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  1. Lots of great advice here, and here's my contribution. Deep Woods: Fundamentally simple if you stockpile your fuel ahead of time. Coal and Cedar are each worth 1 hour, fir is worth an hour an a half, a firelog is 2 hours, reclaimed wood burns 30 minutes, books burn for 18 minutes, and a stick burns for 7. Just add up all your burn times, and when you hit 72, you know your stockpile will last the full 3 days. And importantly, it has to be a campfire placed from the radial menu. If you use a fireplace or something, it won't count. Stone Age Sniper: My go-to place was the rabbits that tend to end up out on the ice in Coastal Highway, by the Waterfront Cottages. The ice is flat so you don't have to account for changes in elevation. Then just get way back, and launch stones into the air at a high arc. Repeat until you get a feel for how far the stones are going based on how high up you're aiming, and you can get within the ballpark pretty easily. Then just spam stones until you hit. They're free, you can pick up more.
  2. Maybe try a Custom game if you start over. Mess with the rules a bit, keep yourself from getting too complacent. I say this because I just got snuck up on...by a freakin BEAR. How does a bear even do that? That hasn't happened to me in like 4 years. I mean everything is fine, I was able to limp back to the maintenance shed which I'd fortified, fix up my gear good as new. But still. A bear snuck up on me. ME. Sheesh... This game sure has a way of reminding a guy of humility.
  3. I feel your pain. My longest game so far is on day 1317, and I kind of lost the motivation to continue. Usually I make a point to move all the supplies from the world (apart from a few caches here and there) to one central region--generally Coastal Highway--and "retire" there. It consists of gathering sticks/coal, fishing, and passing time. A LOT of passing time...which doesn't make for very entertaining gameplay. It's just clicking buttons and watching my days survived go up. So when that happens I take a break for a month or so, and play something else, then when I come back to TLD I just start a new save. One idea I had a while ago was to play the Nomad challenge, but just intentionally not complete all the requirements. Treat it like a Voyageur game, and just play as I normally would. Then if things start to get boring, just complete the remainder of the challenge requirements and that story is ended.
  4. Very astute observation there! I think that's a coincidence though. The overall story is already fleshed out, and while specific details have changed with Redux, the overarching plot remained the same. In Predux the Bear Spear didn't even exist, so Methuselah meaning "man of the spear" didn't have any significance. (That's probably why I didn't draw the connection...there wasn't anything to connect originally.) The decision to introduce the Bear Spear is, as near as I can tell, done entirely to make a more enjoyable story and gameplay experience. In predux you had to stalk and shoot the bear over and over until it finally died from the gunshot wounds. Compared to how much Jeremiah was talking this bear up to be a brutal relentless mankiller, the actual confrontation didn't live up to the hype. Now, we have this folk legend involving demon bears and a mystic Bear Spear serving as the MacGuffin for Episode 2, a bear actively stalking you in scripted cutscenes, finally culminating in a full on boss fight in the bear's lair. Excellent storytelling, no doubt. But ultimately the method of the bear's death isn't relevant to The Long Dark as a whole. The bear just has to die so Will can leave the region. So yeah, pretty sure it's just a happy coincidence there!
  5. If you do, make sure to check the water quality first! Cat tails readily absorb chemical contaminants from water, so if you pull cat tails out of a pond next to say a factory or something, you might not want to eat those. In stagnant water, look for algae growing on the surface. In running water, look the presence of algae or moss on the rocks nearby. Those are signs of clean, healthy water. On the other hand water devoid of algae, possibly with an iridescent sheen in places...steer clear of that! You don't know what got dumped in there.
  6. When eaten raw they have kind of a dull flavor that kind of tastes the way a swamp smells. I can see how that's kind of cucumber like... but yeah fry them up in butter, they're way better that way And yes, the pollen from cat tail flowers can be substituted for flour at a 1:1 ratio. I've never actually done that myself though, I only know from what I've read. And hey going with the TLD theme, cook up the salmon, then sautee the cat tails in fish oil. Mmmmm.... The lucky survive the quiet apocalypse. The skilled thrive in it.
  7. It's pretty good if you cook it. With the stalks you eat the core, not the entire thing. And if you fry it up in a little butter, it goes from being palatable to downright delicious. So my two foods would be cat tails and fish. If I had to pick a specific type of fish, I'd go with the coho salmon. Salmon is like the bacon of the sea.
  8. No question, just circling back on something from Mailbag 26. @JeremiahJohnson asked about adding thunderstorms to the game, to which you responded that you had not heard of thunderstorms in the winter. Well, thundersnow is definitely a thing! It's rare and requires rather specific conditions to occur, but it does happen. More frequently by the Great Lakes, but hypothetically there's nothing stopping it from happening over Vancouver Island...or Great Bear for that matter. And it's one heck of a wake up call, especially at night the way the lightning reflects off the falling snow. It's like a bomb going off in the sky.
  9. If caught outside in a blizzard, take off your clothes. You're going to be dealing with 3 bars of cold anyway, may as well spare your clothes the storm damage.
  10. Polar vortices are fun! Temps are Celsius.
  11. I think what people that say that mean is there's kind of a formula to follow to maximize your chance of a successful start. The first week is touch and go, as you scramble to find basic starting equipment, so that you can craft a set of tools and clothing to survive long term. If you can get past the first week-ish curing saplings and getting your gear assembled, you've got a real good shot at months or longer. It's always that first week or two that are the worst, and then you settle into a routine. I think these players are the ones that want the game to constantly be that week 1 sense of imminent doom, high stress, high risk....no thanks. Interloper isn't really my thing. I played it a few times just to say I did it, but Pilgrim/Voyageur are more my speed. And Custom too, it's fun cranking the loot tables way up, making the days 4x as long, then seeing how quickly I can loot the whole world and haul everything to wherever I choose to call home.
  12. This has been suggested before, and I still think it's a good idea. Although to avoid having to click through multiple 15 minute increments if I want to read for several hours, I would prefer to have it synergize with cooking. Currently you can click an item to "pass time until ready". Well if you have one or more books in your inventory, my suggestion is "read until ready". Click that, select the book you want to research, and you read until the food is ready. Whether that's 10 minutes, a half hour, 45 minutes for a big fish, whatever.
  13. Collect all of the new buffer memories. Find all remaining lost cairns. Stretch Goal: Reach day 3652. (10 years survived.)
  14. Happy holidays, and may everyone receive all the blessings they are due, based on the actions they have chosen!
  15. Yes. But given all the variables you mentioned...why would it be worth it? What actual tangible value would alcohol add to the game that isn't already there? None. Sorry, I do understand your point, but given all the hurdles, I submit it is not worth the effort. We already have two types of antiseptic, and two types of accelerant. Alcohol as a sort of antiseptic/accelerant may be helpful, but making it also consumable and invoking those rating repercussions, that slight convenience is not worth the mountain of rating shenanigans. Edit: I would back a non-drinkable alcohol such as isopropyl or denatured ethanol, because an antiseptic/accelerant (heck maybe it's a triple-duty item that also functions as lamp oil) as a high-level item on par with flare shells or Mukluks would be a fun addition. Just for the convenience and utility. I mean heck, who doesn't love options? But sorry, I cannot and will not support a drinkable alcohol, just because of the ratings shenanigans.