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  1. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    What's behind the boarded door inside Milton's Post Office? Your secret office, right? Where you take care of these Mailbags. Cheers, Rick
  2. interloper questions!

    Yes, it is. In my 50 attempts at Interloper, I'd say I spawned there at least 15 times.
  3. This is possible, and actually happened to me in one previous attempt when I was staying at the Mountaineer's Hut in Timberwolf Mountain. But I've never seen the indoor temperature in the Radio Control Hut drop so severely as to neutralise the warmth bonus of my clothes + the bed's. (Though admittedly I could be remembering incorrectly, or remembering past Pilgrim adventures…). The next time I spawn in Pleasant Valley, I'll see if I can return to the Hut and stay awhile to better record temperature fluctuations. (Which is a nice roleplay idea: I'm a meteorologist that was sent to the Canadian wilderness to study the latest bizarre weather conditions, but my plane crashed… etc.)
  4. Thank you for the kind words and the good wishes. While I still love Pilgrim because it lets me explore undisturbed (though I was able to die a few times by my own stupidity), I'm finding Interloper truly fascinating for its survival challenge. I'll keep throwing myself at it, like spaghetti on the fridge door, until I stick. Another fine piece of advice! Thank you. I'll keep it in mind even if I'm currently out of Milton. My Attempt-33 survivor is a tough cookie, and she managed to carry out a daring escape out of Milton and reach the Trapper's Cabin in Mystery Lake, where she's currently resting after taking a bit of a condition hit for the small trek under light snow. And she has survived a little more than eight days now. This is my best run on Interloper so far. On the other hand, my Attempt-49 male survivor was killed by… a bug, and I'm not talking about intestinal parasites. At least, I think it was a bug. I saved the game after he'd entered the Radio Control Hut in Pleasant Valley. He was at 40% condition - Freezing - Tired - Slaked - Starving. When I loaded the game, the first thing I did was to go to bed to recover some condition. I just needed him to be warm and a bit more rested. I know that you can't regain much health if you're starving. And I checked the indoor temperature plus the bed's warmth bonus before sleeping, to avoid developing hypothermia instead of curing it. Still, fading into the long dark for sleeping 5 hours in this condition shouldn't have happened. (Maybe the save file got corrupted, maybe I'm just plain wrong about this, who knows.)
  5. Something interesting happened at Spruce Falls Bridge. All the times I've been here before in other survival sandboxes, the resident bear would appear on the bridge, making its way past the abandoned cars. And every time I've played a game where the wildlife is hostile, the bear pretty soon would go into attack mode and come at me. Previously, I always backtracked and ran away. This time apparently was no different. The bear made a sort of AUUGH sound, and started running towards me. Instead of backtracking, I was so close to a car that I just entered it. The bear ran past the car and just… ran away. I was able to calmly search all the vehicles on the bridge, take a stroll in the surrounding area, and simply walk away. No sign of the bear. Since I haven't been here that many times, and I rarely interact with bears, I don't know if it ran past me because I simply disappeared from its sight by hiding in a car, or if I just… scared it? Because the more I think about this, the more it seems as if I scared the bear. On the other hand I find it strange that a bear would behave like this on Interloper. Well, good for me anyway. The weather was awesome, too. Clear skies, no wind:
  6. My Attempt-33 survivor has just reached her 5th day of survival, and she's in pretty good shape. I'm proud of her. Sorry, I couldn't resist sharing. I've never lasted so long since I started Interloper!
  7. Dave, thank you so much for your thoughtful mini-guide! I've nodded in agreement from first word to last (and you got my upvote). This little bit I quoted above is really the moral of the story of so many attempts of mine. I've actually a good example to illustrate your point by comparing two bits of gameplay taken from two separate attempts that originated in the same spawn point: the area near the waterfall at the top of Hat Creek in Forlorn Muskeg. In Attempt 40, I went from the waterfall to check the Shortwave Tower for loot, and finding very little. Then I went back to the cave near the waterfall, exited in Marsh Ridge, explored a bit more, then left Forlorn Muskeg to enter Mountain Town from Milton Basin. I went to the Hermit's Cabin, then proceeded towards the waterfalls to check the crashed pickup truck, and then finally started the long climb up to eventually reach Paradise Meadows Farm. I did all this rather slowly, always worried about condition, and passing through certain areas crouched for fear of being spotted by wolves. The result: I ran out of energies before completing the climb, and died of exhaustion and hypothermia on a ledge right there. In Attempt 42, I went straight to the cave. Then, when in Marsh Ridge, I exited the region immediately. Then I walked resolutely to the Hermit's Cabin (the only place where I found some loot). Then I went straight for the rope climb. I was able to complete the climb with a bit of energy left (the fatigue indicator went from Drained to Exhausted just as I was checking it after the climb), and to reach Paradise Meadows Farm and recover without getting hypothermia or permanent frostbite. In the second attempt, I played with a bolder, more pragmatic attitude; not totally carelessly, but at the same time without stopping too frequently to check if maybe there was movement behind that hill or that rock or that mound. And I got farther as a result.
