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  1. Share your screenshots

    Welcome to the forums @TantFuriosa! I must say, that is a REALLY good shot! Very dramatic looking. Looks like it should be in a trailer for TLD.
  2. Redux

    @Blueshy they announced it on their Twitter.
  3. Redux

    Redux droppin next week! (As of 12/12/2018)
  4. Nifty spot near Trapper's.

    @Blueshy the cave may seem like a good place to go but you will get cabin fever if you stay too long.
  5. Nifty spot near Trapper's.

    Cool! Looks like the perfect place to relieve cabin fever. Can hostile wildlife get up there though?
  6. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    When can we expect a trailer for the update this month?
  7. What makes a game hard?

    Good question. For TLD, i'd day permadeath and how wildlife and weather are so unforgiving is what makes TLD "so hard".
  8. Unreachable box?

    Never seen it before, but it doesn't look like you can reach it. Maybe try a different way around?
  9. Stacking Books Vertically?

    Your welcome. If you have any more questions, don't be afraid to ask them in the How to Play forum!
  10. Stacking Books Vertically?

    Currently, there is no way to stack books vertically. I'm sure there are mods that allow you to do so but discussing unofficial mods here can get us banned so lets not do that. You can add this idea to the wish list though.
  11. Hello

    Welcome to the forums @Gram57! I could go on and on with your questions, but I won't spoil it for you. Q: Its winter survive until summer??? A: Nope. Eternal winter. Q: What other ways can I challenge myself to survive without risking I lose the entire game? A: You could try fishing for all your food, or hunting. Try to collect all the animal hide clothes. Those are just some examples. Q: How do you play? A: Well, I try to play it safe. If the weather is bad and I have plenty of food and pass times (ex: skill books) I spend the day inside. I hope this helps. See you elsewhere on the forums, cheers!
  12. Thatch, the Timberwolf Sasquatch

    Good luck surviving this one! I look forward to updates.
  13. Fishing skill question

    Thanks for the tips @ajb1978! I'll be sure to get my fishing game on at Coastal Highway soon! I'm going for the IT WAS *THIS BIG* achievement.
  14. Hello Everyone!

    Welcome to the forums @DerpyLemon115! Glad to see a new face! What platform do you play on? Cheers!
  15. Fishing skill question

    Is this true? If so, I got some fishing to do!