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  1. Undead animals for 4DON

    I'm serious in the context of 4DON, which itself is rather tongue-in-cheek to begin with. It's a fun event, kind of a joke in a way, and this is meant to go with the joke. Obviously I wouldn't want that to be a constant thing, just like I wouldn't want to have jack-o-lanterns all the time, pumpkin pies all the time... but for one night out of the year, undead demon wolves. You can't tell me that wouldn't be a cool thing to see!
  2. Undead animals for 4DON

    That would be a neat effect. Like you're trying to blend in by smelling like dead meat... I suggested the undead wildlife because I think it would really amp up the spookiness, and wouldn't change the mechanics of the game by itself, so whatever daily challenges are in play for 2019 wouldn't require any additional tuning on account of the undead wildlife. Unless said undead wildlife also have additional properties...like maybe the only way to kill them is to shoot them in the head. Wolves take no damage from body shots or during struggles. Deer can only be dropped by a clean headshot. Hmmm that's getting a little far into the weeds though. This is at its heart an aesthetic suggestion.
  3. Undead animals for 4DON

    During 4DON in 2019, replace the deer and wolf models with the "ravaged deer carcass" and "ravaged wolf carcass" models, for some spooky undead wildlife. Imagine being stalked by a pack of undead wolves..they're tailing you, growling, red eyes glowing, that huge chunk of flesh missing from the side, and the exposed ribs.
  4. #ResurrectFluffy

    How about this: On Stalker and Interloper, every time you go to sleep, you have a 1 in 1000 chance of invoking the spirit of Fluffy. Wherever you are--indoors, outdoors, on a ledge by a rope climb, doesn't matter--any time you sleep you have a 1 in 1000 chance of being awakened by a wolf attack. Except the wolf is pink. And fluffy. And doesn't actually do any damage. Because it's just your character suffering from a nightmare and waking up early.
  5. Reishi is a psychedelic mushroom

    I have reishi powder. I've been adding it to my coffee, and occasionally just plain by itself as a tea. It is not psychoactive. I mean I'm not going to eat the entire bag all at once just to see what happens. That's probably a good way to get sick. But consumed as a beverage, no psychoactive properties.
  6. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #17

    Lol plot twist: The survivor is actually Mark Meer, whose plane crashed while on his way to record dialogue for The Long Dark 2.
  7. Episode 3

    I have a feeling plot details will be revealed to us incrementally throughout Episode 3, similar to Will's flashbacks in Episode 1.
  8. Dev Diary - November 2018

    Most definitely. At work I'm somewhere between SharePoint administrator and business analyst, so I find myself in situations where I have to work with the software developers to build something for my department. It's frustrating when my BLI's are not included in a sprint release, but I mean the developers can only work through so many story points per sprint. Gotta step back, look at the big picture, and realize that the goal is not to screw me over, it's to make the best use of their time to meet the goals of the company. Translating that to game design, HL too has a finite amount of resources to devote to building the game. So it would make perfect sense to allocate those resources in a way that makes the game as a whole better, even if it means not giving a subset of players something they've been looking forward to. It's not necessarily "no", it's just "not now". I just wish more people could see it that way.
  9. Vegan challenge

    Actually the "pork and beans" would be allowed for both vegetarian and vegan modes, for one simple reason. It doesn't actually contain pork. Seriously! Examine the can in-game some time. Turn it over and check the ingredients. No pork.
  10. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    Will and Jeremiah seem to talk about morphine a lot, and given that morphine never actually plays a role in the game at all, leads me to believe there is some subtext there. Was that intended to serve as a sort of anti-drug PSA? I mean for all the things they could be talking about, such as the risk of infection, possibly Jeremiah's injuries needing stitches, broken bones, etc. there seemed to be a disproportionately large amount of dialogue around morphine's addictive properties, and the euphoric side effects. I'm just wondering if you can provide context or backstory for that.
  11. I mean if you're just doing it strictly for the caffeine, you could just quickly mix coffee grounds and enough water to suspend them, then down it like a shot of liquor. Two of those will perk you right up. That's a trick from my ramen-eating college years.
  12. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #17

    Mackenzie's plane is amphibious. It has pontoons, and the pontoons have fixed wheels on top of that. So he could land on water, a road, a stretch of flat field, etc.
  13. Starvation Method

    750 is a ballpark estimate. The amount of calories you need to sleep through the night depends on how many hours you can actually sleep before you're fully rested, the experience mode you're playing, and whether or not you have the Efficient Machine feat active for that game. When you set the number of hours you plan to sleep, the game will straight up tell you how many calories you will burn while sleeping, so just close the menu, eat that many calories, then go to sleep.
  14. Fishing skill question

    Yup, and it's VERY frustrating early on. Lines will be snapping left and right. If you're playing a world-tour game, I recommend not fishing until you're confident you've collected and read all of the ice fishing books you can find. One book will put you at rank 2, and then every additional book you find shaves 25% off the bar to Rank 3. At Rank 3, you only have a 5% chance of the line breaking (half that of rank 1) so your fishing will be much more successful. Once you hit rank 3, rank 4 and 5 both require 100 fish each to level up. But when you it Rank 5, man that ice fishing is like a trip to the grocery store. You spend a full day out on the ice, you're set for food for a couple weeks in game. (Assuming you keep everything you catch. If you selectively take only the salmon or smallmouth bass, your yield will be much lower.) If it's not obvious, I'm a big fan of fishing here. It's free food. And you've got lamp oil for days. Oh one final tip, prybars are the best tool for breaking open the ice, because they serve such limited purpose in the game as-is, and take so little condition loss breaking open the hole. If you're in a hurry (and if you plan on spending all day out there, you aren't in a hurry) the hatchet breaks the hole twice as fast as any other instrument. But it also takes a severe pounding in the process. And a P.S.S. here, @hozz1235 is correct in that ocean fishing yields more food than freshwater fishing. Salmon can get HUGE! But that said, a day's fishing on Mystery Lake is not a waste of time. You won't be going hungry. Another edit...I keep thinking of things to add! If your clothes and choice of experience mode make you immune to freezing (or if you have tons of fuel), consider spending several days straight out on the ice in a fishing marathon. No sleep, just eat and drink when necessary. You will have so much food it will probably take 3 or 4 heavily-loaded trips just to haul it all back to your safehouse. On Pilgrim, this isn't a problem. On anything else, make sure you clear out any wolves ahead of time. You will be moving way too slow to evade, and they will pick up your scent from a very long ways away. Fish gets stinky fast.
  15. Fishing skill question

    Yes, each fish counts the same towards advancing your fishing skill. You have to catch 250 fish total to max out the skill, but each ice fishing book you fully research counts as 10 fish. You don't have to actually take the fish--catch and release levels your skill just the same. But I like to take all the fish I catch anyway because food's food, and I already put in the effort so why not take it? For that matter, use your tackle to repair your clothes first, and when they drop to 20%, then use it for ice fishing. That's 8 free repair attempts out of something that's going to break at some point when fishing anyway. And 20% tackle has the same breakage risk as 100% tackle. Lastly on the topic of lamp oil, it's true the smaller fish don't yield much, but it is something, and it adds up fast. You'll be swimming in lamp oil before you know it.