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  1. The name is Walker, Sleep Walker

    Depends on what difficulty. On Voyageur or Stalker there are going to be more gun books (but there will also be actual guns for you to fire at woodland creatures, so just reading about shooting without doing it is kind of a silly exercise). On Interloper I know I have found two copies of Guns, Guns Guns! along with the typical 3-4 copies of the Frontier Shooting Guide. I don't know how many points per level it takes, but that is enough for 40 or so points worth of Firearms skills.
  2. Bear Spear (hype?)

    Hah, you're probably right that I won't get an answer about Interloper availability. I do hope that it is a craftable item rather than something you find, either way. 1.5 to 2 kg seems a little light for something so useful. That's lighter than a heavy duty shovel, which I wouldn't trust to stop a bear ;).
  3. Bear Spear (hype?)

    But will it be available in Interloper?
  4. Bear Spear (hype?)

    Right now if you're a sneaky bugger you can shoot a bear without any risk of losing arrowheads using this one simple trick: 1) Shoot bunnies until your arrow is about to break 2) Shoot the bear with your almost-broken arrow from a spot the bear can't get to - the arrow will bounce off but still bleed the bear 3) Go inside, make some coffee, read a book, patch up your gear 4) Go find a frozen bear somewhere and your arrow sitting where you shot the bear.
  5. Bear Spear (hype?)

    Did Hinterland actually say that the Bear Spear is in the December update? Usually Hinterland saves shiny new stuff for story mode and only puts it in Sandbox later.
  6. Bear Spear (hype?)

    I could be wrong - maybe the Old Bear hunt part of Episode 2 is the same as before and the spear is for Episode 3. I just hope the spear is in Interloper so I don't lose as many arrowheads killing bears!
  7. Bear Spear (hype?)

    My guess: Same mechanic as the rifle in the Old Bear hunt. Click to brace the spear at the right moment as the Old Bear charges you. If it works, he gets injured and runs, if not he mauls you. No more mountain goating to a safe spot on the rocks and sniping the bear like a coward .
  8. hopes for next update

    I think it would be neat if the owl was just something that existed in the world. Not everything has to be a threat or prey.
  9. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #17

    I'm not sure if this is the right spot, but here's my biggest gripe with TLD (that could be fixed and isn't a creative decision by Hinterland): If I have a burning torch in my hand, that's what I want to use to start a fire! Why should I have to click through to find my torch amongst my other fire starting options?
  10. Dev Diary - November 2018

    With early access (even with a good studio like Hinterland) - you have to buy the game assuming that you're buying the finished project. I bought TLD when it was just Mystery Lake - and I feel like I got my money's worth of stumbling around in the cold and getting mauled by Fluffy. It was worth the $15 or whatever. All the content since then is a bonus IMO. Disappointment is the rule not the exception with early access titles...
  11. Thatch, the Timberwolf Sasquatch

