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  1. Cinderella Challenge

    BareSkin32- D30 [Cinderella ] - Spent the whole day crafting the bedroll, I finish it just before daylight goes off - I try to keep my stomach full, in preparation. Butterflies in my belly, I meet Prince Charming tonight. - Transfer near the mine entrance around, 8PM, light up a fire, eat and drink full - To make sure I convince Prince Charming to join me in the bearskin bedroll, I get naked and start waiting for him, sleeping 1h chunks until midnight - Bearskin Bedroll, Midnight moon, a nice hot fire under snowflakes, everything is perfect for this romantic Voyageurs rendez-vous. Barry White comes in my head. Let the music play... - I even prepare 2 teas, I'll have the mushroom one and he'll have the rose hips one. Because we don't like gender stereotypes. The perfect romantic setup. Who knows, maybe we're even Feb 14th? -Just before midnight, I hear footsteps crunching the snow. I hide my shoulders in my fresh bedroll that still smells quite a bit, but at least it covers my own scent. -We smile to each other, he has nearly no equipment, said it's been stolen from him last night. Walking in the dark night, he got frozen. -I invite him to take his frozen clothes off and warm near my fire draped in the cloth bedroll. After few moments he's warm again, we speak a bit. - At midnight the winds turn and fire is killed to embers. - @Raph+DevTeam *blink* *blink* *blink* I light my crafted candle the last Survival update has given me {1 can+ 30cL fat/oil + 1 cloth/curedgut, workbench} and bring the fire inside - We’re forced to enter the Mine naked in a hurry, he helps me drag the heavy bedroll inside the mine - We get to know each other a bit closer and as they say, what happens in the bedroll stays in the bedroll - Our meeting gets a bit messy, and my candle gets spilled on the floor, the flame of course dies. - Few moments later, Prince needs some privacy for natural needs, he exits the mine and I laugh imagining him freezing outside. Assbite might no be far. - I hear metallic sounds from the door. - I realize only after a few minutes of him non getting back, that I have been locked into the mine from the outside. This bastard just took literally everything from me, except my smelly bedroll and an now-empty can. - I also realize that 30 days before, it would have made me cry. Tonight, no. I changed my mind about Human Nature since I'm a survivor. - I lock this door from the inside. At least this b4st4rd will die in Desolation Point. - Justice passed, it's now time for plans. I'll survive.
  2. DLCs Wanted! Forget the whiners!

    That's actually the first time I wish I could downvote someone. I wouldn't even be surprised if you didn't get why. Of course we all want more content. I personally prefer Survival too. I also personally think I didn't give Hinterland enough money for the time I played this game. But I prefer the studio to focus on finishing Wintermute asap, this way we'll get rid of this whole fight Story vs Survival. DLCs are not the only way the studio could take a bit more of our money. And while the way you put your arguments forward makes you shine by your lack of tolerance, my statements don't make me a whiner.
  3. Wouldn't that make no sense? I don't think so, the Windbraker is one of the best items I like to find, cause it's so light. You very rarely end up being in a no-wind situation, especially in late Loper weather.
  4. Cinderella Challenge

    Since there is no living deer nearby, you could here it without any doubt before being in any danger range. It seems that the baseline temperatures is divided into 2 chunks of 12h, I often see disruption (lack of continuity) around noon. The mornings see a lot of variations, while afternoon seems pretty much always the same.
  5. Mystery Lake Caches Side quest

    For any other people having thisbug, since it seems it's not been resolved, total 6 notes/caches to find: Take the note or the cache will not appear, you have to have them in your Journal Items. FM tree root:
  6. Diary of a Stumbling Idiot

    It's gonna happen all the same on Voyageur to be honest, but I still think it's a balanced game for improving and getting good gameplay. But if you want to try Stalker or Interloper, don't refrain yourself
  7. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #23

    I agree 100% on this. The backers made the game exist, and they asked for story-mode, whatever happened after that, Wintermute is the first deal between players and Hinterland. I'm myself new to the game (6 months) and I prefer Survival, but a deal is a deal, and a studio's word is priceless.
  8. Blizzards will drop the temperatures quite a severe manner. If you go sleep with barely positive Feels Like, be careful and sleep only in 1h chunks. Interloper does not wake you up if you freezing. Never. You just die. It's actually zero. Any hour spent with a missing need will make your health drop (-1% for starvation and exhaustion, -2% for thrist, -20% freezing). See where I go? 2h spent sleeping while freezing, it's -40% health, dead !
  9. Diary of a Stumbling Idiot

