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  1. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #22

    Food spoiling too fast is a relative term. At least in Pilgrim (I hear it can/is faster in harder modes) raw and cooked meat outside decays about 1% a day while inside it is more like 6% and 3% respectively. As far as I know it has always been that way once the devs made it happen. There are plenty of suggestions to add food preservation techniques to the game, but given the probably duration of story mode, that may be quite unlikely. I would also like having the option of a deerskin shirt and deerskin jacket (shirt improved with rabbitskin lining), maybe deerskin legging or something, but I hear that we've gotten as many animal-hide clothing items as they want to do for now. Snow-shoes, skies, sleds, etc., all involved a lot of consideration of the implications of each item beyond the primary concept. Anything that provides an expected material advantage to the player will probably have to be balanced by a cost that could make it problematic. People wanted to be able to move carcasses (deer, bears, wolves, and now moose) and what we got was not sledding or dragging the carcass but quartering. Quartering, dividing the carcass into manageable bags, fit within the existing game mechanics but the effort to use it can be said to sometimes defeat the purpose especially since the stated reason for dragging was for players to be able to move the carcass to a safer or warmer location. By the way, your question should have been posted in the questions thread not as a part of the Dispatch thread.
  2. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    1. Can players get the ability to remove a campfire (any one they created)? The campfire is about the only item that players can "construct" making a permanent change to the landscape. Its permanence is generally a good thing, but not always a good thing (or maybe not always desirable due to aesthetic consideration). Sometimes the landscape snow surface shifts (or the position of the campfire changes) or maybe the player thinks that moving the campfire 'just so' would suit him better. An expansion on the question above. 2. Can the old-style campfire be reintroduced as a "temporary" campfire, maybe with more flexibility as to surface conditions (i.e. can be placed on more uneven or sloped surfaces) with one cooking surface or perhaps none, for heat only? By "temporary" I mean that once it burns out it can despawn, for example, similar to that of fully harvested carcasses. #2 would make #1 less necessary but I have no idea how difficult either would be to implement.
  3. Prepper cache bunkers

    Yes, nine possible types, each tied to a specific location in the region, but only one will actually spawn.
  4. Secret stash

    The OP is asking about Hushed River Valley (HRV) not Pleasant Valley.
  5. Prepper cache bunkers

    There are nine possible prepper caches. Five Specialized: Weapon, Clothing, Medical, Tools, Wood; and four others containing food and water. Of course, each will have some assortment of food and water, some meds, tools, and clothing.
  6. Carcass Condition Too Low To Harvest

    Losing the carcass in 12 hours was much faster than I would have expected but then I play in Pilgrim. I have level 5 carcass harvesting and use a knife though I know that I would take about 15 minutes per kilo by hand. Using a knife for 10 kilos would take about an hour then I drop the harvested meat and continue on the next lot of 10 kilos, etc. I believe I see a 2% or 3% condition loss from each lot. Yes, check the meat you harvested and see how the condition changed over time. I think it would be informative to hear how that played out. It was unfortunately to lose 25 kilos of meat. Sorry to hear that.
  7. Seasons

    Bringing a change of seasons into survival mode is not going to happen simply because it would be so enormous in terms of necessary game mechanics and resulting bugs, exploits, and glitches that the resource requirements would eat Hinterland alive. And they still have to get the remaining three episodes of the Wintermute story-line out. Maybe after Wintermute is concluded.
  8. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    The in-game journal/diary that the player can use (or not). 1. Are there any size limitations either for a given entry or for the journal as a whole? 2. Any intention to modify the UI so that the latest entry can be accessed without having to scroll through the entire journal from the beginning? This might be as minimal as introducing one, two or more locations where the latest day and one or two or more preceeding days could be accessed and reviewed or edited. 3. Any intention to allow for the journal to be exported to a text file so the player can keep a personal record of what was written during the sandbox run? An extension of this would be to also export the particular sandbox stats as well.
  9. Injury Notification (recallable)

