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    Imagine this: You're in DP, a map you know not well, easily your least explored map in the game. You're here because on this, your 2nd ever interloper run (1st one ended after 28 hours when you ran straight up the butt of a bear walking around in a blizzard), you happened across a heavy hammer in CP and a plan started to form in your feeble brain! Let's go to the forge in Desolation Point, make me up some arrowheads and tools YAY- So here you are, huddled next to the fire barrel in the stone church in DP while a blizzard rages. You're cooking rabbit parts over the fire and you're pissed because you came here cuz you thought there might be a bed you couldn't remember, well there isn't. You're weighing your options as the rabbit sizzles and pops; leave out in the blizzard cuz no wolves (you stinky) or hope it breaks soon cuz your fatigue meter is poop. Just then the game decides for you when you hear the winds calm just before sunset. Now or never! Grab your 20 coal. Snatch up your 15 metal and bolt for the corner of the church and out into the cold! You don't care that your over-encumbered there's no way your making two trips, so slowly it is up the small crest. You remembered to take a torch cuz you figure the wolves will be out. BARK BARK. Damn that was quick you're barely beyond the fence, let's dodge to left give this boy a wide berth shoot he's closer than you thought you might get jumped any minute! Turn around, sprint! (slowly), damn that didn't give you much space. You're spinning your view wildly keeping an eye on him while watching where your going. It's ok I can probably just walk away. BARK BARK oh god there's two! You know you're in trouble, your heart quickens, palms start to sweat. They're right next to each other, growling, stalking. Decoy! Neither go for it, you're the real meal and they smell fear, in fact they both distinctly look like they are in charge mode and yet are not charging. Decoy! Decoy! That's all your smellables, you think one went for one of them you're not sure it happens too fast, but you know for sure THE OTHER ONE IS PRACTICALLY ON TOP OF YOU. You're bracing for impact hoping this isn't your last moment, hoping you survive the fight with no knife.. ..and then... you hear SHRIEKING from your right, out of no where, like a knight in shining rabbit fur, your HERO is streaking between you and the wolf! A fluffball of hope! You're saved! A rabbit has spared your life by giving its! The wolf makes its attack sounds and the rabbit one last dying shriek, and you mash the sprint key as far as it will take you! You're going to live a little longer. Breathless and unbelieving (and really really wishing you had recorded that) you make for Hibernia, while the setting sun has never seemed so bright.