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    A potential loss of vital supplies? Sounds like fun, challenge accepted.
  2. Nifty spot near Trapper's.

    The 80s were great for Zed Zed Top.
  3. Dev Diary - November 2018

    I can't wait to make my first hat. My Christmas arrives on that day.
  4. Great Streamer-Shardul Gaming

    I like watching Shard and to totally brag I was his first sub on Twitch.
  5. Welcome to Canada

    I live about 30 minutes from Letterkenny bud.
  6. Bug: bear stuck in fishing hut (The Hunted Part 2)

    I had a bear go into the hut on me, it was great for quartering but on the challenge you won't get to harvest him there.
  7. Kermit the Timberwolf Hermit

    Thank you.
  8. Food Poisoning + Intestinal Parasites Issue

    If you keep some regular bottled antibiotics they can be used on the poisoning over the parasites then you can have the tea. Keep surviving!
  9. Dev Diary - November 2018

    I love you man
  10. Perfect base... Now?

    I do most cooking outdoors in the fishing huts, fishing for an hour while things cook behind me. I do like the giant stoves but I never really use more than two spots. The camp office has a 2 spot upstairs and a potbelly down if you really want to get some water going.
  11. Perfect base... Now?

    I set up three bases so if I feel like a change of scenery it's easy to get up and go. They're at the fishing camp, the camp office and the mountaineer hut. All have fishing because I'm a horrible shot with the bow.
  12. Welcome to Canada

    I've been playing TLD for almost 2 years and just joined the forums. I joined because not all my questions have answers on YouTube but here pretty much everything a person needs to know is ready for reading. Thanks to everyone putting in time and effort here! Oh and I live in Canada.
  13. 4DON

    I am also wondering if there is going to be other events through the year. I really enjoyed 4DoN because it forced me to do things I would never do for safety reasons, walking out into an aurora or blizzards is something I avoid. Thank you for everything Hinterland.
  14. DAY 2 (spoilers)

    Couldn't find the pumpkin with a rifle but found many bullets and arrows. I use the arrows with the bow because the bullets just make wolves mad if you use them without the rifle and it's difficult to make a coat from an angry wolf.
  15. A Few Dead Men

    Is it only 10 days with the parasites? I thought it being on mostly loper or worse setting being on team gutworm would last 20 days. I'm 12 days in and have thought about it but the mushrooms are sparse and I don't have the resources for 20 days of room mate fun but 10 I might try.