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  1. 4DON: Post-Mortem

    I said or Easter. Easter would probably be better because there are bunnies in the game.... Maybe when we throw rocks at them instead of being stunned they can crap easter eggs that have prizes in them like chocolate bars or bullets....lol!
  2. Shooting with a rifle

    I saw that video a few weeks ago on Reddit, and I too was amazed at how pointless and riduculous the added sway effect is. It's just another way to make the game artificially more difficult. You aim like you're drunk...yay!
  3. Exploration Game Achievement

    I was going to state I asked for an official response about this back when I started playing and Hinterland said burned buildings don't affect the achievement. I also completed it on Voyager. Either you missed a building you were not aware of (consult a map), or there was a bug. If you used a map and you definitely went inside all interiors including the mine in CH (I believe the mine was necessary), the only bug I can think of is the ML lake cabin teleportation bug that I believe they have patched...Where you go inside one lake cabin, but you are actually teleported to the interior of the wrong lake cabin.... (Yes, this was an actual bug I'm not making this up...)
  4. Base Resource - Custom Difficulty

    I believe this to be the most accurate statement here. I was told that setting the base resource to low causes Interloper loot meaning no knives, hatchets, good clothes, and no good food like MREs, etc. However rifles can still be turned on at this point and still have rifles and bullets. I REALLY wish they would change this though, and let us put base loot to low to get really low amounts of loot LIKE Interloper, but still include ALL items. They would just be very rare. I wish actual "Interloper mode" was it's own separate toggle like rifles....and when turned on it removed all the things normally not present in Interloper....
  5. Carter Hydro Dam Yard Safety

    Is that true?! I didn't know that. I always close the gate just in case....
  6. Bears

    As he said, the bear won't get closer to the hut unless you get close enough to the bear for it to notice you and start following you. Then he will get closer and you can shoot him. However often bears don't go down immediately after the first shot, unless you get a lucky critical hit. Aiming at a wolf, moose, or bear that is aware of you typically makes them charge at you, so be prepared to shoot and escape. Escaping into a car is good, up a tilted tree, or off one rock onto another that cannot be pathed to by an animal. I believe they patched it, but for a while shooting a bear and then immediately running inside would cause the bear to bug and then not bleed out like it is supposed to. Like I said though, they allegedly patched that bug....
  7. 4DON: Post-Mortem

    Well the event was good for you then, if for no other reason than that! I too started on ML first a couple years ago, on Voyager. I explored it's entirely over about a month in game. By then I had a rifle and bullets, decent clothes and crafted some too, I had a bow but only a couple arrows I fixed from the Dam. I wanted more arrows because the bow is much lighter than the rifle. This took me to CH and then to DP after exploring most of CH...so I could forge more arrowheads. The other maps are all different and interesting. You should eventually explore them all. While experienced players can manage for a time on any map, several maps can be hard on newer players without decent clothes and gear, so it's safer to start someplace easier to get decent equipment and then explore the more difficult maps.
  8. Day 4 was fun!

    Day 4 was my least favorite day. There was no reason to go outside and freeze to death in a continuous blizzard. It would have been nice if the blizzard was severe and frequent, but not continuous.
  9. Badge update from Admin

    Technically you can(could) roll back the system clock on PC or console and get back to Day 1 that way if you did it before downloading the end of the event update. Now that the event is totally over and the game has probably been updated it's too late though.... However I did save my whole game folder on PC in it's prior state.
  10. Day 3 Advice

    Lol, too late now...but it was just a blizzard that made it cold inside too. I picked the mine with all the coal just north of the lookout tower in CH. One sweep of the mine to collect all the coal and smash up all the boxes would have gotten you through two hours of real time! PS Sorry, I was on Reddit, not these forums....
  11. You've got to be joking. I call baloney!

    It sounds like this exclamation point nonsense that I never saw on PC must have had to do with an online connectivity issue with Xbox and Xbox live or something. In any case it seems like this exclamation point should have alerted you to an issue with the countdown....not that you could have known that without an explanation next to the exclamation point explaining what it meant exactly. It would have been nice if staff was alerted to the issue so in turn they could have alerted the rest of the community before the event ended.... Closing the game and unplugging and plugging the console back in probably would have restored the online connection....
  12. can you play for longer than the 4 days?

    It might be available if you never download the post event update and launched the game from a desktop shortcut with Steam completely closed, while simultaneously rolling back your system clock to four days ago....
  13. Didn't recieve badge

    I found in the cases of both badges they didn't pop immediately, and they seemed to potentially require a game loading trigger like resting or exit and entering of a building. I can't confirm this was definitely the case....but it "seemed" that way. For the people reporting "exclamation points" I'm not sure what that means, and I don't remember seeing one. I remember there being a box with a two hour countdown and a vague description each day, and that box completely disappearing when the countdown ended....
  14. 4DON: Post-Mortem

    While I wasn't present here during the event, I WAS present on Reddit each day. For months leading up to the event there was never many more people than 100 or so online in The Long Dark reddit each day, by nighttime this number often would drop to about 60. Each day I would consider myself lucky to have a post or two to read....some days there were no new threads started. During this event there was over 200 people online in The Long Dark reddit almost continuously. There were 10+ threads started to be read and responded to each day. I enjoyed so many discussions to participate in, and I wish there was this type of activity to be a part of regularly. Hopefully once the Story is finished, on top of possibly some potential DLC....Hopefully there will also be a few more annual events. I enjoyed this event immensely (with maybe an exception of Day4). I'd love to see a future Christmas event, an Easter or Valentines Day event, and maybe a 4th of July event. I don't know exactly what each of these events should to pertain to as far as activities, but it would be nice to basically have a quarterly in game annual event. Like @Raphael van Lierop said it had a great effect on overall player participation in the game, which in turn created various forums and posting participation all over the Internet. Both outcomes were fun, and it would be great if there was more of it. I could even see events lead to increases in sales, if the sales happened simultaneously with the events (Not that I am aware of how many gamers are left who haven't purchased the game yet...many probably have already).
  15. Moose killing wolves....

    Thank you for your reply. I myself have not yet noticed anything like this. However, I haven't been playing an awful lot since moose were added. On an Interloper run I saw a moose north of the PV Farmstead near a bear. They were ignoring each other as expected. There were no wolves near either of them that I could see. On a custom Stalker-ish run I saw and killed a moose with one arrow just to the north of Moose Overlook in HRV. While there are sometimes supposed to be wolves over by the waterfalls in that general area I didn't see any wolves. I didn't notice any dead wolves though either (except for maybe a dead one in a cave that might have been static). Once I killed and harvested the moose, a couple days later a wolf showed up in the area near the waterfalls. I'll keep an eye on this going forward and update if I see any clearer evidence. I just played the 4DON event pretty heavily, unfortunately there were no moose present in the event....