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  1. Share your screenshots

    I know it was yesterday but, happy Valentines Day everyone! Cheers!
  2. Interloper Mailbox Items

    When I play interloper (rarely) I don't usually bother with the mail boxes, feels like a waste of time IMO. I'd rather try to get to shelter faster and save some condition from freezing. That being said, I once found a rifle round in a mailbox in a custom run. Cheers!
  3. Episode 3?

    I doubt that. Even though Hinterland is such a small team, I think we can expect episode three before then. I agree.
  4. I was thinking more along the lines of.. well no type of armor. I just like the idea of clothing pieces offering the protection, that is already in the game. No special armors you can craft, just regular protection buff you get from clothes.
  5. Episode 3?

    @Erlend Sooner than later. Hinterland hasn't announced a official release date yet. I'm guessing sometime this spring or early summer.
  6. It doesn't seem like a bad idea, but I don't feel like it fits this style of game. The Long Dark is more of the type of game where you have to use items from nature (pelts, guts, saplings) to craft essential items. Metal plate armor dosn't really match that. Also, the idea of a metal armor also makes it sound like were trying to protect ourselves from bullets, which we aren't. I could see this easily in other video games, but not The Long Dark. I like the idea of trying to better our protection against hostile wild life, but there are better ways than this. Didn't mean to sound aggressive, just expressing my opinion. Cheers!
  7. Just art

    @k0s0ff is that a prison in the background? Very nice drawing. I specifically like the look of the ice.
  8. What is the 1 thing you enjoy most about The Long Dark?

    The feeling of surviving a long trek and sitting in the Camp Office and cooking tomato soup.
  9. Tips for new survivors

    If you happen to stumble across a antler scratching on a tree when exploring the vast frozen wilderness of The Long Dark, tread carefully. A moose may have made residence nearby.
  10. Share your screenshots

    I call this one "The last sunrise"
  11. Hi I am new here

    Hi @Shallow Fire13! Welcome to the forums! Glad to see somebody else enjoying the game. If you have any questions about the game, post it in the "How to play" forum. Cheers!
  12. Share your screenshots

    @codfish107, I didn't actually shoot through the the cracks in the wall, I was was just aiming my rifle through them an peeking from them. Also, mine was a one - shot too!
  13. In the summer, I shoot squirrels with a .22 caliber BB gun so they don't eat my families tomatoes. Does that count?
  14. The Long Dark New Year's Resolutions

    Craft the rabbit skin hat in my new custom run.
  15. Share your screenshots

    @piddy3825 it was weird how I got a one shot on that moose. Let me give you a little backstory... I left the camp office to head to the trappers cabin. Of course, there's a wolf in the way, so I use a deer as a decoy. It works surprisingly well and I manage to slip by. I continue peacefully, listening to the wolves howling in the distance and the wind blowing in my ears. As I reach the clearing in front of the cabin, I take a quick look around. "No wolves, no bears, no moose! I'll be on my way now." I said confidently as I made my way to the little wood shack in hope of a deer carcass. As I slip in, I see it. The moose. In TLD, my least favorite animal is the moose. So big, so heavy, so.... rib breaky, if you know what I mean. I watch the behemoth wander around outside the shack, scratching through the snow looking for some grass. I'm very nervous, aiming my rifle through the cracks in the wall of the shack. I'm about to start freezing, so I figure i'll take my chances and take a shot. Once it gets in a good spot, I raise my rifle. The world melts around me. The only thing in the world is me, my rifle, and the moose. It stops walking. I line up my sights. I pull the trigger. A splat of blood hits the ground. The moose falls. I victorious. Moose hide! Video attached. The Long Dark.mp4