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  1. It's very possible to beat this bear. I managed it after redux and well before steadfast ranger. While I can understand the frustrations, it's not impossible. With steadfast ranger they site is being tuned to be less frustrating... though I don't know what that means, I've not been back to play Wintermute since the last update. I can't offer much advice for console players... but for PC, I can say that if you have a situation where you have low frame rate I can confirm that it makes the struggle mechanics very very difficult - to the point of being a losing proposition every time. If this sound familiar (and you are a PC player), then frame rate might be a contributing factor for you. You can try tuning the graphic settings down a bit, it may not look as nice but if you can get your frame rate above 60-70 FPS things should work a lot better. I had two different games behave like this... on my old laptop my hardware was easily 5 years old, and my frame rate on those two games was something like 23-32 FPS. Turned out that with the frame rate so low, the game was basically "missing clicks" (meaning as I was tapping not all of my taps were being registered by the game). Once I got some new hardware and improved my frame rate, suddenly click-struggles weren't a problem anymore and things were much more responsive. There is my two cents, I hope it helps someone. I know one player here was having a similar problem, and she was finally able to defeat the old bear - her temporary solution was to turn down the resolution a little and that gave her enough of a performance boost that she was able to conquer the bear before Steadfast Ranger dropped.
  2. I'm pretty content with the way things are now. I tend to think that using scopes and such would really take the challenge out of hunting in this game, and binoculars would take some of the danger from exploring. From my perspective I would say those elements would take away from gameplay rather than improving it.
  3. To echo what I wrote in another thread: It would be convenient I suppose. However, it seems to me that part of the flavor of this game is that everything you do, you do deliberately.
  4. @peteloud It seems mostly to do with whether is used or stored, either indoors or outdoors. The Fandom Page has some numbers, though I'm not sure how credible the sources were.
  5. Region: Timber Wolf Mountain. I find myself always gravitating toward this area, in part due to the loot potential but also I find that the region has a great balance of features. Experience: Voyager. I'm not what I consider to be an advanced player yet. My current goal is to work through each difficulty until I attain a 500 day run before moving on the next level. I don't get to play as much as I would like, so it's taking me a long time. Challenge: The Hunted, Part II. This one was a hard pick... I actually really love all of the challenges, but I did enjoy when the tables turned and I got to take the fight to the Old Bear.
  6. Never mind @CalNieDaGtarGuy beat me to it in the Milton Mail Bag
  7. Great thread, I realized that I've not even been looking for hidden gems like these... I definitely will be now.
  8. I looked around the forums but I couldn't find anything directly asking the question, so I will ask: Can anyone (from the community or Hinterland team) shed light on why the hunting lodge in Broken Railroad seems to bear the name Mystery Lake Lodge when it's a pretty fair distance from Mystery Lake? I have no feelings about it either way, I just found it to be a point of interest the last time I was exploring around that region and came upon the sign. I just wasn't sure if there was some bit of lore I was missing...
  9. @TheEldritchGod, not to worry... you definitely aren't the only observant player here I think those of us who notice these things appreciate them all, and perhaps more of us need to comment on the things in this game we love as opposed to concentrating on decrying those things we don't like or we think are "wrong/bad."
  10. Since v1.50, I'm good with the system. I mean, so far I can tell we don't have to worry about compensating for windage, elevation, projectile drop... it's pretty much just point and shoot. Admittedly, I've not yet found myself in too many situations where I needed to take many longshots...
  11. I suppose I'd kind of like to see the bear bedroll be more durable... considering it's made of bearskin and fur as opposed to just cloth. From a gameplay standpoint I suppose I understand why it is the way it is presently (it's warmer and made of a harder resource to come by - compared to cloth I mean), but also considering this I feel it perhaps should be more durable than it presently is.
  12. Most of those things you mention easily boil down to player choice - as in you can just choose to play that way and not take advantage of items or circumstances that you view to be too easy. Instead of changing the game, we can just change the way we play it.
  13. @Moll I don't think they are redundant at all (at least not in the way you mean)... they have their use. As I mentioned in another thread: I tend to use the water purification tablets when I want to have a quick stockpile of water, or in an emergency when I don't have much fire wood with me. I also tend to use them fairly early in a run for both of those reasons. They are useful for getting potable water a little faster (in terms of game time). True, it's not difficult in the game to boil water... but I would say the advantage of the tables is time - both in prep and fire time. You can either get the same amount of water in half the time... or double the amount of water in the same amount of time it would normally take you to prepare half as much.
  14. The extra click doesn't really bother me, I guess to me it just serves to represent that the action is deliberate and not accidental. Plus, sometimes I just want to look at an item as opposed to picking it up (such as when you want to find a smaller piece of meat for whatever reason, or to check on the over all status of the item - such as condition). So, I like the system the way it is. As far as the cattail stalks, I like them fine the way they are too... besides they are far from being the most efficient food in the game (cal/kg - 3000cal/1kg is pretty good, but the most efficient food presently are the crackers at a whopping 6000cal/1kg - If I remember right)