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  1. @russoft Amazing work! It brings back good 4DoN memories. @admin A jack-o-lantern for this week's #FanArtFriday, perhaps?
  2. @MarrowStone Thank you! I'm not a huge pumpkin fan tbh, so I add a good mix of spices and extra flavor (in this case maple) to make it a little more to my liking.
  3. Merci beaucoup! ...I think that's right, haha.
  4. Thank you so much! 4DoN was a blast!
  5. Hey, everyone! I posted this on Twitter (@lyssness) and Instagram (@lys_bakes), and I thought I'd post it here as well. I enjoyed 4DoN so much that I decided to pay tribute to the event on Halloween night by baking my own version of the warming, wildlife-repelling pumpkin pie. I added maple flavor in honor of TLD's Canadian wilderness. Next time I think I'll go all out and add maple syrup, but my family seemed to enjoy this one as they devoured the whole thing. Hope you all made it through the blizzard and enjoyed the event as much as I did!
  6. Greetings from the mountains!

    Thanks, everyone! I love the cold. Winter is my favorite season, and if I lived anywhere that's warm year-round I would miss it too much. @greatwhitegamer True, although I've run across bears while hiking in the Appalachians! I had almost made it to a summit when I had to turn around and go back down the mountain because a mother bear with two cubs were blocking the way in front of me. I definitely didn't want to tangle with that. It was a scary experience.
  7. Hello from Switzerland

    I have the same laptop! I love it.
  8. Much More Trick than Treat

    Yeah, I don't encounter being full much in the main game or having such high-calorie food, so having candy bars leftover is a nice surprise!
  9. Hello, everyone! I've been participating in the forums a bit, but I thought I'd go ahead and introduce myself. You can call me Savra. I live in Tennessee next to the Appalachian mountains, and I enjoy hiking in them when I can. The Long Dark feeds my love of nature. I have over 100 hours in the game and am working my way through the challenges, although of course I've taken a break from that to participate in 4DoN. This is my first year doing 4DoN and I'm loving it. I play on Steam, but I also have a few consoles and enjoy gaming in general. My other "ongoing games" besides TLD are Guild Wars 2, Hearthstone, and Magic the Gathering.
  10. Share your screenshots

    A couple of 4DoN screenshots from Day 2. I giggled over the skull on the mailbox. Looking forward to continuing with Day 3 today!
  11. Candy bars turnng to dust

    This makes a lot of sense and I wish I'd thought of it earlier! I've been wondering why so many of my candy bars seem to be dwindling. Now I feel slightly stupid. I managed to find the rifle early on and have accumulated a steady supply of bullets, so I've killed a couple of wolves and harvested every dead deer I've come across. That's keeping me pretty well fed along with the candy bars. I would definitely suggest harvesting any deer carcasses you find because you'll need that meat to supplement the candy bars. I've run across quite a few.
  12. Spooky stuff

    I've seen several skulls. There was one on top of the mailbox at Pleasant Valley Farmstead. I've also experienced the orange and yellow sky. Having some sort of cryptid monster wandering each map would be great and terrifying. I really hope they put Christmas lights in the moose antlers in December. That's one of the best suggestions I've heard.
  13. Much More Trick than Treat

    I haven't had any issue with fires, but I've noticed the candy bar thing. At first I thought they were all worth 2500 calories when I picked them up, but then I noticed some were dropping down to around 700, 500, and even 200 calories. I've been wondering if they drop in calories if you keep them in your inventory too long or as their condition deteriorates, but that doesn't seem to affect some of them at all, so I'm thinking it's just a bug. EDIT: Someone in another thread mentioned these are probably just "leftovers" from the 2500 calories ones that still had some of the candy bar left. That makes the most sense, so that's the theory I'm going with. Luckily, I managed to find a rifle at a jack o' lantern and plenty of ammo at different locations. I've killed a couple of wolves and harvested every dead deer I've come across, which has gone a long way in keeping me fed. I'm sorry to hear you've had a rough time. You still have a couple of days to get the Twilight badge if you want to start a new character!
  14. Share your screenshots

    This cabin in Coastal Highway is one of my favorite locations aesthetically: Returning to my campfire in The Ravine: I had to take a screenshot of this precarious-looking situation, high above the ravine with nothing but a few feet of track in sight due to heavy fog: