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  1. How not to sleep in Hopeless Rescue

    I could not belive this some weeks ago, it is possible under 18 and even under 17 hours, but now I think this is very hard to beat, so I stopped it right now. Had 7 stim before the summit
  2. How not to sleep in Hopeless Rescue

    @stapeliad Finally I made it under 18h. The key are stims, I used them for each climb and even for running home to the lighthouse.
  3. How not to sleep in Hopeless Rescue

    Since the update I learnd how to use coffee much more efficient
  4. How not to sleep in Hopeless Rescue

    Finally made it few days ago, and I am finish now with my tries and postings under 2h in the dam 4,5h to the farmhouse 12,75 to summit 19h 50minutes to lighthouse
  5. Episode 3

    @Le Petit Prince I see it exactly your way. I like the story mode and the challenges. The survival mode is very boring to me, and I use it only to explore some short cuts.
  6. How not to sleep in Hopeless Rescue

    @Mroz4k Feedback What helped me the best to be faster from your tips: Make a warmth bonus at Jeremias place and go straight to the dam and going to visit the Signal Hill. I save about 30 minutes going directly but loose about 15m at Jeremias place, but mostly I arrive at the dam without freezing. Signal Hill most of the time really good clothes and coffee and stim. I had a great run yesterday, unfortunately with a blizzard from start of Pleasant Valley until summit, luckily I had already quite good clothes before the summit. Without the blizzard I would have beat the 20h limit. 1Pic: leaving the dam after 2,5h (may be my quickest time) 2Pic: Arriving at the farmhouse (basement) after 4h and 50m 3Pic: Arriving at the summit after 12h and 34 minutes (my fastest time up here) 4Pic: since I stayed more than 1hour at the plane, I needed about 6 hours from summit to the lighthouse By the way there is also a good chance for the last stim in the cave between PL and CH, close to the exit. Since I found more than enough coffee I was running a lot in this try. However I was little short on stims, they also help you a lot to save time on the way back from summit to the lighthouse.
  7. How not to sleep in Hopeless Rescue

    @Hotzn Thank you for that interesting thread! Very funny to read and good to know that this was the beginning of HR.
  8. How not to sleep in Hopeless Rescue

    getting closer, just missed my target by 13 minutes Farmhouse less then 5h Summit after 13h !
  9. grettings from the European south

    Welcome Jim and best regards to beautiful Greece.
  10. Where in the World are you From?

    Hello from Switzerland, in winter time it looks like in TLD here. Happy that I will come to visit Vancouver next summer!
  11. I love the story based part of TLD. Since they firstly announced Episode 3 by December 18, I tried to bridge the time till December, trying to finish the challenge Hopeless Rescue without sleeping. After I got this, I tried to be under 24 hours. Now my target is to be under 20 hours. I failed so many times, but I am still sure if all components (weather, cloths, coffee, stims) are perfect, it is possible.
  12. How not to sleep in Hopeless Rescue

    @Mroz4k Yes I know this one too, but I failed to take it until two days. Now I learned that I have to run that part where I jump to the opposite stone. Now this is working fine and is definitely a short cut here.
  13. How not to sleep in Hopeless Rescue

    @NardoLoopa Thank you for sharing your run! Your time is very good! To be in a blizzard in this challenge will NOT allow you to make best times! If you had more than one, your time is great. Blizzards makes you so slow, your cloths are wet and you will freeze a lot or you need fire after each hour or two. Also with only one coffee box it is very hard not to sleep. I also had to learn to minimize my weight, each time I try I learned something new to save time and weight. In my eyes 4 kg is a lot of weight in this challenge, so I really never take that rifle with me, no stick (or wood) at all (only if you have no tinder and no paper). No fabric, no antibiotic, only one disinfection, only two or max 4 bandage, no extra oil, no flare (only if you have not found a lamp). Even with 20 boiled coffee my weight not over 15kg. No hatched only knife, no sleeping bag. I wish you will finish it without sleep next time when you have better weather conditions and better luck with coffee.
  14. Share your screenshots

    @ThePancakeLady No I never tried. That’s why I wrote: " I was so greenly to believe he really made this boat step by step himself placing the tinders very carefully " People loves different things in this game, so I thought this is a crazy person investing hundreds of hours to do some artwork.
  15. Hapless Rescue: My Challenge Attempts

    I love this challenge as well. Sure you will make it soon.