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  1. Almost died... Again. I love this game

    Indeed. Easily could have let the aggro'd bear be but I couldn't resist that tasty bear meat and hide. Tbf I made sure I gave myself plenty of distance between me and him but it wasn't nearly enough. I was lucky I went in there with such tough clothing and full health with well fed bonus. I needed literally every ounce of that health.
  2. To preface, this is my 60 day stalker run, which I'm hoping down the road will lead to 500 days. I spent several days in Coastal Highway crafting two wolfskin coats, a rabbit hat, and a bearskin bedroll. I also took a trip to DP to make some arrowheads and made 10 arrows for my bow in CH. After a ton of crafting, cabin fever risks, and wolf attacks, I was set, and made a trip to Pleasant Valley, from which I could head to Timberwolf Mountain to find an expedition parka. I was carrying a ton of unread skill books. I spent a few days inside a car by the farmstead, doing nothing but reading. Once I was out of food, I had a few new skill-ups and was feeling pretty confident. I stored my completed books, including a 25 hour advanced guns read, inside the glove compartment for the next survivor to discover. I made my way towards Signal Hill in the hopes of finding good loot and more food. Then my idiot ass let this happen: http://prntscr.com/m5xaog http://prntscr.com/m5xe7c I love this game.
  3. Old Bear Not "Aurorafied"

    Regular bears get aurorafied. Ever seen one? No reason why the Old Bear can't be!
  4. Old Bear Not "Aurorafied"

    I was camped inside the aurora hatch and got out once the aurora returned. This also happened to occur after getting all three transponder parts for Jeremiah. I just thought in that moment it would be cool if they added in that detail if the player leaves during an aurora.
  5. Archivist

    And here I am getting myself killed in Milton the first area by wolves because I didn't know the gas station would be locked and I didn't know where I could find a prybar. ps. The challenge was given three hatchets, not four or five.
  6. Goodbye Aurora

    I got the code from the secret cache in Broken Railroad, so that's not a problem for me. The only mistake I made was not deciding to camp out in FM waiting for the aurora like I did the last time before redux. The aurora came sooner than I thought it would.
  7. Goodbye Aurora

    When I saw the aurora, I decided to drop any plans of resting to recover after eating spoiled peanut butter and losing a ton of condition and book it to FM so I could open that aurora hatch. I had the lake gunshots quest active so I decided to complete that along the way. I just wish that when I actually walked into FM, after all that work and coffee, the weather didn't change from aurora to dark and foggy The signal to noise quest was also active when I entered FM.
  8. Preppers hatch redux

    I couldn't find the corpse either... Maybe there are multiple places where the corpse can spawn?
  9. Mystery Lake Cabin Key #1 REDUX

    It is indeed in the High Blind* as you have found in a previous post. Thanks very much!
  10. climbing rope is too necessary?

    If that's the case, then the devs will most likely provide another rope that can be reasonably accessed so that the player isn't stuck.
  11. Mystery Lake Cabin Key #1 REDUX

    The key for cabin #1 is no longer in the old spot where it used to be, on a dead body beside the shortwave tower in FM. The body is no longer there. Has anyone found this key in the new redux version?
  12. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    Not sure if this has been asked and haven't seen this come up, but I was wondering if it might be a good idea to implement custom landmarks in the future. Like maybe setting down a flag made of a stick and cloth or something? It could be an additional helpful tool for new players trying to learn the maps. You could set down a flag to indicate a path, shelter or a cave with a stash of food or something. You could even maybe have the ability to name the flag so when you walk up to it, a text of the title pops up. "Moose meat stash" for example. Although, I could see these flags getting ruined by blizzards or wildlife. I dunno, what do you think?