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  1. group survival

    I don't know if I'm late, but welcome to the forums @kopo79! I like this idea, It is more creative than most Ideas for multiplayer.
  2. More choice of characters for survival

    heheh... we never get them in bloomington. the worst we have is rabid raccoons. I've never seen one anyway, rabid or not.
  3. More choice of characters for survival

    When I posted that, I forgot that it was @ajb1978 that posted that idea! sry, lol. P.S. it's still a good idea.
  4. More choice of characters for survival

    Lol I was thinking because teens spend so much time indoors, they wouldn't get cabin fever as fast. but, just sitting in a cabin, I understand that. P.S Doc, how's that moosehide artillery cannon coming along?
  5. More choice of characters for survival

    uhh... what? teenager with access to tech? what?
  6. The (very) small defects of TLD

    eh bien, j’ai utilisé la traduction, mais si vous maîtrisez mieux le français, je continuerai à utiliser la traduction.
  7. The (very) small defects of TLD

    c'est pour rendre le jeu plus difficile
  8. Gyrocompass and bigger backpack

    I was going to say... doesn't it seem a bit odd to carry around... 50 kg of meat and hide and guts from a moose?
  9. Gyrocompass and bigger backpack

    well maybe try to have fun on a test game, without wanton destruction of wildlife, to get meat, to cook it, to eat. instead, what I do is if I want to test something, I just start a new game.
  10. Allappa Bay

    IMPLYING THAT THEY'RE EVIL ENOUGH TO DO THAT? you forgot the part where, before they kill the crew, then pin them apart and eat them from the inside.
  11. Tidying up loose ends of realism or logic

    whenever language comes up, it Makes me almost disappointed that I only speak english and know how to say some words for furniture in spanish.
  12. Tidying up loose ends of realism or logic

    Wait... what? I have never seen a request to add driveable cars. Probably because all the requests for them get pushed to the back of the wish list.
  13. There's a flaw in your game logic

    You have to go to desolation point. the beachcombing at CH is crappy.

    Wow. better than a 6 page story about the long dark (which is what I'm writing, because syrup it, why not (that's my new catchphrase)) yes, I just used parentheses inside of parentheses, what are you gonna do about, hmm?
  15. More Content

    okay. sorry.