    I'm pretty sure you won The Long Dark - what a ride.
  12. Let's try Deadman

    It occurs to me that blizzards are wolf-free zones - I leave without a full temperature bar after an hour sleep - I take 3% damage, leaving me with 95%, on the way to the mine. I search the mine and find a hacksaw and 50 coals. The hacksaw in the mine means there's no bedroll for me in Desolation point. However, I guess I can still sleep at Hibernia while I forge... I haul my coal down to the trailer. Dinner is deer meat. I sleep in the trailer and am starving by morning. I backtrack to the fishing camp to get the deer carcass and cattails there. The weather turns and I get down to 93% by the time I reach the camp - I take a quick nap in one of the huts and assess the situation. The blizzard lasts unusually long for Deadman mode. I am completely out of calories - no tea, no soda, no food. I decide to go for the stream cattails. I manage to grab some cattails and start a warming fire behind a rock without losing too much condition. When the blizzard stops, I make my way up the stream and completely harvest all the cattails. There was less than 25 in total. I decide to cut across to the trailer by the bend in the road heading down from the train tracks. I set a world record for defensive fires when a wolf jumps me from behind a tree. An almost-blizzard rolls in and I start to freeze. A random wrist/ankle sprain strikes. I make it to the trailer freezing and limping - and a wolf just barely gets me as I go through the door. No bleed, no infection risk. I go to sleep after applying the stim I found in the mine. I wake with 71%. I gather a bunny and some mushrooms by the hut, and return to the fishing huts carrying 1.2 kg of rabbit meat. I warm up in one of the cabins and head out to go harvest the deer. I discover that it isn't a deer and is a person. Crap. I can't stay here as long as I thought I could. I make a fire, make teas, cook the bunny and head out for Pleasant Valley. A blizzard starts. I have no choice - I have to keep going - but I make the mine without getting hypothermic. I light a torch in the mine and pause at the PV end to heat up teas and get all the way warmed up. I mountain goat to the town in a blizzard. My warm teas save me from cold. The town (all of it) yields a hoodie, a beef jerky, matches, 2 liters of toilet water, coffee and a granola bar. I sleep for 6 hours - filling my bar just over halfway and shove all the calories into my mouth. I don't want to waste coffees just for the calories, but I might have to. There is no future anyway. My goal is TWM. I won't have a bedroll, but I've got lots of cloth for shelters. I've got 70% condition and am starving.
  13. Let's try Deadman

    DEADMAN A starts by the plane crash in Milton at midday on a sunny day. Things are looking OK - the weather is nice - but the wolf has his due. DEADMAN B starts at 4am near the log bridge in Forlorn Muskeg. He sets off towards the Spence farm, and dies from falling trying to avoid a wolf. DEADMAN C starts on a bright, cold day at noon on the railroad leading to the ravine in Coastal Highway. He barely makes it to the hut by bear creek before his temp bar runs out. He got 2 cattails. He finds 2 hours sleep and some decent fleece mittens in the hut, then sets out again. He makes the fishing huts with 98% condition - the weather turns, and he was greedy for cattails. The huts yield 2 hours of sleep, a soda, beef jerky and a sewing kit. I don't take any cloth. There's time for that later. Three deer are kindly showing me a safe path to Jackrabbit island. I find peaches and tomato soup and take four cloth for clothing repairs. I take the all-important toilet water and sleep an hour to warm back up. It is late evening and time for travel. Misanthropes yields a treasure trove: 2 trail boots, wool socks, a new plaid shirt, and of course toilet water. I sleep an hour and move out in the late evening for the coastal town. I get to the first house as the aurora starts. Still can't see inside very well, but I get some toilet water and socks and leave happy. A wolf barks and starts to charge on the way to Quonset - I barely make it in. Quonset yields a hacksaw, a recycled can and a cookbook. This means the hammer is in CH - dare I try and forge this early? I am kicking myself for not checking the fishing hut where the hammer could potentially be. I try a few times to leave the Quonset but the wolves don't approve. Instead, I sleep until my bar is full. I depart in a blizzard and search the last house - new wool socks, crackers, peaches, water. I fix my jeans and my other wool socks, and, ever the optimist, craft some bandages to go with some antiseptic I found earlier. I almost need the bandages - the only thing that saves me from the wolf is the ominous music - but I make it up the hill to a trailer, where I find a very nice wool scarf. I sleep 2 hours in the trailer to warm up and eat the last of my crackers. I have 2 sodas left before I have to start breaking into cans without a can opener. The weather is beautiful on the way to the forestry outlook - at times I am even warm. The outlook is guarded by a deer. I find matches (!) and a cotton scarf go to with my wool one. A blizzard rolls in and I take a nap.
  14. Newbie Survivor Log

    This is excellent - keep it up! Before long you'll be saying "Interloper is boring, what if I restrict myself to Timberwolf Mountain?"
  15. Thatch, the Timberwolf Sasquatch

    This is a fair point. I guess the idea is that you earn the feats on lower difficulties and then use them as crutches on higher ones.