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  1. BareSkin35- D11 [ Sleepwalker level 8] 3 cured guts, 4 rabbits pelts ready, enough food and water: the morning planning is simple. I needed gloves, so… good news. My actual driving ones give +0.2°C, that’s a net+3.8 bonus. The hat is +2.5° total, since the tuke gave +1 external protection already. But before that, I use the cold morning, AT-28 to grab my steak at dawn and cook them all, after braking a crate for fuel. Grabbing the steaks brought 3 wolves, but they fly away before the bear. I don’t passtime cooking, for fear of being mauled. Of course even before the first steak is finished, snow: it’s gonna be awful soon. Again. Strangely, the fires holds nicely, only 1 steak left uncooked, I start the mitts at 11AM which is perfect timing. The beautiful evening sees a nice steal. 9h sleep are well deserved once the wolf is distracted away. It’s so nice to have too many matches. I made a wolf bark just behind the car.
  2. Funny how everyone read a day 44 deadman death as a bad news... Congrats, I wish I could make 44 days in a deadman, not to mention a Summit included Deadman 12 might be the first of the deadman-style I might play later, I didn't like the stim-hunt aspect.
  3. Now, be extra careful not to drop the shelter below, what 75% condition? You couldn't repair. Cinderella played it safe and stayed over 80%.
  4. BareSkin35- D10 [ Sleepwalker level 8] Today, as every day, the mission is eating. I take advantage of the regular morning blizzard for a nice cold bonus to cook my last rabbit, and some drinks. 3 hours later, my stomach is already red again. Let’s find some deer and wolf somewhere. Crap, the bear’s still hanging around: no wolves. But a deer shows its majesty behind the river to the barn. I grab stones and a fresh gut. Item #1 Item #2 The encounter is nicely organized despite a fall, but of course my 60% fire fails 6 F*µ£! TIMES. I pay the stealing with 8% hypothermia, and since it smells blizzard and I’m very low on fuel, and don’t proceed to the carcass yet. Let’s just hope the weather calms down in the afternoon. Now that I’m starved, I brake a chair and get my tempbar full again. I sleep 4h to heal a sprain and wait for the blizzard to end, at around 7PM I go get my well deserved loot. I patiently hacksaw all the meat, but don’t eat until I’m finished, even if I cook 2 steaks. Total 8.3kg raw meat. I also take the pelt, which I’ll be able to transport uncured. I finish the pelt near a killed fire, new blizzard (can you believe? two in a row?). 9th blizzard in 9days. Easy stat. I find a bed in the dark thanks to the windows lights. I lost 18% health today. But I’m not dead. Yet.
  5. I'd rather get naked in the Dam than full stuff in Hushed River Valley Ice Cave
  6. Yes, that's totally it. The temperatures tho, are the same. It's just your warmth bar depleting faster. There's a slight difference.
  7. BareSkin35- D9 [ Sleepwalker level 8] Wake up fully rested around 5AM, harvest the rabbit carcass for pelt. Too cold outside to do anything, FL-29. I repair the leather shoes to 66%, and the second loot check gives me a nice flare. I’m starving, but patience is better than panicked death. I wait for noon, stomach empty. I pre-light my torch and, leave the place towards the hilltop cave guided by crows. Howling is a good indication that there’s no bear. On site, I even get a free rabbit. The weather holds, which is nice. Man, does it feel good There’s still 2h fire time when it gets killed mid-afternoon, once I took the deer pelt. I’m out of fuel. The nearby cave gives crackers and a book. The 2 guts are lost, but it doesn’t matter, I wouldn’t have spent the calories for them anyway. Nothing at the blind except tons of reishis, and another rabbit I snap and carry on my. I push a deer in front of me me walking back against the winds towards the farmstead, under warmup bonus. Using all the shielding and running I can, I make it to the farmstead without losing 1 pixel of health. But I definitely need a kill steal very soon. The new rabbit will only push me until next morning, at best. Stealing will not be for tonight anyway, the bear is here looking at me. Nice timing The Treasure I spend the calories for the 2 last rabbits pelts that make it 7 (mitts+hat). And the 2 guts also, cause anyway I’m gonna starve soon so I prefer to start their curing right away and synchronize them with the third deer pelt (5days). I go to sleep with smelling gut near my bed cause I didn’t want to find the stairs in the dark. It might be the smell of my last victory before long.
  8. Oh, here's you're first bugged-bear death. Welcome to the club! Died there once, harvesting a deer carcass, then suddenly the bear appeared from nowhere (underground?) and charged me. Long story short, he did die, and I did survive, cause I was nearby a fire and the attracted wolf flew away. That's already a huge success to have survived the first part of a sleepwalker run.😃 Should you try another one later, I'm pretty sure I'll have to make a diploma soon enough!
