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  1. Stupidest way you have died

    I was walking in desolation point when I got attacked by a bear. Okay I know not that bad bear wounds are easy to clean up I thought but then another bear attacked me from behind then another from the side and I died. I was doing pretty good up to that point but then...BEAR then ANOTHER BEAR then THE THIRD BEAR!!! And then there was the time I was in Pleasent Valley admiring the view and I didn't notice that my finger was still on the controller moving my character forward and eventually I fell off a cliff. RIP. So in my case the game is not called The Long Dark Its called The Long Stupidity.
  2. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    Is there a plan to update all the textures and graphics of the game I mean you've gone a long way graphics wise from the beginning but the long dark with new gen graphics would be my dream game. And I do understand this might interfere with the artistic style you have chosen for the long dark but it would still be cool to see. Also on the road to story mode video, you guys made a while back I love the new color grading and extra detail you put into the houses. And also Ralph you remember Mirrors Edge: Catalyst from back in 2016 right. It was a gorgeous game with top-notch graphics and gameplay yet everybody hated it do you have an opinion on that. PS: If you don't want to answer the last question you don't want to.
  3. Pls tell me if I should continue this "project"
  4. Vote for The Long Dark

    Sorry i'm a Console gamer and don't have steam.
  5. It was a late June night and I had just gotten back from a small bar in town. We lived near the shore so the place always smelled of fish and seaweed a feature of the town I always disliked. I had decided to walk home with some friends. We joked untill they we reached their houses then they had to leave. So I continued walking it was a warm night when the weirdest think happend the lights started to go out. I supposed it was a down power line from the wind that had kicked up. But if there was a down power line there would of been a repair crew streaking past here any moment yet as I looked down the road they were barren. So I continued walking with more difficulty because of the lights when something else starteled me; I had been walking and the lights came back on but this time they were filickering. I still made attempts to ignore this but at this point that was so hard to do that I just stopped and looked around. Hey I thought my shirt was never purple. It was tinted purple and the street around me had started to glow various colors, something I realized as a... No it couldent be not on the coast. I slowly looked skywards and "AAAH!!!". An aurora borialis. I started to run I started to see my house when it started snowing. Not just snowing it was coming down hard "But," I thought to myself "Its June and its snowing?" I had just gotten to my frount door when the colors that tinted the ground faded and the lights stopped filckering and I heard many of the lights burst with a tiny "pop". I walked into my house, glass was scattered on the floor in frount of me. But I could not see anything but two lights in the darkness and the noise of growling.
  6. We all have high hopes for this game it was my first survival game and I can't thank it enough for the amazing introduction to them. It really compelled me into playing games like Subnautica, Astroneer, and funnily enough Cuphead. So my hopes for it are new guns, better graphics, (and that includes textures) and more interactive features like to sit down or kick down doors. And a big part of my wish list is the ability to go through doors without the big loading sequence. Me and my brother used to joke about it, when the loading was happening we would say Open door, Close door, Look around, Slam head in the door, and then when it loaded we stopped. So what are your guy's hopes for this amazing game? And also is this an indie game or a AAA id like to know.
  7. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    Will merch be cheaper on Black Friday. And also when you answered my question about the guns you didn't specify which type, I'm very curious when also mabey after the Christmas survival mode update.
  8. A 2018 wish list for TLD2

    there is not going to be a sequel
  9. Favorite Location In The Long Dark

    Oh then I have been there at least 3 times
  10. Favorite Location In The Long Dark

    Wait whats crystal lake ive never been to it as I can remember.
  11. Any advice

    Twilight badge received thank you, everybody, especially Bareskin who gave me the idea to stay in the jackrabbit island house for 2 hours straight I go to completely catch up on Youtube and rewatch the Who Killed Markipier series. So all the credit to him and also thank you for the other suggestions this is really a great community to be a part of. PS... Do any of you think that Markiplier should be an actor? Or is that just me.
  12. Any advice

    Did you do this?
  13. Any advice

    How will I get supplies tho