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  1. BareSkins Are Sleepwalking

    Are we sure that's how it works in "awake" game? The idea of "frames" seems more like the sleeping recovery curve (you choose N hours/frames, it calculates). Or if we're speaking about image frames, that could be about the graphical health bar and not the underlying real number? I'd kill to be able to read the Code. I'll stick to my model (sleeping long stretches when possible) until the mystery is solved, since it produces tangible results (=more health) To be completely honest, the first time I've read this, it could have been written in chinese or hebrew or russian, I just had to read it ten times to get a grasp at the meaning. I'm smelling challenge in there!
  2. Newbie Survivor Log

    I'll always remember the first time I saw a deer. I spent 3 days hiding in a trailer in Milton in Story Mode. Everytime I looked outside, it was here, so I got back in. I was so sure I would die from the attack, I actually waited it to go away. Had no gun, else maybe I would have tried to shoot it.
  3. The name is Walker, Sleep Walker

    You can't imagine how glad I am you eventually prove that fighting impatience is part of this challenge!
  4. BareSkins Are Sleepwalking

    I ended up in this situation on SW1 but still decided to eat, for philosophical arguments. I don't know out to make a SPOILER box, but I'm quite convinced you'd be too curious not to open it anyway: had this problem with SW1 too, I was barely healing even full-time fed. Part of the problem is that the UI doesn't show decimals. The other part is that the recovery rate of applies only on consecutive time, the timer is reset to zero with each "waking up". That's how I ended up fighting cabin fever sleepwalking (1h sleep then pass time outside, repeat) and having absolutely no heal after a night spent fed with several hours awake. But not consecutive. This is why the OP of sleepwalking mode states that you still have a very strong incentive to sleep long stretches. The code could even be worse than that, let's say if you sleep only one hour it might invalidate two healing-hours (the one you start sleeping, plus the one you end) if the counter is not synchronized on game time. On SW3+ it's even harder to science-check this, since Fatigue will prevent testing on long period of times. At best maybe with a bit of luck you can start a day dehydrated, then hydrate to launch the "awake recovery" counter, then wait 12h doing absolutely nothing (or with coffee) to check if you grabbed +3% from this wonderful day of 12h laziness. Anyway, seeing your run, I'm really satisfied with the way the health bar behaves and makes you behave . SW is some kind of easy-deadman with no need for the stim hunt.
  5. BareSkins Are Sleepwalking

    BareSkin27- D2 [Sleepwalker level 4] I wait dehydrated 2 more hours in the morning to loot the trailer, reward is 1 chocolate bar. Nothing at all in the trailer below, but lost all my warmth on this short trip in cold morning, avoiding the bridge wolf. At noon, heading to the next cabin below, there's a lot of grass at this place and I like it: cooking pot as reward. Qonset is too far with no more clothing than my starting set. I go straight to Jackrabbit in the warmest hour, find a tuke in the fishing hut on the way! I lose 2% to cold, down to 63%. I’ve seen 2 rabbits and heard a third one on my way up here. Immediately go to the toilet: for XO water degustation. It feels so nice The place is warm, AT+1, FL+6, and I find wool socks and a thin wool sweater! That's a good day! Total+7° bonus. More searching… Sewing Kit! I'm blessed! Loot festival ends with peaches, but no matches. After 1h warm up, of course the rabbits disappeared. Except one. After hesitating a lot I harvest its gut only, drop it inside, and the carcass outside. In early night, I transfer to Misanthrope, find a Flare in the in-between fishut. That could make Qonset area feasible, maybe? I snap two more rabbits on the way, and sprint not to lose health to cold. At Misanthrope: MATCHES guys! (I don’t think there’s any girl reading) OMG, matches again in kitchen cabinet, and with good porkandbeans! Am I dreaming? I let my stomach starve to harvest the rabbits. Well, not sure it’s a good idea. In SW1 it is, since the rabbit meat feeds your for more hours than the harvesting takes, but in SW4, 1hr starved must be repayed with 4h fed. I didn’t do the maths, but I decide it’s better staying fed, since the philosophy of SW modes was about removing starvehack and sleep-heal. Cattails it is since my other foods are heatable for tomorrow morning fire, and since I hope to find a can opener tomorrow in the daylight. I take advantage of aurora electric light to sew my jeans. The second pass on loot in the midnight night gives a chocolate bar. The midnight light is actually better than the aurora...
  6. Newbie Survivor Log

    Game4- I shared your disappointment regrading the toolbox utility that actually doesn't have a single tool, and laughed when you discovered you got no matches and no bedroll. You actually had a very nice first Interloper run, I would have sworn you wouldn't make it alive to an indoor place! Game5- Interesting! You're 1m away from a valuable lesson essential to Interloping. I love this thread.
  7. The name is Walker, Sleep Walker

