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  1. Boite à idée

    Au moins mes notes sont meilleures
  2. Boite à idée

    On s'est rendu dans un argument sur le forum de "Milton Mailbag" (Il a enleve notre conversation ca fait quelques mois deja) parceque j'etais fache du fait que lui, ainsi que son studio, prennent leur temps avec le Long Dark et qu'ils devraient admettre leur erreurs, meme s'il nous dit toujours que son equipe fait du travail "jour et nuit". Bref, je l'ai repondu le plus calme possible, il m'a accuse de l'avoir attaquer sur Reddit et les forums Steam, et m'a dit que mon "toxicite n'etait pas necessaire sur ce site". Alors, le compte admin m' a dit que si je voulais continuer de participer au site, je devrais ne plus critiquer le studio, ni parler de leur travail sur le Long Dark. Je leur ai dit de se foutre- je me suis fait sortir immediatement apres J'avais mis plus de 400 heures en jouant le jeux. En generale, je jouais beacoup les jeux videos et mes notes d'ecoles etaient atroces, alors j'ai decider de prendre controle de ma vie et alors j'ai quitter les jeux videos. La seule raison que je continue d'etre sur le forums c'est a cause que je n'ai pas de metier et alors je n'ai rien a faire
  3. Milton Mailbag-- Dispatch #18

    I recall maybe 1-2 years ago (August 2017), many months after the UI was changed with Faithful Cartographer, that you stood up all tall and mighty on these forums saying that the UI should be reverted back to the way it was before. I remember many people, including myself, giving you s**t because you couldn't accept the fact that the UI change was a FINAL DECISION.... You just never give up, don't you ?
  4. Boite à idée

    J'avais un ancient compte sur ce site datant de 2016, et je participais a presque chaque jour. Malheuresement, quand Raph, le developeur principale du jeux, ne t'aime pas, il force les moderateurs a te bloquer. Bref, je n'ai meme plus un compte de Steam, alors je ne joue plus le Long Dark. Je ne sais meme pas pouquoi j'ai creer un nouveau compte et que je suis encore ici
  5. Boite à idée

    Je suis Canadien francais, mais j'utilise un clavier anglais. Considerant que je suis sur l'internet, une belle ortographe ne vaut pas la peine
  6. Boite à idée

    Lol malheuresement cette section du forum est pratiquement mort a ce point ci La plupart des joueurs francais font 4-5 commentaires avant de quitter le site et de ne jamais revenir
  7. Dev Diary - November 2018

    Ironic, considering how aggressive you are when disagreeing with other members of this community and on the Steam forums I am happy with the spoilers shown on Raph's Twitter feed of the new UI and what seems to be new material for survival mode in this dev diary. However, the development of Story Mode has simply been a disaster since the Kickstarter was finished: simply waiting, and saying that "I am being patient because I know the game will be great" is just wishful confidence in a product that had tripped its customers every step of the way. And yet it has nothing to do with how "honest" they may have been: they have been taking a massive amount of time developing story mode and after months of waiting, they say that they want to add "something new" and again we wait 1 more year. It's frankly become a joke in and of itself. I bought this game back in 2016, when I was midway through highschool. By the time this game is finished, I would have finished my CEGEP, gotten a bachelors degree from University, and had a couple of years on my first job. The amount of delay taking to finish Story Mode is simply nonsense
  8. Your Hopes For The Long Dark

    There are a lot of different companies out there that have great relations with customers, the one I am thinking of in particular being Paradox Studios. Still, your point about them being "unique" by taking consideration of players is highly debatable....
  9. I know that this a very awkward post to put here on these forums, but I felt that I needed to share my experience: After having put over 400 hours into the Long Dark, and many more hours into other games in my Steam Library, I started to have the feeling of repetition- I do not know if I have some kind of mental issues, but I would play a game for an hour, grow tired of it because I had played it before, and then move on and play another game for another hour. I simply was going around in circles, playing the same games over and over again while waiting for DLC or expansions to release; the Long Dark was probably the worst culprit of all, considering how slow updates have been for the last year and how Story Mode episodes are being delayed again and again . As this process repeated itself during the past year, I grew to realize that everything is simply code: every game element, every object, and every action you can take in a game is simply dictated by a line of code. Every cool action I did or mini easter egg I discovered has all been pre-programmed- when I realized this, I started having less enthusiasm for the games that I played. Last year was also a time when I was at school and my grades plummeted; I did not pass a single class during the Fall semester due to skipping class and playing games, and was therefore expelled. Simply put my life was going poorly, and I decided to change for the better. Looking at the main culprit, video games, I began to check how long I could last without playing. I would stop for 2-3 weeks before relapsing again- I do not have a lot of friends, and so my willingness to occupy my time was taken over by wanting to play again. This lasted throughout the summer, but as I started school again full-time this Fall, I finally took up the courage to delete my Steam account- I am finally proud to say that it is the past, and I no longer play any kind of video game. My grades are skyrocketing compared to when I was last at school full-time, I am taking better care of myself physically and mentally, as well as having the courage to finally be with a beautiful girl I love (I used to be a complete screwup with girls during my teenage years). All of this simply because playing 400 hours of the Long Dark taught me how much of my early life I wasted. Playing different games while waiting for content to release wasn't healthy for me, and so I neglected my school work and neglected myself. I still have a lot to work on, but quitting video games has been the first major step in making myself a better person; although video games are a great way to entertain when there is nothing else, life is too short to waste
  10. It is possible that they simply did not ask- heck I'm pretty sure other news outlets such as CNN use content without asking permission
  11. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    With HRV being a region totally devoid of human shelter, have you thought of taking this 1 step further and implementing more survival tools that would make the player rely less on human-made buildings (perhaps tents)? In regions such as Pleasant Valley for example, the Barn and Farmhouse are both very centralized on the map, and so it is kinda useless to build a snow shelter when you could easily just walk back to the farm after you hunt and score a kill The problem with snow shelters is that they are built with sticks and cloth- making shelters out of any other kind of resource is impossible
  12. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    Was Hushed River Valley a 1 time testing of a fully nature map? Would you like to try a similar kind of map again in the future, or would you like to continue with maps with lots of human shelters, such as Mountain Town? Perhaps a balance of the two?
  13. @Stray Wolf what’s up with that many fountain icons? Why not just put 1 instead of putting a dozen next to each other?
  14. Celebrating Fans and Friends

    I'm sure that as the game grows you'll decide to add more 'video stories'
  15. Hold to Crouch

    Crouching is slow enough as it is, and is used on the occasion that you have to go under something, or just simply trying to sneak up to an animal before you shoot it. Crouching is meant for a few seconds of careful movement: by making crouching "toggle", you can abuse it and you use to get out of tricky situations with animals If you aim correctly, you wouldn't need to shoot twice