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  1. A few observations / questions / suggestions...

    fair enough... I suppose also as another pointed out it would be basically junk aluminum... not something you'd ant to make tools or fish hooks out of I guess. I suppose in my mind I was just thinking about how to get the most mileage out of everything.
  2. A few observations / questions / suggestions...

    Naturally, and I agree. I'm not afraid of the conversation. In fact I don't offer any opinion for or against... I was just making and observation that was diegetic to the environment I found myself in. After all... how far would you go to survive?
  3. A few observations / questions / suggestions...

    Not exactly a new idea, and HL has already hinted that something like this will probably make it in the game at some point. That being said: the opportunity cost will have to be kinda high to not just make this plain superior to matches. Like ..... 2 kg heavy and / or takes 20 minutes to start a fire. Or something like that. The maglens only works in clear weather, for example. I was thinking that the easy answer would be to make it so that once you got to level 5, you were finally good enough at making fire that this option would unlock (being able to make a friction fire with a stick/cat tail stalk and a piece of cedar I mean).
  4. A few observations / questions / suggestions...

    when I originally posted this I was just jotting down ideas that came to mind as I was playing the game. I was not aiming to start any political debates
  5. A few observations / questions / suggestions...

    Look, when I originally jotted down that particular thought... I was thinking about the Trapper's homestead, and thinking about it from this perspective: A trapper... a person who basically trades in pelts for a living, would likely have all kinds of traps and snares to aid with their livelihood. This would probably have included steel traps. I was not attempting to start a discussion on ethical use of old fashion trapping methods... I was just positing that an old trapper would likely have had some... that's all.
  6. A few observations / questions / suggestions...

    nobody has made a stink about such traps in another certain survival game... (that is to say, no media backlash)
  7. A few observations / questions / suggestions...

    or if not an injured or orphaned wolf... perhaps a sled dog (husky/malamute)... this way it would be easier to distinguish it from the wolves. I just thought a companion in the sandbox would be a cool if very challenging addition... after all you'd have to keep it's condition up, maybe even at the cost of your own... daily food and water requirements while it healed up/learned to trust you. Then after that, a hunting partner and maybe even a defender. Even with the extra help it would still be another mouth to feed though. Just a thought. I was thinking about dropping this into the mailbag to see if he'd weigh in on it.
  8. Please bear with me, I'm just trying to get a few thoughts off my mind... (I originally posted this in the Steam discussion forums, but was advised to post it here as well) I've been playing this game for years and I will preface this by saying, I absolutely love this game. I do have a few things that have been lingering on my mind as I started a new run (after having been tragically killed by an amazing combination of a bear on thin ice). Below are my ideas for the wish list: - Why not add a few more craft-able items for the accessories slots? I would really love to be able to craft a wolf hood or bear hood. I mean after all Jeremiah has one... - Why can't we break down recycled cans for scrap? Is there a possibility that could be an option in the future... - If we can "repair" heavy hammers and hacksaws... why can't we "repair" pry-bars? - I would think that someone on Great Bear Island would have a refillable lighter (i.e. 'Zippo'). Is there any chance that could get added to the world? - Why can't we consolidate lantern fuel containers (at least ones in the same condition) or by being able to use them to fill a Jerry can? (and maybe have the condition come out to be the average condition of the fuel poured into it). I always find myself wanting to consolidate my fuel when I get a Jerry can or two... or a I see a bunch of different Lantern Fuel cans filling my inventory. - Could a survivor not craft a sort of makeshift sharpening stone by using a suitably smooth/flat rock? Is there any possibility of a craft-able sharpening stone (perhaps less effective or wears out even faster than the standard manufactured one)? - Shouldn't you be able to use a stick/cat tail stalk and a piece of cedar as a hand drill for making a friction fire? ...It seems like there should be some kind of "long haul" way to make fire other than a magnifying glass. - Shouldn't we be able to mark outdoor fireboxes/campfires and prepper cache hatches on the map? I always try to, but they never show up... - I feel like the camp stoves (hotplates) found in some cabins and indoor locations should work during the Aurora for cooking and lighting torches. - If the Aurora "charges" the flashlight, shouldn't we be able to use the flashlight until the charge is expended? (As opposed to now were once the aurora is over, it's dead again) - I would still love to be able to find & befriend a wounded wolf, nurse it back to health, and have a hunting companion/protector (I've had this idea kicking around in my head since 2015). - Would you considered bring back the brandishing mechanic. There is no reason why both brandishing and throwing can't be implemented. Maybe a quick-tap right click would brandish and a right click+hold to throw? - I would ask you consider adding bear traps to the game. I can't imagine the old trapper didn't have some bear traps, and I think they would have a good functional use for wolf defense. - Items usable as tinder should provide at least some kind of bonus for starting fires (even if only a small one), it only makes sense... Otherwise it's a completely wasted resource after your get your fire starting skill to level 3. In a game like this, nothing should be useless. Right now, after level 3 tinder is only good for filling the pockets of corpses. --- Anyway, these were some thoughts that I usually think of as I play the game... I have to believe others have made similar observations/suggestions, so I thought I would raise my hand and add my thoughts as well.