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  1. I usually leave as many as I can on any campfire I come across. My thinking behind this is that if I ever have to return to an area, or come back to that particular cave at a later date, I'll always have a cooking utensil waiting for me, just in case I didn't bring any with me to begin with.
  2. This makes me curious what your brightness settings (TV or In-Game) are set to. Cause I can't see jack-**** at night, or in caves xD Granted I like it that way, but still.
  3. Just talk.

    I let the prisoner live. By the looks of the knife in his gut, I figure he was gonna die sooner or later anyway, wasn't gonna be by my hand.
  4. I recently started getting back into TLD after the Redux update after nearly a year away playing other games. So admittedly, I'm a little rusty in terms of what the game is capable of. But for the most part, I'm fairly good at surviving the harsh wilds and making generally smart decisions. This is not that kind of story. So, I'm headed up Timberwolf Mountain. Intentional spawn point, custom easy as hell settings, looking for a bit of a challenge and figured TM would be a good starting point for my endurance run. I'd been on the mountain before prior to this, as that was the intended endurance run but I got jipped by a glitched corpse inside the tail section that essentially got me stuck. So this current run was my 'get back to the summit and redeem yourself' moment. Which I did. After much toil down and around the hunter's shack at the base of the mountain, and several close calls trying to find a replacement for the hacksaw I'd broken, I finally get back up to the summit. I've got a good load of supplies, plus a rather hefty 89% hacksaw, which I promptly put to work. 9 days later, and I'm back where I was before. I've got warm clothes (all fully repaired), my drink stock is flourishing, and I've gathered enough wood and timber to keep a fire burning constantly for several days (4 by my calculation). I was in the lap of luxury, except for my food stock. That had dwindled slowly over the days and I was currently left with 2 MRE's and a can of peaches. Now, this wasn't a problem for me because I saw rabbits on the shelf just below the summit on my way up. Perfect, I thought. So I put my game plan in motion the next day. Game Plan? Unload everything but clothing, climb down the rope, kill as many rabbits as possible, climb back up the rope. Weather was clear, I was fully rested, and my hunger/thirst were well taken care of. I got this. Those of you who have been with TLD since early access probably know exactly where I made my mistake. In fact, I should have known better. I'm one of you. But apparently a years absence can be a real humdinger. Let's continue, shall we? Down the rope I went. Now, I'm not sure what exactly happened. My climbing stamina was half empty when the incident happened, and I was fully rested *shrugs*. I fell, right at the end of the rope. Sprained wrist. Sprained ankle. It was at this point that my prior experience with TLD kicked in and proceeded to laugh hysterically at me. See, you can't climb with a sprained wrist. Not sure about the ankle, but the wrist prevented my from climbing. You also can't use tools (in my case rocks) with a sprained wrist. This should all be manageable right? Yeah, no, I left my medical supplies up on the summit, along with my fire gear, my remaining food, and worse off my absolute plethora of drinks. I was stuck. The only saving grace was there's a massive cave on the shelf below the summit. It's one of the ways to get up the mountain. So at least I wouldn't freeze to death. But I couldn't sleep. Lo and behold, the one thing I thought for sure I'd brought with me, is back up the summit cause I'm an idiot and didn't pick up my bedroll when I got up. So with nothing else to do, I sat in that cave, and moped while passing time hoping for my injuries to heal. They never did. I died of thirst, in a cave, with nothing on me but a couple rocks, and my clothes xD Why did I tell this story? To demonstrate why I love this game. That story could have gone any number of ways. If I'd remembered even a scrap of my equipment, I might have been fine. If I had my meds, no more injuries. If I had my bedroll, no more injuries. If I had my fire gear, I'd have had food and water. Hell if I had a light source I might have been able to venture into that massive cave and maybe find a saving grace. I might not have even fallen off the damn rope. I wasn't at the top, or the middle, I was right at the bottom. One more second and I'd have reached touchdown. But it didn't go that way. Call it what you will, fate, good coding, developer's insight. Whatever the case may be, I made a massive stupid, and I paid dearly for it. Did I learn my lesson? More than likely xD But you can be damn sure the game'll let me know if I didn't.
  5. I personally have a problem with being stalked by animals, so much so that the whole bear hunt part of wintermute season 2 is really not fun xD So what I usually do is set the aggressiveness of wolves and bears to high, but make them passive. That way if I provoke something by accident, it's a real treat. But at the same time I'm also not being stalked constantly. To balance this offset, I usually set my weather settings higher to compensate for the fact I'm not in much threat of death or injury from animals.
  6. Lonewolf Survivalists