  9. I found only recently that a bear was possible there. I was so innocently quartering till that day...
  10. Picture yourself in the pleasant Farmstead porch, munching on cattails, while looking at a blizzard that never ends, and TLD plays this:
  11. And my ❤️ goes FL>0 ! thanks for taking the time to log in and comment. BareSkin35- D8 [ Sleepwalker level 8] My last torch brings me safely to the waterfall, no hyporisk despite 3 attempts at fire. After snapping 2 rabbits, dilemma: Am I stupid enough to go back to the farmstead with the smellies? The moonlight gives perfect visibility and no winds: I’ll try my luck. At worse I’ll drop them on my way and come back later. Of course there is already no meat on it anymore, I promptly sawed, cooked and eat it right away. "Very high" calorie intake of SW8/deadman is really something. I get very nice 42% torches before leaving under mushroom influence. I follow the river bed, exchanging situational awareness for wind protection. This is not my usual style, it feels strange. But health is too precious, I’ll gladly exchange a rabbit to avoid the least bit of hyporisk. Back at the farmstead, I close the door and think this match has been nicely spent, and it makes me very glad. I immediately harvest the 4 pelts and 2 guts before going to sleep a bit inside in dawn light. Hacksaw for the guts, barehands for the pelts. Since I already have a Tuke, have 4 rabbits pelts instead of 3 is nice: I still have no gloves. It’s been a productive night. I’ll sleep 6h until warm afternoon, the goal will be to… eat, obviously, like usual in sleepwalker mode. Surprise surprise, the weather is awful again. Pleasant Valley. The winds die later, I head toward the Tower. My plan was Rural today, but the winds come from there and it’s a very loooong way. I find a dead rabbit near the waterfall, I must have dropped it before because of hearing footprints. I lose the well fed buff 9 minutes before finishing its cooking. This buff isn’t of any importance anyway, except for a reminder of “you’re beginning to lose your precious health”. My food is over, my fuel too. Howling while walking climbing o the Tower with my smelly carcass. They wait for me. Arriving at the tower, I really hope for nice clothes, mainly boots and pants you usually find there. The carcass is not here (is there any carcass spot anyway or am I daydreaming?), I’m disappointed and very hungry. The loot is meh: driving gloves, the static coffee, wool socks, white sardines and tomatoes, yellow dog food, no bread in the toaster, sewing kit. No pants, no boots, no coat, crap! I shout all my anger to the walls. New dilemma: do I sleep starved or try the sardines? On the 20% dog food, it’s written “Better than starving. Probably”. Not sure about that. But I have lots of reishis, I’m already exhausted and next to a bed anyway. The alternative is to push to the nearby cave where I could find a carcass, but I’m already so exhausted… and of course a blizzard kicks in as I wonder about my life choices. I eat all the food I have, strangely not get poisoned, so no reishi before sleeping. 1133 calories left. Glad I had a can opener.
  12. True, positive FL is so rare I can't remember the last time it happened to me. Congratz on your Keg Stand btw, very impressive!
  13. Deadman has all the other nasty effects, for example the worst settings for weather (more blizzards, more often, etc) and wolves (more numerous, more agressive?) For difference between level 0 to level 8, it's about the needs, I refer you to the same post I mentioned before, and which is also linked in all entries of this journal, in the day title. If you felt sleepwalker temperatures to be easier than loper, maybe it's just before you're getting better? It's the same as Loper.
  14. Come'on, air is not that heavy. Sorry for my physicist 2 cents, I couldn't resist! I agree drinking snow is stupid unwise from a warmth POV, but basically you end up there because of dehydration, and that solves the dehydration problem. Creating a bigger one, granted, but still. As a ski instructor (been there myself), when pupils 'eat snow', it's still a bit funny, right?
  15. Good thing for your health you didn't end up reading the first Bareskins' ! Eery one needs a good sleep! I'm not criticizing, I did the same when discovering the Snowball. I still remember that day, gladly TLD is niche, my workplace firewall let me have a very unproductive day. Anyway, thanks for the praise and interaction, really. It's oftentimes a bit of loneliness reporting the journals for 'nobody'. Here's the next episode, as a reward! Be careful - she's sharp! I sometimes like it rough... Feeling alive does not come cheap these days. BareSkin35- D6 [ Sleepwalker level 8] Mid-morning, after a nice 12h rest, I head outside to finish the deer (guts+pelt). It’s too windy, so I harvest the rabbit guts before the weather calms down. The bear is on patrol, I’m cautious to start my job when he shows me its butt. Typical Pleasant Valley Afternoon FL-9, I go to the waterfall for a third rabbit pelt, and under the rope for one more deer skin. Only half a kilo on the deer, disappointed. Missed all the rabbits except one I immediately dropped for security but couldn't find back. Too exhausted to look for it more, and I hate backpedaling. The path is clear on my way back in aurora sounds. Buddy Bear still here. Didn't turn green yet. I repair my wool socks under electric light. For the fun of it, mainly. BareSkin35- D7 [ Sleepwalker level 8] Today’s mission is to get one more rabbit pelt near the waterfall, and optionally some sticks. I eat my last canned food, it’s gonna be another problem soon, only 10 cattails left (from the waterfall). I craft a snare with the cured gut I found. Having a snare can be a life saver, plus I have the 6 others guts needed for mitts+boots. Mid-afternoon weather is horrible (as usual), nothing much I can do except slowly starving. 5 stalks and 30% stomach left. 6 blizzards in 7 days… Read a bit of Wilderness Kitchen in the Farmstead porch before going to sleep… or not! At 11 PM the winds die, the light is quite nice, I go chase my next rabbit pelts in FL-15 moonlight, since I spent the day doing nothing I still have a lot of “awakeness”. It's cold enough to make me decide to spend a match immediately, just for the warmth it provides. Lost this habit with previous update since it was bugged. At midnight the weather clears up even more, the rabbits have absolutely no chance and join me in my survival adventures.