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  1. Even on Interloper you'll eventually have plenty of food. And it doesn't have to be a lot. Just enough for a handful of nights, so you have a little buffer until you need to hunt something
  2. Having some food in key locations is a very good idea if you plan to return there some time
  3. I like the TMW start. Two packs of matches and a tool Then have a quick run through PV, ML and CH. Getting the cat tails in ML is a must - especially while it's still relatively warm. Craft in DP and then settle down in CH or ML for a while. I also like to heat deer carcasses early on to get hides curing for boots and pants. Another nice early thing to do is getting the distress pistol out of the ravine. There are cat tails and rabbits down there, so it doesn't cost any resources except maybe a coffee
  4. Usually there is enough time to duck into one of the houses when he appears. It's very annoying when you've just made a fire to craft at the bench though
  5. Those are pretty good. The deer skin boots are nice too. But the coats are very, very heavy for what they offer. On normal settings you can find stuff that is just as warm and weighs less Ok, that's a lot worse than Stalker. Stalker weather is pretty mild once you get decent clothing. In that case you may want to make a wolf skin coat or two. Just not the best clothing. No baclavas. No wool longjohns. No climbing socks. No muluks or insulated boots. Combat pants are extremely rare. All the good coats don't spawn. The best shirt is the thin wool sweater and you'll find maybe 2-3 of them
  6. Probably somewhere near the main road given the power lines. There are plenty of those "snow road" intersections
  7. It's not one way. Winding River is the transition area between ML and PV I think everyone gets "stuck" there after they leave the dam the first time But there is another solution You are only on Stalker. There is tons of man made clothing around that has a much better warmth/weight ratio than the animal coats (and TWM has some nice things to find). Temperature drop is minimal, so if you loot some stuff, you'll be ahead of the curve. Animal clothing has good protection and water proving. But especially the wolf and bear coats aren't competitive for warmth. On Interloper people use them because there the best clothing doesn't spawn
  8. Would it be possible to fix wolves not being able to go into or even noticing you in the Carter dam yard (the fenced off area with the gate)?
  9. There is also outdoor crafting in the fishing camp in CH, the farm in MT and the farmstead in FM. The fishing camp is very tricky with the weather, but with the others you can craft through a blizzard (forge and fire barrel are protected)
  10. Serenity

    2 Shots!

    You can even one shot a moose if you're lucky
  11. You did pretty well there. It's a great route. But there is no way to survive in the hut without a fire. The good news is that between all the pieces of wood and the coal in the cave you have enough materials to last through the night
  12. At the very least you should have to complete the fire. But they run away right when you start it
  13. You start near Little Island. Getting to CH is not that easy though
  14. You don't need to learn every last corner of a map right away. The main locations and how to move between places can be fine
  15. The tree marks show a possible moose area. It doesn't mean that one will be there. They are pretty rare