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  1. Theres such thing as Canada day???
  2. Imma gonna watch that
  3. And I have been writing a book based on the long dark.
  4. I am in a film class and I only thought that show dont tell only applied to film
  5. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #19

    No but i wanted to know his opinion on the game.
  6. The over whellming challenge
  7. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    Will, you ever consider adding a feature where you can just have your hatchet equipped and out to where we can see instead of only being able to use it in a wolf struggle?
  8. New Update Complements and Complaints

    Boom two hotfixes and they've fixed everything on my list.
  9. Happy Holidays from Hinterland

    I wish the Hinterland team a merry Christmas, they truly deserve a break after the long year of Updates, Redux's, and Hotfixes. Cheers to a new year Hinterland and I wish Ralph a very merry Christmas. Cheers!
  10. OH wait nevermind I did. Thanks!
  11. ??? I haven't received any update that said it fixed the over the top blue in the game.
  12. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #19

    I've played the first part of chapter 1 and I must say that the story is much better presented. Plus I love the new color bleed and distortion effect for when you have really low health.
  13. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #19

    Now I regret adding the part about mirrors edge catalyst.
  14. Will dogs ever be added in-game?

    I would love to see a dog in the game along with mabey some more home customization aspects so you can really clam a house and call it home. Though I have only tried the tactic of staying in one house and piling food once.
  15. I still haven't started on my story mode redux play threw because I'm not supposed to play video games on the week but as its Friday that will no longer be a problem will it.