    Oh I agree whole heartedly with the variety standpoint. I don't want Wintermute to change at all. As I stated previously I like Wintermute primarily for the NPCs and what they offer on a larger scale. I'm just not fond of having to work for them, especially in an environment as hostile as 'The Great North'. But if Hinterland has overhauled the NPC Chores part of things, I'll definitely be giving a Wintermute run a try, right alongside my Survival run.
  7. Lonewolf Survivalists

    Ah, that's good to know. I've only recently gotten to Grey Mother again after not playing for a good long while. In fact this is the first time I've attempted the story since the original story was released. So it's good to hear that my reservations are rather old.
  8. Lonewolf Survivalists

    Lemme preface this by saying: This post may be a bit long winded. If potentially long posts bother you, please read the TL;DR beneath this. TL;DR - Are there any other players out there who enjoy surviving on their own, and have trouble playing Wintermute because of it? So, I love The Long Dark. It has to be one of the best truly survival experiences I've encountered in nearly my entire 'career' as a gamer (I started at a young 11, I'm over 30 now). However, I find myself highly disappointed by the Wintermute campaign, simply because it involves primarily helping others. Before you start tearing me down, allow me to state that I'm not a bad or horrible person. In my daily life I'm very polite, very generous, and usually do my best to make sure the people around me have more than I do. However, I've come to accept that, when it comes to survival situations, I'm a Lonewolf. Due to certain issues I've experienced throughout my life, as well as the way I was raised, I've had to either handle myself as best as I could, or rely on someone (my mother) to help me do it. Which, essentially means that in a horrible situation that requires survival, I can only help someone if I'm well squared away myself. And I've noticed, unfortunately, that that all translates into my experiences in TLD. I love the story as far as the characters, the lore, and the overall Astrid thing goes. I think it adds a whole new dimension to a game that I've been playing since I believe just before the release of Forlorn Muskeg. But my enjoyment stops whenever I have to fork over something I feel is precious to someone for another lore dump, or maybe a reward of some sort that I don't have. (Let it be known, I don't remember if Grey Mother ever gave me a reward for her line, nor did I make it far enough to even complete the next NPC's line to find a reward there.) When I play TLD, I derive great enjoyment from trekking out against all odds, and coming back with a nifty little present that may just have been well worth the time and effort required to have undertaken the task in the first place. In fact, as I write this all I have in my head right now is a winter clothed Gollum cradling a rifle and whispering something about his precious. When I leave my little hovels, or my campfire late at night with a torch/flare, it's so that I might find more wood to throw on the fire I've built so I don't freeze to death before the sun rises. When I set a can of beans on a countertop in the Camp Office, it's because I want to know where it is when I return from a trek to the Hunter's Cabin because I might need it when I burst through the door. To have all of that effort cut in half, or completely stripped from me by an NPC even if it's an offering I can spare, sours the taste of further endeavors. So I wonder; is there anyone else out there who feels the same way about The Long Dark? Or is it just me?
  9. What do you like?

    I love the Custom Difficulty Settings. I recently purchased the game on PS4, after playing it for nearly 2 years on PC. And suffice to say, I can't aim or hit what I want to hit to save my life xD Which basically means wolves are literally my worst enemy. So I tweaked my settings to remove them, as well as remove bears because they're a bunch of hulks and I don't mess with that type of murder. And to compensate for the lack of predators, I went and bumped the environmental hazards to near Interloper levels. I'm currently on Day 13 and having the time of my life. While it's quite liberating to not have to look over my shoulders for wolves, the intensity of my blizzards and freezing conditions are apocalyptic. The addition of Custom Difficulty Settings is by far the best thing Hinterlands has given us, at least in my opinion.