  8. My Attempt-32 survivor died, but she was a fighter, and the longest surviving on Interloper so far: 4 days and 11 hours. She was ambushed by a wolf in the vicinity of Orca Gas Station, survived the attack, but alas not the second wolf that got to her before she could enter the gas station's back door. Attempt 33 is still on, though! I managed to reach Paradise Meadows Farm unscathed, only to freak out because I couldn't find the farm key! No corpse behind the house, nothing in the tractor near the barn, nothing in the pickup truck parked nearby… I heard barking and I couldn't see where the wolf was, so I tried hiding inside the barn… I was like "Oh shit, oh shit, I'm done", when I stumbled on a corpse I hadn't seen before because it was lying in a dark spot. Checked the corpse… Yes! The key to the farm! Barking again, close by. It's now or never. I ran ran ran ran to the front door, almost trampling a rabbit which surely looked at me with a WTF face… I reached the porch… "Unlocking door…" The wolf was basically behind me. "Opening door…" Made it inside. Attempts 34 to 37 have been short and unremarkable. I tried the male character again, but he seems to be less lucky than the female character. On Attempt N. 38 the funniest thing happened. I was trying to reach Old Spence Family Homestead, but a wolf was blocking my way so I retreated in the cave in the mountain behind the homestead (I always find some coal there). I needed a diversion for that patrolling wolf, so that I could reach the homestead and warm up. I saw some stones at the cave's entrance, so I picked up a couple. I aimed high, trying to make the wolf that was coming from the right continue far away to the left. But — wait for it — it appears I hit a second wolf that was behind a hill on the left. Either that, or my stone landing near him made him aware of my presence. Woof woof woof! And that's how Attempt 38 ended… [The irony? Since starting playing The Long Dark I have never managed to hit a rabbit with a stone — my aim is that terrible, haha!] Thank you everybody for the kind words of encouragement and for continuing to bear with me!
  9. I'm relieved you folks are liking my Tales of a Rookie Interloper! Attempt N. 33 keeps looking good. Condition is about 50%, and food is scarce. I'm having more luck with clothing, though. The two highlights are a Mackinaw Jacket and Combat Boots. Maybe I'll manage to keep a bit of cold away by accumulating layers of crappy clothes, har har. Another couple of good finds are in the attached pictures (though stupidly I forgot to include the UI in the screenshots, sorry about that). The meat is at 77% condition and delivers an 800-calorie snack. The Jerry Can holds 2.72L of fuel for my lantern, so yay! Oh, and also two packages of herbal tea! Can't wait for improved rest. Houses are warm and have plenty of water through their toilets, so keeping warm and slaked isn't a concern. What I'm sorely missing are a sewing kit and a can opener. I have scrap metal, so I could make a hook at a workbench. That means venturing toward Paradise Meadows "Wolfgang" Farm, which I'll do in the next instalment after a herbally-infused good night's sleep.
  10. My Attempt N. 32 slot is still saved, and I'm still alive after 2 days. But I craved something different, and I actually got what I wanted. I started Attempt N. 33 as a female survivor because honestly after 32 attempts I was tired to hear Mackenzie whine in his rather monotone way. I think the actress voicing the Astrid character did a better job with her complaining phrases, sometimes adding a touch of sarcasm which I was sorely missing from the male character. I spawn in Hushed River Valley, but! As I start to bang my head against the desk, I realise I have spawned in an area I never spawned in my previous Hushed River Valley runs — as the "New location discovered" message appearing onscreen informs me, I'm at Offset Falls. Right at the edge of the only area in this region I know better, i.e. the area near the entrance to the valley! So I keep going south… Cloudtop Falls… yes! There should be a snow shelter nearby. Ah no, there isn't, since I'm on Interloper. Well, let's go east then… a slope… a familiar tree layout, let's turn right here… Yes! The cave to Mountain Town! As I give the finger to Hushed River Valley upon entering the cave, when exiting the cave and enjoying a cold stroll in Mountain Town, I remember that going to Milton means more houses and less cold, but also more wolves. But one thing at a time. The path to the trailer is clear. My condition isn't stellar, though it isn't lousy either. Hypothermia and Frostbite warnings are, as usual, plentiful, but the game feels it should also add a sprained wrist for no reason. I enter the Trailer, expecting no loot (trailers at Hibernia have trained me well), and finding a cotton scarf. Is this the game trying to make up for the totally random sprained wrist? I have little time to wonder about this: temperatures inside the trailer are sadly not above zero. I have to march on. Going to St. Christopher's Church is out of the question: after a cautious recon, I spot two wolves off-road and one near the car parked in front of the church. I retreat and decide to cut through the Wood Lot by staying as close to the rocky formation on my left as possible. I find this is a good shortcut that leaves me near the bridge at the entrance of the town. But of course I don't take the bridge, I climb down and cross the frozen river below, get some cat tails, and finally emerge just behind Grey Mother's house. I made it! My triumph is dampened by the development of Frostbite exactly three seconds before opening the house door. Grrr! I blame this on the cat tails... I should have ignored them. But hey, I'm inside the house. Hypothermia hasn't developed yet (92% risk), Grey Mother's house is warm enough I don't need a fire right away, and I find a surprisingly good loot, all things considered: 2 boxes of matches, a storm lantern, some lantern fuel, a dress shirt, another pair of jeans, wool socks and a sport vest. And in the store room upstairs I even find a cup of coffee behind the cloth on the shelf. It's night now, and I go to sleep. The morning after I'm at 53% condition, and apart from the permanent frostbite, I have no other afflictions and have enough food and water for at least half a day. And still a town to explore. Maybe 33th time is the charm? Oh, I almost forgot: before going to bed I notice an aurora has come up, but I'm too cold and tired to take advantage of it to check more buildings. Auroras do look better after the Redux update, though!