    It would be nice to have something. I have no illusions that this is "easy to implement".
  10. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    This may be rather far out, but has there been any thought to a tutorial using a similar model as challenges? It would be an existing sub-region like Crystal Lake on Timberwolf or the lake in Mystery Lake, and the player would go through a Survival School squared experience. The tutorial would be reasonably comprehensive and rather restricting. This is not intended to be a free-exploration area but a training ground.
  11. I occasionally manage to walk off short cliffs and hurt myself. The game shows me what I did to myself, but once those notices fade away and they fade pretty quickly, I have no way to recall them later on to look at how I hurt myself and my gear. Generally I am referring to minor injuries (bruising) and clothing damage, so a long-term recall does not seem necessary, but it might be nice to have a screen to recall how one tried to inadvertently commit suicide or laugh at what happened when walking (half asleep, on auto-pilot).
  12. Cooking, Faster Scroll

    Circumstances: I was cooking meat and having to use the cooking surface (no pots). I have cans but they are not large enough to cook meat and I had a couple herbal teas and coffees in inventory. I was not doing the drop meat on ground then place it on cooking surface. Click on the cooking surface, select the cook icon, then you are at a horizontal scrolling menu starting ALWAYS at the first can, then you have to scroll past the cans, then the teas, to get to the meat you want to cook. I got irritated so I would just click click click until the menu gets to the end which is where the last meat that I could cook would be. It occurred to me that if there was a >> button to shift the menu all the way to the right it would help me keep from boiling over. Similarly, a << button could shift the menu all the way to the extreme left, though I don't know if anyone would really find that useful, but maybe for consistency. Alternately, rearrange the menu so cooking utensils (pots and cans), heated items (teas), and raw/cold items (meats and soups and peaches) could each have its own segment, so the player can go to the desired segment and get on with cooking rather than having to always scrolls all the way (in this case) to get to the meat to be cooked. The existing menu works, but this would help improve it, I hope.
  13. interior light needs rebalance

    I noticed in 1.46 that the interior of the Cinder Hill mine is plenty dark but I can make out enough features to kind of keep me able to move, barely. I would need a lantern or light source if I wanted to pick up coal, for instance, and I didn't traverse the whole mine just a short walk from the Pleasant Valley mine entrance. I am more I guess angry that now the interior of the buildings, such as cross-road house and the farmstead, are dark as hell with only the windows being visible. A major change from before when, even in the darkest night (i.e. moonless), I could make my way through the house with relative ease. I turned up the brightness to its max 150 and all that happens is the screen washes out and the darkness remains. I remember this kind of situation from a long time ago. It was one reason to walk through a place and momentarily use the ignition of the lantern to get a glimpse to orient yourself. I had thought that the back office of the Maintenance shed in Broken Railroad being pitch dark was an anomaly. Now I see that maybe it is where the current adjustments (always difficult for Hinterland to balance) has taken things.
  14. Tips for new survivors

    FROSTBITE Costs you 10% of permanent condition loss with each occurrence, can happen multiple times, even to the same extremity. It can happen when there is no clothing item covering the extremity (i.e. gloves or mittens for the hands) or if the clothing item is 100% frozen. The game makes an initial warning about frostbite RISK when it starts and that's it. When RISK reaches 100%, the frostbite affliction (condition loss) occurs. So monitor the risk, the game will not give any other warnings. It can be avoided/prevented by equipping any clothing item over the extremity (i.e. baseball cap for head, driving gloves for the hands) or thawing the frozen clothing item (best to get it completely dry but less than 100% wet would be enough for a short time). Be aware that frostbite is not connected to the warmth meter or Feels Like Temperature. You can be warm, have Feels Like Temperature well above freezing, and still get frostbite. It is the Air Temperature that matters. If Air Temperature is below freezing, regardless of the Feels Like Temperature, your frostbite risk is not getting better but getting worse. For uncovered extremities, to reduce RISK the Air Temperature has to rise above freezing. A fire has to be hot enough. If the Air Temperature, in a building is -1 or -2 or -3 C, then sleeping or passing time in a bed or even bedroll which had a warmth bonus enough to raise Air Temp to above freezing, would do it. The warmer the Air Temperature, the faster the RISK will dissipate. Remember, Feels Like Temperature is not enough, it is Air Temperature that has to be overcome (or find clothing items for the at-risk extremity. I think I got this right. Hope this helps explain the exclamation, "FROSTBITE!?!, How could I get frostbite? I was warm".
  15. Never seen this message before.

    I think I have seen that message occur a long time ago but I forget the circumstances. I suspect it was during a time when carcasses would respawn when they shouldn't.