    That's a luxury not every SleepWalker will afford, but yes sleeping "deadman mode" is the best once your happy with your health bar. Nice french by the way, not even a single mistake, which is much better than the average frenchy writing its own language
  8. The name is Walker, Sleep Walker

    Good news for Bored Interlopers You know some english just as everyone know some french, Tour de France is actually quite popular, and tour radical made its way through german-based and latin-based ones, don't you say Tour Operateur even in french, the one that cares about tour-ists??
  9. BareSkins Are Sleepwalking

    Happened to my last Deadman (can read in another topic), he died with losing only 1% to cold... Basically the starts are a bit less hard in SW1 than Interloper (less freezing damage), but it's still brutal. And Mystery Lake does not help on Interloper-like starts. I'd be glad about that, don't hesitate to make short report just like you did here in Sleepwalker thread, I'm sure some of the next start will be more fortunate
  10. BareSkins Are Sleepwalking

    BareSkin27- D1 [Sleepwalker level 4] I know @jeffpeng already slapped this mode, but hey, it's still gonna be a real challenge to me! Let's go! I follow the rules: I take [fire Master] and [Efficient Machine], random spawn. Instantaneous bad memories of the Maintenance Shed go down my spine That’s a new one! A start in Broken Railroad? At least it resembles a lot. Nice weather, warm hours, everything sounds perfect. Except I’ll die wolfed near the Maintenance Shed. Maybe that would be smarter to start in the Muskeg towards ML? Easier yes, but less fun. let’s give BR a try. Oh, I have winds in my face, telling me “Go to the Muskeg, dumbass!”, so I take the first path on the right side and see a river, I'm down a bridge… wait… I scratch my head: Oh, it’s Coastal Highway! I follow the river and grab all cattails, enter the famous Rabbit Groove cabin without cold damage. FL-2 inside, I immediately jump in bed for 1h sleep The next shelter from there is Fishing Camp since the midway cabin is often burnt: too far since my pseudo doesn't begins with a J. I go outside for some snapping sport, but the two rabbits disappeared. I wonder if there’s anything valuable in the 2 locked lockers and answer myself: come on, of course they’re empty, don’t be stupid. Since there’s no rabbit, I take advantage of wind absence to loot more cattails and come back to my place for the night. I start to think the Garage is a guaranteed source of water. I hate going there, but maybe it’s better to do CH clockwise? I transfer in midnight light to the Railroad Trailer, FL+1 there, more than the Cabin, interesting. It then gets to FL-2 without me noticing, did they actually give you a FL bonus when you're spending calories moving? I lose 1% to cold for searching the empty corpse there. It doesn’t change anything to my hydration condition to have searched the trailer, but this part of the map will have been searched by tomorrow morning. At midnight, I wake up after 1h and my dehydration starts. The only thing I can find in the dark is “Leave Trailer”. Can you hear the winds outside? No thanks.
  11. BareSkins Are Sleepwalking

    For the record, stats from retired Bareskin11 - Sleepwalker level 1
  12. getting rid of permadeath fear

    Funny thing is, Bareskin 15 (remember, this DesoPoint-only run?) actually learnt that by being mauled by the very same bear... The place is actually a special configuration, the front of the industrial building is a chokepoint to both wolves and bear, and rabbits in front of the bear den make wolves come for meeting him. Wolves fearing the bear run everywhere, but end up near the bear again and again, or come back chasing more rabbits, etc. The place is actually a full dead end on all sides. Crouching is the ninja stance. It works really well.
  13. Cooking

    I've had a very hard time with that too: either what @DerpyLemon115 said, or open you radial menu (SPACE), go to the food section (right click), LEFT click to piece of food you want to cook. You are now in placement mode, you need to place to piece of food you want to cook on one of the 2 cooking spots available on you campfire/barrel/fireplace/stove, it "snaps" in place and start cooking, except the barrel with which snapping is a little buggy. If you use a pot, place the pot on cooking spot the same way, then click it to access the cookable foods.
  14. getting rid of permadeath fear

    Usually you have a problem making hard choices in real life, because you have no savegames and can't go back. The treatment is playing TLD, a game that puts you in same situation but with no consequences. If you have this problem in a game, I don't think there's a game helping playing game that have permadeath. Well, actually yes, there is Wintermute for that, or Pilgrim. Or a psychiatrist, but that's a bit more expensive. Permadeath is the core beauty of this game, think as if YOU were your survivor, would you really have approached that bear so close?