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  1. New (End Game) Ranged Weapon...

    The heck are you talking about? They don't 'need' a rifled barrel and you can definitely fire shot through a rifled one. Each is just made less effective when not used properly. Slugs lose accuracy and shot spread increases, or you can just use rifled slugs in a smoothe barrel with little consequence.
  2. New (End Game) Ranged Weapon...

    I'll start this off by saying that as the game currently stands, the ranged weapons are more or less perfect the way they are. We really don't need any new weapons, but it would be fun and bring something new to the table. With that being said, my idea for a new ranged weapon: a single-barrel shotgun.I feel like this would fit on the ranged weapon spectrum rather well. It would be lighter than the rifle, but with ammunition slightly heavier than the .303 rounds and serve a multitude of purposes. It would fire slower than the rifle (and maybe the bow) but when firing slugs deal a lot more damage (dedicated two shot kill on Moose and Bear). It could work as a potential end game weapon by there being only one in the entire world, located at the summit of Timberwolf Mountain, with the only ammunition spawning rarely on corpses, safes, and in cargo containers. For ammunition, you could find the following: -Slug: a single projectile, a little less accurate than .303 rounds, but deals more damage. Dedicated 1 shot kill on wolves and deer, dedicated 2 shot kill on Moose and Bears. -Buckshot: fires 9 or so pellets in a cone, can take down wolves and deer with proper shot placement, but not as effective against Moose and Bears (perhaps it could stop a charge if all pellets land). -Birdshot: it will run off a wolf, but can really only kill rabbits. -Flares: you could fire flares out of the shotgun as well, giving them a slight boost to accuracy and range. Furthermore, it would be cool if you could use a hawksaw to saw down the barrel for a weight reduction while also decreasing accuracy and saw down the buttstock for another decrease in weight, but also increasing weapon sway. This way you could have a more versatile weapon than the flare gun, but with slightly more weight. Additionally, firing slugs out of a fully sawed-off shotgun would run the risk of spraining your wrist.
  3. Thermoses for Carrying Hot Beverages

    Took the words out of my mouth, was just about to make a post about this!
  4. New natural menace (not so serious)

    God of the sky? Guess that would explain the Aurora! ;D
  5. My take on the idea of a compass...

    I've seen the compass come up many times here, and for good reason: it's a common tool in any survival game. The real question about this one is: would it still work in the quiet apocalypse? Personally, I think that it would for the most part. I don't know much of the story behind the Aurora, but my thoughts on the matter were that the original flare acted similar to an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) and fried any and all electrical devices on earth. As far as I'm concerned this isn't something that would render a compass useless as it doesn't require any wires or batteries to work. Now, maybe the poles got messed up, I don't know, but I don't at this time think that whatever it is that happened is some ever-present phenomena that would render a compass useless. That said, if I were to add a compass to the game it would work, but have a slight 'tick' to it where every few seconds (or maybe sooner) the needle would jerk to the right or left. If, however, I'm wrong and this event is some ever-present event that would render a compass useless, I think that it could still have one use: predicting when an Aurora is going to be active. Even if it did work, it would still be cool to have some mechanic where perhaps a few hours before an Aurora the compass starts to wander or spin more rapidly, reaching a crescendo once the Aurora starts up. It would be cool to be walking about at dusk and pull up the compass to see it going ham and know that an Aurora was going to take place in a few hours. What do you guys think?
  6. New natural menace (not so serious)

    So many good choices
  7. Watches!

    So digital watches would be out of the question (unless the Aurora is active?), but what if you could have a very small chance of finding an old wind-up watch? Rather than telling you the position in the sky, the UI would give you a time. Maybe it wouldn't work if it was too dark at night or something and it would be easily damaged if you got attacked while wearing it, requiring quality tools to repair. It would probably be a little too far fetched to add a winding mechanic where you have to properly set the watch to the time of day, but it's still an idea for a more hardcore watch.
  8. Bear Traps!

    Actually...I had planned on making a semi-joke thread about this. We do need a way to get rid of the human corpses laying around and I wouldn't be opposed so no, no bets stand. Especially in a video game.
  9. Hand Grenades!

    Why hand grenades? Totally not a joke...
  10. Bear Traps!

    IRL and in normal situations I would agree, but dude, it's a survival game and the proverbial crap has hit the fan, all bets are off
  11. Bear Traps!

