think) can break entirely. If your hacksaw breaks when you are sawing open a cargo container on TWM you lose access to that container