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  1. Cinderella Challenge

    If I were you I'd take the can- the clothes on your back can be harvested for cloth, and every region has plenty of sticks, meaning that you could build a snow shelter with socks and underwear. While cans are also common, you can't find them in the middle of nowhere. Good luck on this challenge, I'm really liking the premise and how it's going! EDIT: I now realize that you're not allowed to take clothes with you. I accept my new status as a dingus, and apologize profusely.
  2. why those illogical mechanisms?

    Same goes for you, buddy, this whole thread seems like its origin was just you saying what annoyed you about the game.
  3. Version 1.41

    Not if your aim with rocks is garbage.. like mine is
  4. How to spice up wintermute Caches

    I've only ever played Survival Mode (Got turned off of Wintermute when I found out not all the character interactions were voiced), and there are hidden caches in HRV. They all have some mid-to-high tier loot (Good clothing, canned food, skill books, tools, etc.), would that be a viable level of loot for the WIntermute caches?
  5. Forage

    Honestly, I'm not sure this is necessary- the current wood collecting system is much more immersive, and the old forage for wood mechanic was just a placeholder in the first place.
  6. Wish List

    Yes, hello, Maple Leaf Cadaver Transport, somebody order a dead body?
  7. Newbie Survivor Log

    Yep, that's the one I was talking about!
  8. Reishi is a psychedelic mushroom

    You too dude! (Altho coffee sounds really nice right about now)
  9. Reishi is a psychedelic mushroom

    I'm on a laptop, I'm just a bit tired lol
  10. Reishi is a psychedelic mushroom

    It showed up, I just didn't notice it, sorry.
  11. Reishi is a psychedelic mushroom

    They're really bitter, that's well documented. They're not psychoactive at all.
  12. Newbie Survivor Log

    Spoiler, if you don't want it, stop reading: There is a tree that acts as a bridge that requires no weird maneuvering, walk up the gentle slop and approach the tree from head on. That will take you onwards.
  13. Reishi is a psychedelic mushroom

    Nowhere can I find psychedelic effects listed anywhere. I think your source is inaccurate..
  14. Newbie Survivor Log

    Yeah, losing it really sucked.. as I said, I was doing pretty well, though! Only exception was that I was completely out of cloth at that point. And I really wish I could have saved that one. I just try to survive day-to-day or at least crafted-equipment-to-crafted-equipment, or food-to-food, etc., but at one point I would like to reach 100 or even 365 days! 500 is a serious challenge, hope you make it!
  15. Newbie Survivor Log

    My record was around 60 days, until my game save disappeared for some reason. Had a great game going; tons of food in storage, decent clothing, bearskin bedroll after I lost my cloth one, rifle with around 50 rounds, etc. Pleasant Valley is a great long-term map. Not really; I enjoy the resource management and wildlife density of Voyager, nothing else really does it for me. Also, thanks lol, eclairs really are delicious