    Bear traps would be a very rare item that can't be crafted and is repaired via quality tools and scrap metal (or can't be repaired at all). It's placed like the snare, but you've got to bait it if you want to catch anything. You could have it so that different meats have a greater probability of catching either a wolf or a bear (moose would give you a higher chance at snagging a bear, for example, while rabbit is more likely to get you a wolf). However, once the animal is trapped, you only have maybe 48 hours tops to get to the trap and then dispatch it (as the trap would only catch the animal and not kill it). Failure to do so greatly decreases the durability (maybe 25% or so) of the trap and will leave you with only the gnawed off limb of the animal. For balance, this would probably take some time to actually catch the animal and you could even have the bait decay more quickly so it would take multiple baits to catch anything.
  12. Supply Baloons

    I was thinking about how one could implement some sort of supply drop in the quiet apocalypse. Planes (the obvious go to for games) wouldn't work, but what about weather balloons? My reasoning for having a supply drop system is to give late game players more reason to venture outside once they've stocked up on supplies. I've seen other suggestions that have been good, but why not one more? It would probably work like this: during the Aurora, if you've got a radio on, there's a chance for you to hear a sudden burst of static (or some other identifying feature) followed by a voice either giving coordinates or outright saying something like: "We're sending a balloon filled with supplies towards Great Bear Island, it should land somewhere near <insert region here>." At this point you've got the option to head out and track down this balloon, reaping whatever supplies are inside (anything from a 20 round box of .303 to a crate of MREs). But you've got to hurry. If too much time passes, bears/wolves will get to the drop first and either diminish or outright demolish the supplies. Similarly, if a blizzard blows through it will blow the downed balloon away, rending it unusable.
  13. Candles!

    If there's one thing I'd love to see added to The Long Dark it's the ability to render animal fat into candles. We get lantern fuel from fish, so why not get fat that can then be used to make candles from all the other animals? It's a process that is both feasible for the characters to know and reasonable for the character to do. Just imagine being able to light up some candles to set the mood on a dreary, blizzard-blasting night! The way I see it, candles would have a few pros and cons compared to other light sources. Pros: -Long lasting (some of the candles I've got have lasted well over 12 hours) -Renewable, crafted light source (everything from the wick to the fat could be harvested from the world) -Could be used to light other candles/fires/torches/etcetera (if the history books I've read are to be believed, many times in the days of old, back before matches were a thing, households would just have a candle or two burning and would use this for their daily fire and light-making) Cons: -Not very bright or warm (You could really only use the light to read/craft at night or navigate dark indoor areas) -Highly susceptible to wind -Takes some time to craft Now as to the actual crafting, I feel like it could go one of two ways, all based upon when you get the fat and the shape that it's in. Process 1: Rendered fat from cooking meat (AKA the easy way) In this process, you get the item "Rendered fat" from cooking animal meat. Once you've acquired enough rendered fat you get the option to melt it down in a cooking pot + a recycled can (aka a simple double-boiler). This cooks for X amount of time and gives you hot rendered fat. From here, you need a wick. How do you get one of these, you might ask? From tinder! Everything from cat tails to birch to tinder plugs could be turned into wicks for the candle (seriously, we NEED more uses for tinder after Level 3 firestarting! I've got 50 or so tinder plugs just sitting on a rock outside my home just waiting to be repurposed). At this point, you've got your hot rendered fat and your wick, these get combined in the crafting menu and presto! You've got a candle (at least once it's cooled down). Process 2: Fat from carcasses (AKA a few extra steps...) In this process, you'll need to render the fat yourself. You get the item "animal fat" when you harvest animal carcasses (or perhaps you could perform an action on raw meat that consumes some calories and give you the fat). Once you have enough of this fat, you get the option to render it in either a recycled can or cooking pot. IRL, you need to do this for a long time on low heat so for simplicity's sake, you would just have a really long cooking time in-game. Probably too much work keeping the fire's temperature low as the fat renders. Whatever the cooking process may be, once done you get the item "Rendered fat" and from here Process 1 would kick in. I think that this could be both a highly rewarding and very fun new item to have in the game. You could even go so far as to add the option to do scented candles that give bonuses if you sit by them long enough (mix some hot rendered fat with prepared rose hips or some coffee to get some sort of fun effect!). Anyways, what do you guys think? Fun idea? Too much work? Or just the right amount of work to be fun? EDIT: Almost forgot: animals! As to which animals had the most to least fat, it would definitely be Moose, Bear, Deer, Wolf, Rabbit. Rabbits would give you next to nothing (maybe 0.01 Gallons at the most), but you'd be able to craft candles galore if you got enough fat from a Moose.