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  1. Jerry can or Jerry can't?

    There really is no need for the jerry can. As a matter of personal taste, I suppose I find putting a 4-liter jerry can on the floor or a shelf or counter somewhere (except in a container where it becomes just an item in 'inventory') easier and more visually appealing than the 8 lantern fuel bottles I'd have to place in position. Actually, I do not ever recall seeing a 4-liter jerry can in reality, I am sure there probably are, but I would have expected it to be a 5-gallon (20 liter) jerry can but that would be for gasoline and a bit heavy to tote around in the game.
  2. Customized Mode Warning?

    It seems that occasionally, someone will try to do a customized sandbox, go into the Custom Tool box, then change a setting or two on the visible mode then start the sandbox and find it not operating in any way like a normal, even if customized, sandbox. The Custom Toolbox shows what seems to be a "Custom" mode complete with settings, but what is not obvious is that a lot of settings are turned off. If the mode is activated the player can find no animals, no fish, no healing, etc. and wonder "what the heck is going on? Must be a bug". Maybe that initial "Custom" mode should have no settings (i.e. none or low) visible (i.e. be blank) and/or if the player is going to activate it, be warned that there was no base (Pilgrim, Voyager, Stalker or Interloper) mode selected and then was customized. If the player decides, "I want a sandbox with no chance of long-term survival or I want to try it and see what happens" then the player should be allowed to go ahead. After all, s/he was warned. I hope I made sense.
  3. Supplies at risk?

    I was going to move supplies and gears from locations in Mystery Lake and Forlorn Muskeg, but there is just too much stuff to move and that covers three sandboxes. Excepting moving some items from places like the Old Spence forge a bit farther away, and maybe my ammo, I am probably not going to bother much... hmmm, maybe move those (for me) hard to come by cooking pots. I would definitely be really upset if I lost those.
  4. Harvesting Charcoal

    When we harvest charcoal from a fire, could we end up just putting it into our pocket and perhaps still be in the presumed act of fire-making rather than having to put away the charcoal now in our hand then click on the fire to get back to what we had been doing? Maybe a lot of players actually do harvest a charcoal source and immediately start mapping, if so, then okay, but still. There now I have gotten that off my mind. On another note, I do wish that charcoal could have an alternate use like maybe (a big one?) to build up the temperature output of a fire, maybe like sticks, i.e. +1 C per piece, without increasing fire duration as a downside to its use. It is a relatively heavy item (0.1 kg per piece) for the increase in output heat and no fire duration effect.
  5. Armor-piercing Ammo

    In two sandboxes where I have killed a moose. In one it took two shots. In the other it took five (assuming I did not miss any shots). It sounds like the OP was a bit disappointed in the performance of the 303 ammunition and wants to get "better" ammunition. For the purposes of the game and with the animal model used, different bullet types would [currently] make no difference in hunting. You get a kill, a bleedout (except for moose), or a trivial hit (its not going to die).
  6. Does this happen to anyone else?

    I ran into that a few times. If the character is outside shelter then there seems to be some "carryover" from the main screen but that gets corrected when the save game opens. But I was frantic with the repeated frostbite risk warnings.
  7. Can decompose animal hide ?

    Just read a wiki about cured leather. Compared to drying (curing) hides, the process sounds, if not complex, certainly requiring compounds and time to do. Not going to throw a fresh deer hide on the floor, wait a long enough time (beyond that for it to cure) and be able to pickup cured leather.
  8. Add flack jacket ?

