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  1. If the weather is not bad, i.e. thick fog, storming, or snowing, you can look for the circling crows that will show up over a carcass within a short time. Make a note of the direction the bear ran in as well as where its normal haunts are. If the bear takes a while to bleed out, it may be working its way back to its normal area. This works with any animal carcass. I recall even seeing crows above a wolf's kill and the wolf was still in the process of eating the deer so they showed up pretty quickly. Of course, bad weather conditions do put a damper on crow activity.
  2. Excepting the animal (generally deer) carcasses that spawn with the sandbox, animal carcasses will despawn in about 3 days. The meat will degrade at a high rate (33% in 24 hours, more or less) so, typically, if you don't find the carcass in 3 days it is generally a write-off. When the meat's condition gets too low - it is probably approaching despawning - you may not be able to actually harvest anything off the carcass at all. There is no advantage to leaving meat on the carcass. It is going to decay even if the carcass is frozen. Better to harvest the meat and just drop it in the snow. Hope this helps.
  3. I wouldn't mind having a capacity to click on a window and get some verbal response from the avatar about what the outside weather looks like, but then I can imagine that such a function would build an expectation that the weather is now fixed for the moment rather than varying randomly over time. A source for complaints. I remember walking to the Camp Office with the sun shining in a clear sky, stepping inside to grab something with the intent of starting a fire with a magnifying lens, then when I exit to do what I wanted the sky was now overcast with the sun a bright spot behind the clouds. All in the space of a few minutes.
  4. I think this was with the update release of the redux but this is not specifically a redux question. I just remember being surprised to see stuff do this. So this has been around for awhile. When I drop meat, fish, most any canned good, or tea, the item lands on the snow (only the snow not ice or rock, etc.) and lay in strange ways. The attached jpg is for dropped bear meat. The four pieces that lay flat I had picked up and laid down from the pile of meat I had dropped. So far this happens consistently on any snow surface. Just wondering if this is Working As Intended or an actual minor glitch in how the game is functioning? One secondary effect is that when I use the pick up and place function, sometimes the meat will rotate in the horizontal plane "unpredictably" rather than remain in a fixed orientation. Once I place it anywhere then pick it up again with intent to place it, it will again have that fixed orientation. So it is not like there isn't a work around of sorts.
  5. My system is I7 950 (it is old) running Windows 10 64 bit. I have now found a way to indicate on task manager what "platform" a program is running as 32 or 64 bit (I didn't know you could do that) and task manager says tld.exe is categorized as a 32-bit platform. It is perplexing. The vast majority of the time, no issues. But then there are those times when it crops up and I am often getting a feel for when to close the game and reload. It might be a help if Hinterland's programmers might write a short note about what repetitive actions, put the most stress on the game allocation of memory and addresses. With some emphasis on stack space. At least, that might tell people what to be aware of. However, I am no geek so it probably is not so easy.
  6. I see, I saw kristaok mention reduced scent and jumped to the conclusion that somewhere farther up the thread someone had suggested no scent but nobody did. My bad.
  7. Anything can be done if the publisher is willing to expend the time and resources. (IMO) it is probably not worth the effort because of the ramifications of a presumed No Scent aspect for frozen meat. It is doubtful that would be allowed by Hinterland. If meat could be frozen and have to be thawed before it is cooked, but the meat, frozen or thawed, was still as detectable by wolves would the extra effort to thaw meat be beneficial to the game, when considering story mode, or just another drudgery/time consuming step now imposed on everyone? One is a game-play consideration versus a realism consideration.
  8. This is the wrong thread to put a question. My take on it would be. Making water, given access to a fire, is extremely easy and, given that fact, it seems that the devs may have decided that another source of water, from ice fishing huts, was not worth the time to work out and program. So in that sense, you can't because they said so and it is not important enough to the game to devote the resources needed to implement. Maybe once story mode is done and they can concentrate on maybe further enhancements to TLD survival.
  9. I think somewhere, probably on the Steam forum, someone posted about getting dysentery when "drinking", by accident, 0.0 liters of non-potable water. This also crops up when people want the achievement for 100% clothing in all slots. Mathematically, an item might be 99.75% but is shown as 100%, since clothes condition is in shown as integers, which leaves people perplexed why they didn't get the achievement.
  10. There's a Signal Hill podcast!?! What have I been missing?
  11. I have never had or found an empty jerry can. It disappears when emptied. I could imagine that a jerry can that had 0.0 liters of fuel, which I think can happen, would not be "empty" and would not disappear but that kind of happen chance would be not something I would want to depend on.
  12. The condition of the jerry can or lantern fuel bottle is probably the "condition" of the container not the lamp oil (fka kerosene). The inability to transfer fuel or combine less than full containers has never been addressed though it has been requested. Whatever gets harvested, either a lantern or cooked fish, the lamp oil will fill the available containers (that are on your person) and a new one will appear if all the existing ones are full. The condition of the new container will be relatively random. If you want to avoid creating a bunch of lantern fuel bottles, be careful about how you use jerry cans because once they are emptied they disappear (you probably know this) and there is no way to get them back other than by finding another one.
  13. None. You become a generic survivor who happens to be female or male. There was a discussion on Steam about it, but it can be a touchy subject. Anyway, since there is nobody else in the sandbox, it renders the character's sex kind of superfluous. And Hinterland was probably very wise to not touch the tar baby of sexual dimorphism.
  14. Moving cooked meat from the fire directly to the ground immediately "ruined" the cooked meat. I think that bug was solved. At least it has not showed up recently for me and I do recall seeing it happen way back. As for the cooked bear meat, maybe you went past the "best by" date. 😉
  15. Most people are careful about it and the UI change a while back should minimize the chance, but maybe show the item being harvested while harvesting is in progress. Give the player one last chance to realize he's harvesting his expedition parka and abort the action.