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  1. The Long Dark Poem

    Sad, beautiful and true... Good luck on your way to 500!
  2. One little thing regarding light levels inside of houses I (think) I noticed, is that it gets slightly brighter after I rip up curtains. Has anyone else experienced this? In caves I find it varies from cave to cave – some have plenty brightness, but others are complete blackout.
  3. Fishing Huts (Which One is the best ?)

    The Coho salmon is typically the largest (i.e. richest in calories) and you can only catch them in the salt water of Coastal Highway. Note however that the other fish you can get there is the trout which has the worst stats... You'll have to give and take I guess...
  4. Angry "support" won't answer

    Hinterlad is NOT a big company with a huge staff, so I'm guessing they don't have employees dedicated to responding to all inquiries. But in my experience they read all the support posts and act on them as soon as they can. It can be hard, but you just have to be patient. I think all in all they're good at fixing bugs... As for your issues: 1. You learn how to craft things after finishing side quests (like catching a rabbit in a snare) and finding "quest books" (the books that don't weigh anything). 2. I didn't have this problem, but I've seen a few people have... Hopefully they're working on it. 3. Sorry, can't help you... Just make sure you're being polite when reporting bugs or technical issues They're doing the best that they can!
  5. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    This might very well be a kind of question you don't want to answer, but here goes: In "The Hunted Challenge pt.1" – does the bear spawn and respawn, or does it actually follow you around (except from area transitions)?
  6. Mystery Lake Supply Caches side quest

    @hozz1235 I already found it (can't believe I missed it!) but thanks anyway!
  7. More snow shelter build options

    You can indeed sleep in them without a bedroll, and they give a warmth bonus of 15ºC (≈60ºF).
  8. Mystery Lake Supply Caches side quest

    I'm not 100% sure, but I think you'll find the note in
  9. in mystery lake any whetstone to find?

    I found one on top of the workbench in the second room in the Carter Dam building. Altogether I found three of them; all of them on top of crafting tables and all of them on the second pass – for some reason I have a blind spot for them...
  10. Survival books, Episode 2 End

    I'm confused by the very same thing. I guess I'll just move on...
  11. climbing rope is too necessary?

    Sounds like you'll have to take the long way around the muskeg... (I'd choose the southern shore) Guess I was lucky not to encounter the bear except for the scripted parts. One small tip: make sure you're in good health before returning to Jeremiah with the radio parts...
  12. Mystery Lake Supply Caches side quest

    Yes, you always need the note first. To get the one near the lodge: Would appreciate it if you could tell me where to find the Clearcut note... Oh, as for spoiler tags: Type [s p o i l e r]Spoiler text here[/s p o i l e r] – but no spaces inside the square brackets.
  13. Can anyone who finished this side quest (in Redux) share how many of them there are? (I'm not asking about the Forest Talker cashes) I have found these five and the quest still isn't finished, and have no idea where to go for more clues... 1. Near the hunting lodge in BR 2. Under tree roots in FM 3. End of ravine in BR 4. Alan's Cave 5. In ML, near tunnel to FM If there are indeed more then five, a vague hint would be most appreciated!
  14. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    I've already finished the first two episodes, but was thinking of going back to episode one to get a couple of Steam achievements – if I start a new game (and don't finish), will the new save trump the old one so that I'll have to start all over again when the Redux is released? Thanks for answering so many questions, even the rude and hostile ones.