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  1. Got it the first time under 24 hours! I watched the video from B Haru again and I agree with you @NardoLoopa that it should be easier today. Haru had to melt snow for 3 h and at that time he cannot do anything else. But this seems to be the only advantage with today’s game play. I had a few runs with great temperature but on each one something important was missing, last run it was the hatchet. However on my current record I found all the soft wood and only 3 old wood where missing. Also I was short on food, but 7 kg of dear meet was enough to get the 15 days. I never could believe this time some months or even weeks before. It will be hard to beat that time myself. Will still try to get under B Harus time. Happy Eastern to all
  2. ok I understand 🙂 I had the running quickly because of my Hopeless Rescue Speed runs. Regarding the Fire achievement I also tried the following. If I restarted Hopeless Rescue because no Coffee/Stim at the start but a canister, I went out, picked up plenty of sticks and did about 12 fires. Even it showed me the symbol of counting each fire, at the end it did not count. It was easy to check since I could do 35 fires in very short time but the Fire Master dident increase
  3. Finally getting closer to the 24 hours. As on my last two records I did not have to hunt, found enough food for 15 days by looting. Differences than before: Less looting everything except kitchens. Running around with cloths under 10 degree bonus. Little optimizing my route. Knowing every place where I can find ammo and wood I had not to chop one single softwood and only one time old wood. Now only 15 Minutes (real-time) away from B Harus extraordinary record. What I can do to be faster. No cloth looting at all except the cloths laying around. More running and may be also using the emergency injection
  4. Interesting. Running was my very first achievement, and when I finished all other, my fire master was below 30%. Now I check this only once every few weeks and it is still raising very slow.
  5. I guess for everyone this is the last achievement to be completed. What is your level of this achievement? After 620h gameplay I am still on 83%
  6. Lately I am getting faster. On my best times I found enough food and did not have to hunt. Bear meat will give 900 calories. One day food is 3000 cal. Means 10 kg meat is worth for 3 days. As far as I remember it takes 2 hours to cut that meat out with the knife. So I decided better to loot the two houses on the islands including 5 or 6 fishing huts. (needs about 3,5h only) This will give me enough food after coming back from DP with about 3 days’ food + the six houses about 8 days of food. Meantime I will find more wood on this way so I only have to chop wood very little (one old one (30 min behind the garage) and one to two times the cedar/fir (2 x 45min) I had another quite new problem on my current best time. I did not find any cooking pot in over 8 houses, so I could not cook water before leaving to the island route. There I only found one pot and finally lost more than 2 extra hours to finish the boiled water. Without this problem I would have been very close to beat 24h. So right now I am very motivated to beat the 24h mark. What I learned so far: stop looting any drawers or cabinets, I only wear the cloths that are lying around.
  7. ok, one possibility is that NardoLoopa is married with her 🙂
  8. No this is Zhang Jingchu from the movie Jade Warrior. And welcome to the forum @enewmen
  9. I had a few tries the last week. I agree that the positive aspects of going to DP predominate, especially so much wood to find. On one of my last runs I meet another moose on the bridge above Matt's truck and another time a bear suddenly mauled me in CH. After mauled by the bear it still can make sense to continue, unfortunately a single wolf gave me the rest later on. I also tried different tactics. My general rule is there must be at least two things (rifle, hatched or canister) before Harris home to continue, but if the weather/temperature is very good I still proceed. So on my current best time I found nothing out of those three things. So I came back from DP with only plenty of oil (4l). The advantage is that you are not too overloaded. I found the rifle later on in the abandoned lookout and the hatched in the log sort in CH. Also I hunt down a bear three times, but I learned that it takes also a lot of time to fillet 15-20 kg of bear meet. BTW bear meats always has 900 cal or only if it is fresh? I mean if I hunt a bear early and I will get the meat only later in the game is it still 900cla?
  10. WOW thank you very much for this link to Timber Wolf's experimentation!!! That is just great !
  11. @Bano Thank you for your input! I try to speedrun some of the challenges so my target is to get minimize damage on myself and just get rid of the Wolfe. So I don’t need to kill him. Hammer is no choice in my actual mission. And I did not know that the sharpness of a weapon influence the fight
  12. I am wondering what is your experience in close-up fights with wolfs. The pinch bar is the weakest after my experiences. So leaves us with the hatched or the knife. I think the knife is a little bit better than the hatched, but not sure if it is like this or if this is only what my mind thinks would be better in real life.
  13. Almost 3 weeks have passed since my last post, here is a small summary of what I have learned during this time and my experiences My old tactic was to run Broken Railroad and if I found a canister in the cellar, turn around back to CH. My best time until then was 1d 6h 26m. Now I wanted to try B Harus tactic. In short, I did not beat my best time until yesterday, I came close to it but never below. Something is always a problem (rifle / cartridges / hatchet / oil / lamp / weather) Advantage in Desolation Point: I leave the Rike (I have never seen a shot here in the mission) completely, I go from the church directly to the Hibernia and back through the cave. I do not find much food and anyhow you have to pay attention to the overweight, but once found 3 Emergency Food! Biggest advantage: wood, lots of wood. To collect the wood saves a lot of time rather than having to hack it, this alone is worth the way to Desolation Point. You can also find enough oil and ammo. Only now I understood that a flare or oil lamp give a heat bonus! Up to 5 degrees! (if I only know this before when I speed run Hopeless Rescue) In good weather you can walk without frostbite to Hibernia and back to Waterfront Cottages. Also Desolation point has many places to warm up (2 x caves and Hibernia) Old wood always needs 7.5 minutes per piece, except the boards that are in the church, so it is worth to hack 6 pieces here if you already have the hatched. With a bit of luck, you can still meet the bear or moose (so far only seen 1 time in this mission) and already have a rifle. It is always worth the bear to kill near the Gas station, even if you do not have all the shots together. So yesterday I broke my old record for the first time with just under 1d 5h. Most important in my mind is the daytime you start and the temperature. Also I had to learn that it is not worth it to loot to much cloths. I start walking immediately to the waterfront cottages, there I loot only one house (sometimes there is only one) to get better cloths. That shall be the last house where I loot drawers. Most time I finish the mission with only 10-13+ clothes. I guess it is more important to find the hatched then the rifle (in the car), so I go on even there is no rifle in the car, two more chanced on my way in DP. Even if I do not find the rifle, at least I know where to search in CH. In worst case it is at the dead body close to the railways and that means abort the run. I will keep on it, right now I do not think I have any chance to beat 24h.
  14. Ich weiss, dass dort immer eine bei der Leiche liegt, but it is a long way up there and back
  15. So yesterday I tried exactly his route and I am now back in Quonset and looted also all 6 houses there. I have got enough rifle(s) and ammo, oil and the hatched. Food is at 9d which is ok, since I need to hunt with this tactic. Short on wood and sticks but this is also easy to finish. My big problem: I did not found ANY lantern My time right now is little under 19h, will have to abort or maybe I shall find a lantern by chance in a fishing hut nearby btw here my current best time: