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  1. Very nice. I'm always reluctant to break down the furniture in places like Trappers or Mountaineers Hut because "Sure, someday I'll build a cool stash here", but I never actually do so.
  2. I think the idea is that a lot of Great Bear was abandoned long before the Geomagnetic Storm. So a lot of stuff would have been stolen or is useless because it is so old.
  3. They lose 10% condition when you burn food or boil off the liquid inside them. It is a neat feature despite almost zero actual gameplay impact.
  4. Yeah it is a bit of janky design by Hinterland. IMO you should get an aurora every night during this phase.
  5. After the first night the Aurora acts normally - meaning you have to wait for it. I shot a deer and had a cookout with Methuselah at his perma fire for three days before I got in in my game.
  6. Okay, first of all I know games companies stay in business by making games people like, not the most hardcore 5% of their fans. I played through Episode 1 last night and Episode 2 this morning and had a blast - aside from some minor glitches it was one of the most fun single player story driven experiences I've had in years. However, even on the Hardened Survivor difficulty setting, at no point (except maybe the bear fight at the end) did I ever feel remotely in danger. I get it that I have played more than my share of TLD and the main point of story mode was that it is interesting to play, but allow me to recount my experiences with a part of Episode Two as I played them the first time vs. the second time. I'm talking about the quest where you have to go to Broken Railroad to repair the bearkiller rifle / obtain the spear. When I first did this, even surviving 20 days on Voyageur felt like an accomplishment for me. My journey was a bloody, cold, supply poor and wolfy slog, where, arriving at the Maintenance Shed near death, I recovered for a day or so until scarcity pushed me out the door to the Hunting Lodge, where after getting wolfed AGAIN on my way, I made it there to recuperate before a similarly challenging return trip featuring a desperate pre-dawn departure from the Poacher's camp - I was out of fuel. This time around, I dropped part of my massive supply of food so I could carry some emergency fuel in case I got stuck at Poacher's. I walked all the way from Trappers at first light to the Maintenance Shed, barely stopping to muse at the vast coal reserves of the Poacher's camp, sipping a few coffees to keep my stamina up. Then I dropped more food and fuel at the Hunting Lodge so I could carry the spear at a reasonable pace, and again, after spending the rest of the day at the Maintenance Yard messing around, I walked back in one day. Maybe in a few months when the story will feel 'fresher' I will play Episode 2 again with a 'no manmade food' rule. But as fun as the story was, I felt invincible the entire time except for during the fights with the bear.
  7. I was holding the bear spear, which for obvious reasons I got back.
  8. Hmm - I know I ended up with my rifle and all my important tools..
  9. Episode 3 Spoiler: It's not a fire poker, it's the Rabbit Spear, needed in Episode 3 when you have to survive attacks by a demon rabbit while hunting for parts for a telephone.
  10. My #1 bug I've found is that if you throw a rock near the church in Milton, you can't interact with the left mouse button until you reload the game (I have reported this to Hinterland already).
  11. RVL said a while back that he wanted to add a choice into the game about whether to use morphine on Jeremiah to get his mood up faster at the expense of him being angry at you later, but that would have pushed the game's rating up. Obviously a generic "don't abuse painkillers, kids" statement is fine :).
  12. Presumably they were tough old vacuum tube based gear.
  13. In addition to my theory that Hobbs would die shortly after you pulled out the knife anyway, I can totally see why Hobbs tried to goad Will into killing him - he's got a bad knife wound and there are no doctors and the world just ended - he's screwed.
  14. I was seriously disappointed with Episode 1 and 2 on their first release (I didn't care, survival mode is my game anyway!), but although I have mostly soured on single-player narrative driven games (either not worth my time, too little value for money, or both), Hinterland killed it with this one. Obviously Hinterland is not an AAA studio yet - there was lots of little details that annoyed me, like Gray Mother's hands clipping through her rifle to an absurd degree) and I felt that the story mode deserved a 4th difficulty mode that is actually challenging. For instance I would have been liked to be forced to shoot a few deer if I wanted to be able to keep that Well Fed buff on the whole game, and I'm pretty sure the only time, except maybe at the start, when I took cold damage was when I walked from Trapper's to Maintenance Yard in one day with nothing but a couple cold coffees and some crackers to keep body and soul together.
  15. Here's who Methuselah is (spoilers): He's Gandalf, Odin, Deckard Cain, Merlin, Abraham (Old Testament) and so on and so forth. He's a nice enough implementation of the 'wise old wanderer' archetype, and although I look forward to meeting him again in Episode 3, I doubt we'll get more than cryptic hints at his backstory which pique our imaginations more than resolve our curiosity.