    If thinking in terms of what is modern day body armor, it might mean two different styles of armor. One would be the kevlar style harness that would normally "stop" a bullet but the blunt trauma effects could be considerable. The other would be the ballistic plate that goes inside the kevlar style harness which stops bullets and mitigates blunt trauma effects. Can probably substitute an ersatz plate fashioned from scrap metal (it is not as if a moose or bear is going to rifle to shoot the player) and use cloth for harness repair, but the downside would be heavy as heck and limited utility. Seems like a lot of development work to get something like that in the game for probably less than decent return on investment.
  9. Fishing skill question

    It appears that the reduction in wear on fishing tackle when it is used for mending has been fixed. At level 5 mending I find that fishing tackle now loses 7% with each mend. That may also apply to crafting, but I'll have to check so assuming 10% per hour should still be safe. I laboriously carry the catch back to the Quonset (Pilgrim so predators not a threat) as I don't think I could stand using a one cooking surface pot-bellied stove unless circumstances - i.e. blizzard and cold - made me light it. It is a nice way to make lamp oil and get food in quantity.
  10. Complaining about carrying too much

    The comments about weight (feels like a lot of gear, gonna have to drop some gear, etc.) mark when you pass certain thresholds (appears to be 31, 40, 50, 60 kilos). When I do something that bounces my encumbrance up and down around a threshold, I can get irritated but then I turn off the voice until I am done. I have actually forgotten to turn it back on and kind of sheepishly turn it on, much later, after wondering why he was so silent. The only comment on encumbrance that really drives me wild is, get this, when he clears his throat just before saying something like "gotta drop some gear". It may be an artifact of the recording, but whenever I hear that my mood changes and not for the good, but that's just me.
  11. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    Is there any consideration to expanding the cooking utensils? While the cooking pot is great... when you find one, it is disappointing to go through a region like Coastal Highway, explore all the houses, and not find one. Maybe a less durable, lighter pot, i.e. lightweight aluminum, which takes some damage with ordinary use, a lot of damage if meat is burned or water boiled away, and repairable by tool kit and scrap metal? If having it poses a problem, maybe make it 1 liter in capacity (still fits a fish of any size and a kilo of meat). Maybe see if a work-around for New cooking can be worked out where the player can find or fashion say a pan (frying pan?) which allows twice the amount of meat/fish to be cooked BUT forces the player to hover over the fire with a much shorter margin once cooked (can use one pan per cooking surface) i.e. you really don't go do something else that will take time. I find that I have made use of the in-between time to get more raw meat, deposit cooked meat outside or place it out of the way, get more sticks from stores, and the tuned (shortened) cooking times really helped, but I otherwise might spend a lot of time staring at the fire anyway. Maybe not workable, but a thought. If nothing else, maybe (inline with requests to "clean up a table" for example), how about allowing conversion by player action of say a metal pail to a metal bucket that can be used to melt snow and boil water in larger quantities? It can be heavy and not something routinely carried around. I realize that changing stuff can be hard but thought I'd ask. I asked a lot, answer what is reasonable. Thanks.
  12. Hi from an island

    I should have given more info. I live in Honolulu, Hawaii. I work for the State government. I am a few years from retirement. I was playing Lord of the Rings Online, but most of my online acquaintances and my friends stopped playing. I migrated over to The Long Dark. Pilgrim is about my speed. I may go back and try LOTRO again. Maybe after I upgrade my computer (I7 950).
  13. no moose spawn

    In Desolation Point, the moose seems to wander, when it is around, on the bridge above Matt's Truck. On its own, it does not seem to leave the bridge. In Mystery Lake, one place I have seen the moose is down on the river on the Carter Dam side of where the deer herd would be. Not sure where else it might spawn in other sandboxes.
  14. Cooking Phenomena

    "Cooking" canned food makes them hot which, when consumed while hot, gives a warmth bonus. As opposed to cooking raw meat which produces a +50% improvement in condition of the resulting cooked meat but does not give a warmth bonus even right off the grille. Food poisoning IRL tends to be from the toxins released by the bacteria and providing a method for 'cooking' canned food enough to inactivate the toxin, assuming it can be done, would likely be more effort needed than the devs would want to expend on such a low probability event.
  15. Hi from an island

    Finally joined this site. I live on an island. It has a harbor, airport, towns, a city, a prison, and even a federal detention transit facility. Difference between here and Great Bear Island? It does not snow here on this island.