  11. Another valuable piece of advice. I can't thank you enough. And thanks for your patience with this very amateur Interloper that is yours truly. No apologies necessary. I'm happy to share. It's a bit like telling stories around a campfire... Hmm. Hmmm. Just to avoid misunderstandings, this Scruffy/Fluffy's cave you guys are mentioning is the cave near the waterfall in the Broken Bridge area, right? Again, thank you all for reading and giving me useful tips. It's truly appreciated!
  12. I actually managed to reach the basement. Weather showed mercy. Predators were thankfully busy elsewhere. But yes, I eventually died there. Loot was surprisingly lousy there as well. I didn't expect to find matches (I never found them there in previous Interloper runs), but I also didn't expect to find… nothing. Both the washer and dryer were empty, fridge was empty, and the only objects lying there were scrap metal (LOL), and a copy of Wilderness Kitchen (double LOL). By the way, I've never found so many research books as I have since I started Interloping. I know the developers mean well (these books help boost your skills), but who has 5 hours to spare when you got hypothermia and your condition bar drops just by looking at it? Anyway, I'm currently at Attempt N. 32. Spawned in Desolation Point (as soon as I heard the sound of waves I was like *groan*), after sunset and in gusty winds (Feels like: -44°C *weeps*), but near Katie's Secluded Corner, so I rushed to the mine. An aurora came up, so I could traverse the mine and come out near Hibernia, where I could keep warm. Things are starting to look up, as I'm at 79% condition without afflictions. The odd thing, however, is all the lootable places and containers I've encountered so far have given me food and drinks (seriously, on Interloper I've never had three cans of Summit Soda, two of Pinnacle Peaches, and one of Pork and Beans), but no clothing whatsoever. Let's see if this time I can finally leave this region...
  13. Attempt N. 28 is another Pleasant Valley spawn, near the Point of Disagreement. Late afternoon. Stable weather. Again, in the fine Interloper tradition, as soon as you think about doing something, the game responds with "Ha. Think again, buddy". So, the idea is to take a look at the three vehicles and two corpses at the car accident site, then proceed to the Prepper's Abandoned Cache and then the Mystic Falls Picnic Area and its nearby cave. But, as soon as I approach the first car, I catch some movement out of the corner of my eye. Then a bark, and I rush inside the car. And… time passes, because this bastard of a wolf decides to just hang around. I bide my time (can't sleep because I'm not tired enough). But since I'm still under freezing temperatures, I start losing condition. And the bastard is still outside. When I finally manage to get out of the car, I search the car accident site, then proceed towards the Prepper's Abandoned Cache, but again that wolf is patrolling that spot exactly, so I have to improvise a long-winded manoeuvre to avoid being detected, and I'm forced to head for the Picnic Area. As I'm searching the corpse there, I hear barking. I'm starting to wonder if perhaps I've fallen into some kind of new "The Hunted" challenge where Old Bear has been replaced with Old Wolf… Anyway, I manage to retreat inside the cave, the wolf gets distracted by a couple of rabbits (thank you, rabbits, I owe you one), I pass another hour inside the cave, and when I dare come out, that wolf is FINALLY nowhere to be found. It's night now. As I head for the Abandoned Cache, an aurora comes up. Good, because I have no light sources but I can search the Cache anyway. Bad, because I'm at 33% condition, I have no food or water, no tools to start a fire, no additional clothes except a scarf, and while the bed gives me enough warmth bonus to avoid freezing while sleeping, I can't really recover condition because I'm starving & dehydrated. The big question here is — is this situation salvageable? Under these circumstances in Interloper, you start looking at the condition's bar as if it were a car's fuel gauge: Do you have enough fuel to reach another place where maybe you can find matches or (better) a building that has an indoor temperature above zero? And maybe some food? From where I am, the closest candidate would appear to be the basement at Skeeter's Ridge. But any detour will probably mean I'm done. (I think I'll go and rename this slot The Goddamn Lone Wolf for posterity's sake…) P.S. — I hope my adventures aren't boring you guys & girls too much…
  14. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #21

    Well, I for one like it a lot. I don't know whether "The Long Darkness" was considered when choosing a name for the game, but it would have felt less powerful and emblematic — at least to my ears/eyes. Cheers, and as always thanks for taking the time to respond to people's feedback.
  15. You've just basically saved one of my Forlorn Muskeg attempts by reminding me of this. It's amazing how the urgency Interloper overwhelms you with makes you forget even the simple things. All the times I've found a flare in my runs, I've always kept it to use as a light source, forgetting its importance as a fire starting tool. Thank you!