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  1. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #17

    I have no complaints about the after effects, well, sorta. the fact that I can't cradle a rifle or the flare pistol but I can chop wood, use the workbench, gut a corpse, etc. is kinda out there. Anything that causes a shock/strain to the sprain should be "nope can't do that". But I digress. The majority of my sprains occur while I'm walking long distances. along the side of a hill, that sort of thing. I very rarely jump down from any distance as it is sort of unrealistic in something that I can gauge to be almost a foot from looking on my screen is considered a 'fall' so I avoid those situations entirely. Are you telling there are miniature falls littered all over every terrain you've created? Because as BareSkin mentioned later in this post, I get ankle and wrist sprains without a struggle, what is called a fall by the game itself, or any obvious cause. Now that I know I can hit F8 and get an instant screen shot of the scene that also includes coordinates and vital game data, and you want all the feedback you can get on this, I will be happy to submit every situation that it occurs that isn't tied to something specific.
  2. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    I really enjoy the game, but one of the things that has always been off putting in the experience is the random "you've sprained something". I understand that people slip and fall but there are times that it seems the character is actually jonesing for meds rather than actually getting hurt. And then other times when nothing at all happens for long stretches. But, what really is off putting, is the lack of any sort of stumbling/tripping/falling animation. That, ac tually is my main complaint. I don't mind the rest, but at least make some sort of animation where the camera nose plants in the snow and then show the camera looking at the hand or leg that the sprain happened on... and if it happened to two limbs, then pick one. This would resolve a great deal of my angst towards the whole random injury system if it actually showed that you did something to get the injury, not just "ah... oh god, that smarts" with no actual visual trigger. Your wrist just doesn't sprain itself while you're walking along. You hit something, you fell, SOMETHING happened. Is something like this at all forthcoming with the new additions to your development team?