    If you don't have good map knowledge yet, remember to take charcoal in dead campfires/stoves and use the mapping function . In your shoes I would have started a Voyageur game, it's still very doable and you learn the mechanics well.
  10. Cinderella Challenge

    BareSkin32- D29 [Cinderella ] - Only two days before the big night! I hope it’s gonna be as sweet as in a Disney. - On my way to the Church, I have no father. But I meet a moose. I’ll have to go there via the mine. - Never seen this Moose before, no wonder he’s killed @tulkawen before, he chose the only chokepoint of the map, the Bridge. - Bear near the mine, it’s big-game-day today… -It’s actually respawn day, since I find 5 coals that weren’t here yesterday evening -4 rabbits on 6 snares, I replace the 4 snares but I know I’ll probably never see them again - harvesting 1kg rabbit barehands takes 15min (+56calories) with harvest5: I can pull 2 rabbit for every complete cycle of watermaking - Begin crafting the bedroll - temperature science during the day while sharpening knife It seems that Voyageur actually doesn't drop the temperatures over time that much. In Interloper, that's brutal. Seems there's a baseline, modified with "cold morning" option. There's also a "blizzard" modifier (this -24°C right in the afternoon) - The snow shelter option seems like an always-possible solution in Voyageur, just need to sleep in the afternoons, and away from patrolled paths. - Since the last Milton Dispatch, I pronounce Voyageur correctly, with my very nice french accent - I remove all my clothes, for mental training. And for washing a bit before the big day, it's been 28days I didn't wash. - craft and cook some tea, I leave it near the fire for night 30 to brake the ice with my lover. - Cook rabbit in the evening for tomorrow's romantic dinner - When I can't craft the bedroll anymore, I go for my last lonely night
  11. Cinderella Challenge

    I think there is another mechanism in place for you, i.e. resource exhaustion for a given map. I should not have this problem *fingers crossed*. BareSkin32- D28 [Cinderella ] - Next morning: 3 rabbits for 6 snares since last morning. - Efficiency is enough to maintain a Cinderella in OIC if all snaring spots are created equal - The 3 rabbits, as expected, give me Harvest5 - Around noon, last travel to Hibernia for taking some tea to warmup before Prince Charming meetup - I take the reishis, and the wolf pelt. Yes, the one who killed my lil'bro Bareskin27. I’ll put my skinny ass on it while waiting for midnight. - Can’t believe I leave so many matches and some much food. - Can’t believe I’m actually repairing clothes just for practising Mending - I tear down 2 thin wool sweaters, and 2 military coats, crying on them. - Eat some canned food before my last big sleep-heal back to 100% health.
  12. Cinderella Challenge

    Not at all, but it'll become craftable only just before I have to leave, the second bear hide isn't cured yet. But don't worry, I did the maths, and it's gonna be ready for when I leave. The last problems is finding a good snares spot in OIC, cause I can live only so many days on deer carcasses.
  13. Cinderella Challenge

    BareSkin32- D26 [Cinderella ] - Next morning , 6AM, I go check the snares: nothing - Back in the nearby mine, I brake crates for 2h, go check snares: 3 rabbits. (~3.5kg meat) - I’ll need 2kg/day minimum after meeting Prince Charming. - It seems there’s a 12h minimum time check on the snares since I put them here yesterday at nightfall - Efficiency today is 50% (6 snares) - I’m back from a test run on OIC (to find snares spot), I do want harvest 5 before going with Cinderella to be able to harvest 100% frozen carcasses, It’s important for the first days there. - I for once cook the rabbit pieces, to fight boredom - Now I’m waiting day 30 while collecting some science on snares efficiency - 2 coals have respawned since day 23, that’s still around 1/day. - Comparing with previous Harvesting screenshot, I estimate reaching Harvest 5 after 5 more rabbits fully harvested, it should be OK before day 30 - I run in the cave to build enough Fatigue to go to tomorrow morning. My new waiting place: mine entrance near the Church BareSkin32- D27 [Cinderella ] - Next morning 5 AM: 4 rabbits in 6 snares, that’s great. - Grab them back for harvesting. Maybe 3 more rabbits needed. - I shoot wolves to fight boredom and protect my deer friend. I’m so bad with a rifle I barely even manage to scare them.
  14. Cinderella Challenge

    Let's survive until day 32 first
  15. Bjorn the Berserker

    Very high chance, as CF will spawn at day 50. But crafting takes time in such conditions.