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  1. Favorite Classic Video Game

    Don't know f this counts as "classic", but for me it was Mario Kart Wii. I played that game NON STOP on the weekends and it introduced me to gaming!
  2. When your playing interloper and you have low condition and you turn a corner and theirs a wolf and it charges Sorry for the bad spelling, trying to make it sound like a meme, LOL
  3. 100 days to go...

    The question is can he survive the next 100 days without leaving the cabin @romerabr.
  4. Share your screenshots

    Guy who is really paranoid about the apocalypses starting and Is buying a stockpile of water.
  5. 100 days to go...

    What about cabin fever?
  6. Share your screenshots

    A freezing yet beautiful morning at the summit.
  7. This Rock Art

    Found one in ML near derailment.
  8. My first (and luckiest) interloper run!

    Thanks @Drifter Man! Thats exactly what I needed! I have already used two matches to boil water, and I don't intend to use anymore until absolutely needed. When I reach CH, there will be so much toilet water I wont need to worry about H2O for awhile. Iv'e been thinking, should I try to loot the Coastal Townsite? I know theres alot of wolves there, but so much loot.. even in interloper..... As I said, I will post an update to my run in about 2-3 days IRL time. Thanks, and Cheers!
  9. My first (and luckiest) interloper run!

    Unfortunately, I did not find a heavy hammer in Hibernia. I am currently picking all the coal and scrap metal I find. Even if I DID miss the hammer in Hibernia, I am NOT going back to that heck hole to check. I have not found a hacksaw either. I also have double flares and very worn torches. Updates will be posted in about 36 hours as of 9/27/2018.
  10. My first (and luckiest) interloper run!

    Thanks @BareSkin!
  11. Hi there! This is @greatwhitegamer's interloper run story. Thought I'd share but I want to keep it brief. Sorry I cannot supply screenshots. Enjoy! Day 1 Spawned on little island in DP. Made a beeline to the riken and found a can of peaches, fishing skill book, wind breaker and most importantly drum roll please! -------- A wool toque! How lucky! On my way to Hibernia, I see old smokey bear coming around the corner, but I make it into Hibernia unscathed. I find a prybar, another wool toque , a sweatshirt, 24 wooden matches, archery skill book and other items I don't remember. I spend the night there and boil a little water. Wake up @ 100% condition and make a break for the ice. Loot Katie's Secluded Shelf and find a scrumptious Pork and Beans. Make my way into the mine as a blizzard starts. Loot the one locker and make a run for my hands (85% frostbite risk!) to the lighthouse. Make it there with 91% frostbite risk. Find peaches, stim, work gloves, and a sewing primer. Boil more water and sleep. Wake up at 76% condition. Will make my way to CH today. If you have any tips for me to make it out of DP safely, please comment below! Thanks for reading!
  12. I love snares after this experiment

    Catching 8 rabbits a day in a grove of 4 rabbits. Hmmm. Rabbits really DO breed fast.
  13. How do I share screenshots from Xbox on the forums?

    OK, thanks @Jolan. Will try that out soon. I'll let you know how it works out. Sorry for the late response.
  14. Favorite Place In The Long Dark?

    Hmmm. Thats a tough one. Either Camp Office or Trappers homestead.