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  1. Newbie Survivor Log

    Oh.. I agree that you need to challenge yourself. Personally, I found when I jumped from Voyager to Interloper that I wasn’t lasting because I really didn’t know how to deal with wolves safely. I’m playing a 170+ day Stalker run now and learning to treat the hungry beasts with the respect they deserve. This is their island now! I cannot fight them all, or offer up enough treats to satisfy the pack. I am not the stalker but the stalked. It’s not for everyone, but I’m really enjoying it. I’ll probably jump back to Interloper with my new found skills when this run ends but I’m glad I’ve given Stalker a proper go.
  2. Newbie Survivor Log

    Personaly I would discourage @tulkawen from rushing into Interloper. Our intrepid newbie has already had a taster run to discover just how harsh it can be, but doesn’t yet have the map and game knowledge to have a serious go at it. She hasn’t yet climbed a rope, encountered a bear, had to deal with food poisoning or many of the other challenges that await. Trying to learn this stuff on Interloper would be incredibly difficult and frustrating. The only person I know who successfully dived head first into Interloper survival is @BareSkin and even he had gained decent game skills and some map knowledge from playing Wintemute and The Nomad challenge first. From what I’ve read of these newbie survivor logs I would say that Voyager is the perfect difficulty as it gives @tulkawen the opportunity to discover, make mistakes and learn simply by playing the game, without resorting to maps, tips, spoilers and wikis and without being punished too harshly while doing so. I got great pleasure from discovering the game by myself with minimal outside information and it gives me great pleasure to read the adventures of another newbie going through the same process.
  3. Shooting Star

    As I was looking up at the night sky before coming in to play some TLD I saw a shooting star. And I thought wouldn’t it be cool to see that in the game. It’s just a little thing and would add nothing to the game play, but would be perfect for the atmosphere of the game. Whenever I’ve seen a shooting star it has always made me stop, think and ponder my place in the universe. It’s such a a fleeting and rare moment and that is how I would want it in the game. Just something to make you go “ooh... that was special!” It seems such a silly thing to put as my first contribution to the wish list, but then I saw the icon for this sub forum is a shooting star and I had to post this. You’re supposed to make a wish when you see one. I wish this game had the very occasional shooting star for my survivor to make a wish on.
  4. Newbie Survivor Log

    That expedition parka is a great find so early on. Even on Voyager they are rare. I’m currently playing on Stalker and it took me 40 days to find a maple leaf wool toque and 120 days to find an expedition parka! Mind you, I did have a rough start as my shoes were destroyed by wolves on day 3 and I was wondering around in just sports socks (not advised) until I was able to make some deerskin boots. I love the exploring and I’m a bit jealous that you have so much still to do. There are still areas that I haven’t been to yet and I’m saving them as a treat. Currently I’m trying to completely map the regions I know and explore the bits of them that I missed on previous survival runs.
  5. Finally 50 and 100

    Good luck on Faithful Cartographer. According to the Steam Stats it’s the most difficult achievement in the game and more players have made it to 500 days than have mapped the entire island. No need not to try though. I’m giving it a go on my current Stalker run. Good luck!
  6. Newbie Survivor Log

    Glad to see you made it out of the muskeg in one piece. It’s not a place to hang around for too long early in a survival run. The difficult first week is behind you. I can see you are beginning to get established and can look after your basic needs. There’s still loads to learn, but this could be the start of a long run. So what’s next?
  7. Newbie Survivor Log

    Yeah I was tearing up hats too, even the really good ones, but I regretted it later. My previous longest survival was only 7 days so I didn’t expect to last so long or have any idea what it would involve. During my 385 day run I survived 50 wolf struggles, 10 bear maulings and 4 moose stompings. All that wrestling with the wildlife is not good for your clothing or other equipment. Stuff can be destroyed if not in good condition and hats in particular take a real battering. Hats are the one piece of clothing we can’t currently craft. Once the last hat is gone then you are bare headed till you die. This won’t be an issue much longer as the next update promises to introduce a craftable hat you can make from pelts. Personally I’m in two minds about the new fur hat: I can see it makes sense that a survivor that can construct mittens, trousers, coats and boots would be able to make a simple hat. But I also enjoy the tension that having such limited and precious possessions brings to the game - loosing hats feels bad and makes you treasure even more those you have in storage or you can find out in the world. The quest for a good hat has been an important driver for long periods in several survivor runs and I think I will miss it.
  8. Newbie Survivor Log

    There are plenty of resources on Voyager and you learn to live off the land. The only things I was really running short of were painkillers/rosehips and hats. Until we get the craftable hat the woolen toque will the most precious posession in the game for the long term survivor. Look after your hats!
  9. Newbie Survivor Log

    @tulkawen That spot in Broken Railroad is where my 385 day Voyager survivor met their end. I should have turned back like you did, but I’d survived so many scrapes at that point I’d become somewhat complacent. Knowing when to turn back is a key survival skill.
  10. Newbie Survivor Log

    Wow! Day two and, you have an expedition parker and have made a improvised hatchet and arrowheads. Love reading these updates. Reminds me of my first adventures. Keep it up!
  11. I know that cave really well. I’ve spent many happy nights there and relaxed, wolf free, days hunting in it’s a environs . It’s where I learned that you could cure in caves. The church was interesting for me because it’s exposed and gets colder than back of caves. It’s a nice find because it’s a much safer spot to get to when carrying smelly stuff than the lighthouse, Hibernia or the Riken. With fuel for the fire barrel it’s also a much safer spot for avoiding cabin fever than the cave up the road from Hibernia which the local bear doesn’t seem to like me using.
  12. Last night I discovered that you can cure pelts and gut inside the Stone Church at Desolation Point. A wolf followed me up there so I decided to drop all my smelly stuff so I could sneak my way back to the lighthouse. Also noticed that the wolf didn’t come inside the church yard railings. Still not sure if it’s really safe from wolves there without a fire. The wolf would detect me in the church yard but never made it in. That could be because it kept being distracted by the bunnies.
  13. Newbie Survivor Log

    The first night of many! Thirst is dangerous. It killed my first survivor. Always stay hydrated. I don’t want to give away too much, because it’s fun reading about a newbie making the same mistakes that I did. But I will offer this advice: Pay close attention to all the options you get when highlighting items in the world or in your inventory. Also take some time to look at the different pages in the survival menu (status, clothing, inventory, journal and map), although don’t worry much about journal or map for now. Highlight stuff, check the options, read descriptions and experiment. Take your time and don’t panic!
  14. Starvation Method

    P@jeffpeng That is a great explanation of the mechanics and is useful for any player to understand. The fact that starvation means both condition loss and missing out on condition gain is often overlooked. Personally, I find that on Stalker and lower difficulties that I rarely need to go hungry. When I first learned about the starvation method I was using it when I didn’t really need to and found myself building unnecessary stockpiles of deteriorating food. I’ve come to realise that, the majority of the time, the benefits of staying well fed far outweigh the benefits of saving those calories for future use. I understand the playing on Interloper and custom higher difficulty settings can change that balance. For any easier settings the starvation method is only worth using early game, if food supplies are low, and later in emergency situations like being stranded by blizzards. And even if I do need to restrict calories it is unusual that I would need to cut it back to full starvation, just enough for sleep recovery, levels. If I must cut some calories from my daily budget then I leave it for later in the day when the risks of additional condition loss from cold, animal attack etc. have diminished.
  15. Newbie Survivor Log

    Many years ago I read about Nicholas Alkemade a British WW2 airman who fell 18,000 ft and survived with only a sprained ankle when his fall was cushioned by pine trees and snow. So I imagine that something similar happened to my survivor.