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  1. What Do You Do with All These Empty "Recycled" Cans?

    Do they really degrade with use, or do they have different base %s? From a gameplay perspective, I really like the idea that they degrade and you have to replace them. Makes all those cans kinda useful, and late-game more interesting. But I strongly doubt that they do degrade. I spent more than 500 days without a single can needing replacement.
  2. Happy Holidays from Hinterland

    Happy holidays! Hope all of you get to relax and rest!
  3. Ep.2: Is this a bug or am I missing something? (SPOILERS)

    Oh my, now I feel extremely stupid! I went back and forth crossing the whole map, but I did NOT click any mouse-buttons because I expected the transition to ML to work as usual. Thank you so much MueckE! I left-clicked, and it worked.
  4. Ep.2: Is this a bug or am I missing something? (SPOILERS)

    Oh and can you remember where it happened? I reloaded from the last checkpoint and tried another route, same result. OK ... I went back and forth, doesn't seem to trigger anything. I made a bug report on the Hinterland Support Forums. Hope this can be fixed without me having to start a new game
  5. Ep.2: Is this a bug or am I missing something? (SPOILERS)

    Thanks Serenity. That explains a lot. Hmm, then I will wander around and see if it helps some. Unfortunately, reloading didn't change anything. By the way, could you please teach me how to do the spoiler tags?
  6. Hi all, I am stuck in Forlorn Muskeg. Do I still have unfinished business in FM? From the journal it doesn't look like it, but maybe I'm missing something here?
  7. Wintermute difficulty [spoilers]

    I agree. Even on the hardest difficulty level, the game feels really easy. I do die sometimes, but it's only because I play way riskier than I would do in Survival Mode on Voyager. On the other hand, I don't think it's a big deal - it's about the story after all, and without permadeath, nothing will ever feel like a real threat. So yes, feels easier than Survival Mode, but it's whole different gameplay, and I'm ok with that
  8. Supplies at risk?

    I don't really have the time to continue my survival game, but I'm curious: did supplies disappear for any of you guys? Honestly, I would just take this as a new challenge in this long run, so no big deal. I'm just curious what your experiences are after the update.
  9. Disappointing new Milton/Mountain Town map (SPOILERS)

    If you get to choose every little detail, there are no surprises anymore.
  10. Supplies at risk?

    Whoa, now I'm scared. Since my two main bases are located in Broken Railroad and Mountain Town, all my valuable weapons and ammo are stashed there. It's also day 410 on my current run and I don't have any time for playing in the next few days. Guess that will make the late game a LOT more interesting now LOL
  11. Broken Arms And Legs

    I love the idea! Actually this would be a logical consequence of what's already implemented (broken ribs after moose attack, sprained wrists/knuckles if you're overburdened). In my opinion, it would make sense if there is a certain risk for breaking an arm/leg if you choose to skyrim down a structure, risking a few jumps here and there (and thus balance these short-cuts - you may still take them, but there's some risk involved). If you fall off or jump down from a platform, it already does take some toll on your health (%). It would make the game (especially the late-game) a lot more interesting if, instead of a mere drop in your health bar you get a risk for broken arm or leg. Which means, you may jump/fall without impacting your health bar at all. But if it's not your lucky day, you will break an arm or leg, and you need to immediately change your plans to take care of the healing process (as it is with broken ribs right now). Of course you can't rope-climb back up. Broken arms/legs would still allow you to move, maybe a little more slowly than usual. A broken arm might make it impossible to maneuver a weapon or cut logs for firewood, a broken leg might make it impossible to run and impact your ability to carry heavy loads. Painkillers should mute the pain and thus allow you to do stuff as usual - but only for a limited time (like, an hour or so). After that, the arm/leg is still broken. The injury should heal on its own after some days. A make-shift splint/bandage might speed up the healing process, or make sure that no permanent debuffs remain. (and maybe it could be made of tinder and/or birch bark). I really think you're onto something here. (Oh, by the way: I don't speak from experience, but it seems that in a survival situation, our bodies will send out all natural painkillers and hormones to enable us to push forward, even with a broken leg)
  12. Crazy Challenges/Weird Things you thought of doing

    Now this is as absurd as it is creative
  13. What causes us to abandon common sense?

    My first TLD game was on Pilgrim and lasted about 2 weeks. Then I got bored, did stupid stuff and died. I started a new game, this time on voyager difficulty. I did far more quickly now (can't quite remember, but it was probably on day 5 or something ;)) Now I'm in my 2nd voyager game and it's day 392. It's so weird - at first I was happy to survive for 30 days, then 50 days, wow even over a 100 days ... then I guess on day 120 or so I started to get really bored and wanted to switch to a higher difficulty level. Only I didn't, for two reasons: 1) I want to see if I can make it to day 500 2) the level of perceived boredom is constantly changing in very weird and unpredictable ways, so it does make sense for me to "just keep on for a while". I set up camps. I explore regions. I craft stuff. I go outside, have coffee and check the weather to decide if it's a good day to take a brisk walk around the hut, or if I should go on a 1-2 day hunting trip, or if I should stay inside and stitch up my clothes. Sometimes I decide to just pack up and leave the region to see what it's like elsewhere. Other times, I think it's a good idea to relocate to another region to fetch stuff or get stuff done, and meticulously plan my trip, then spend days preparing for it. Sometimes I get angry and kill all the animals around me. Then I look at the bodies and feel so empty and guilty - then I decide what to do with the bodies to make sure they haven't died in vain. I've only spent 5 days in Broken Railroad, which is the last region that was left to explore. Every region feels differently and usually weather dictates my plans. The one thing I haven't experienced yet is routine. What exactly do you call your routine? I'm really curious. PS: although I sometimes do feel it's a drag, I am also scared of day 500. Will I really kill of my character just to start a new game on stalker difficulty? Can I do that, after all that we've been through together!!?? I don't know haha
  14. Will dogs ever be added in-game?

    All of the above ... survival in a solitary wilderness doesn't sound like a journey with your pet dog to me. It wouldn't be lots of fun gameplay-wise either, if you ask me. A scared dog will make it impossible to go into stealth mode to avoid wolves and bear (and the moose, I don't know the plural form of that word, sorry). It may bark, run, or attack in a close (or not so close) encounter. Nope, I'd rather sneak around on my own.
  15. Day 1 (SPOILERS)

    To be honest, 4DON would be a lot more fun to me if it were just slightly less dark. I can't find the door to enter a shelter without striking a match. (see 2nd screenshot). I know my way around the region by heart, but I don't feel like exploring at all. Most of the time, it's just pitch black, with a few snow drifts strewn in for good measure. Presumably it would be wise to haste to Mystery Lake, but I just can't make myself cross the railroad tracks in pitch black darkness. I don't mean to sound negative, I think it's an interesting idea nevertheless. And I'm nervous/scared to find out how dangerous the next days are going to be ... I suppose 4DON will feel very differently for players who didn't bother to adjust their screen settings (made the wolf disappear) when first playing TLD.