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  1. I think adding one Feat per each skill that starts it off at level 3 would be a good start. Like harvest X amount of animal carcasses, make X amount of successful bow/rifle/revolver hits, catch X amount of fish to start off with each skill at level 3. We've already got one for firestarting, why are the other skills left out?
  2. @kristaok No, I mean how would you cure it in game? How would it work in game? Eat X amount of calories from rabbit meat without eating anything else? Once inflicted, what would it do? Act like anything else and decrease condition? (Making water drain faster would be a cool touch). Ultimately, what would cure it? Consuming X amount of calories from non-rabbit sources? I don't know much about coding, but it doesn't sound super simple. Parasites and food poisoning are easy as percentage values combined with food items. Maybe you could have a calorie counter (not visible to the player, of course) for counting calories towards rabbit starvation and then another counter for non-rabbit calories away from it once you get it. I dunno, still a neat idea but I don't know how easily it could be implemented.
  3. Neat story, if morbid. In any case, rabbits make up a small portion of my in-game diet so I could go either way with it. Problem is, how do you cure it?
  4. @kristaok I've got a fancy mouse with a #4 and #5 mouse button where the thumb is, I use these to turn on the radial menu and the mouse to cycle through. I've gotten quite good at it, like two up gets me to my lamp, one down and one up gets charcoal, and one right and one up is the distress pistol. Practice makes perfect (just like being able to quick-draw in real life...) @Mroz4k Fair enough, I haven't been playing TLD all that long so a neat bit of history there. I do think that all the radial menu takes is a little bit of practice to master (as mentioned above). Almost reminds me of my days playing Crysis and using its radial menu to cycle through suit powers. Eventually, I could swap between each lightning fast.
  5. I feel you, I tend to just carry either the rifle or the bow personally, never both. Funny enough, I always use the radial menu for my lantern and rely on the 1 key for flares or the flashlight (which I only take if there's an aurora out).
  6. I think I saw the idea for a subterranean region pop up once or twice before, sparking little interest from others. I for one like the idea, but understand how it might require a little something extra to spark any real interest. Therefore, I came up with an idea (or two) to implement that spark: connect the region to all the rest. This subterranean region would be massive, spanning the entirety of the world (thought probably relying on a reverse 'Tardis' effect, meaning it's actually only half the size of the whole world) and connecting to all the other regions through winding passages and thus making it the largest transition zone in The Long Dark. Surviving in this zone would be possible, but hard. You might be able to find and eat fungi that sprout like cattails, or locate animals that fell through crevasses into the cave. Items would be scarce, with torches, flares, and scrap items (metal, cloth, etc) scattered throughout and better tools located in a few hub areas like an admin shed with a bed and small stove, a locker area with a workbench, and a broken down elevator. The only animals would be those found dead under crevasses, though you might hear the squeaking of bats as an ambient sound effect. Darkness would be nearly absolute, with lit items a requirement for navigation, though light from crevasses or perhaps some glowing fungi or moss would be a break in the dark monotony. As well, during an Aurora lights strung throughout the long, dark halls would light up and provide the cave with plentiful light, though loose cables on the floor would require characters to be watch their step. Mapping with charcoal would be impossible, but perhaps there would be navigational aids like incomplete maps here and there on the walls or signs leading this way and that. The region would be accessible by all (or at least most) other major regions through cave entrances (or perhaps it would only connect to the other transition zones and one or two major regions). Alternatively, one might find themself entering it not of their own will by falling into a crevasse, this counting as a medium fall, spraining one or two limbs and causing damage to health and clothing. This would be similar to falling through thin ice, but with the only warning a sound effect when nearing the edge of a crevasse hidden under snow. I could really go either way on this part, might add some fun if crevasses worked like prepper caches and spawned randomly in different areas. Overall, I think this would be a fun new region that might be resistant to mapping, adding an alternative to travelling from region to region over land with the requirement of either an Aurora or significant light sources to guide you. You couldn't just go marching off into the cave willy nilly and hope to make it, run out of fuel or light sources and you could very well find yourself lost and forgotten in darkness for the rest of your journey...
  7. What do you guys think about the ability to make bonfires that have four cooking slots as opposed to the two granted by a normal campfire? As it currently stands, I think you can only put X number of fuel items into a fire before you can no longer feed it (correct me if I'm wrong). Thus, I think that the easiest way to implement a bonfire would be to "upgrade" a regular fire to a bonfire once you exceed that limit. You would then be required to maintain that number of fuel items or risk having the fire die down to a regular fire once more. The change would be obvious, with an additional two cooking slots and a larger pile of fuel being burned inside the fire. If a bonfire died down while cooking, the additional two items would simply pop off like how arrows pop off of a carcass and go into a paused state or simply skip the paused state and require re-cooking. Additional possibilities would be that bonfires aren't effected by wind, touching a bonfire would cause two burns instead of just the one, and they might be able to scare off or otherwise deter bears.
  8. Does anyone else get kinda annoyed when you want to place a jerry can in a particular spot in a particular way, but to do it you either need to right click it multiple times from different angles, or try to angle yourself to place it just right? I feel like any easy fix would be to rotate items with the scroll wheel (on PC, not sure how keybindings work on other platforms). Maybe this wouldn't work due to coding issues, but it'd be nice to have this as an option.
  9. I think an easier solution would be to be to make (excuse my immaturity, but it is a proper term in this use) faggots, or bundles of sticks. You could add a crafting option that lets you turn ten sticks into a "bundle of sticks" that would simply drop as a new item. This bundle would burn more efficiently if added to a fire, and could be broken back down at any time to reclaim your sticks. I personally have never had an issue with this. I always carry 5 sticks on me and typically leave a handful in front of my fire sources. Right before starting a new fire, I pick up one stick and use that as my starting fuel as it has a higher start chance than anything but books.
  10. Overall, I agree, though I feel like those are more hotkeys than quick draw keys and the issue is, for the most part, remedied by using the radial menu. With enough practice, you can quickly select the right light source or weapon...though this doesn't fix the issue of those carrying two bows (which I will admit I do on rare occasion) as, if memory serves, no matter what only one bow will show up in the menu and it's always the better one. An alternative might be implementing something similar to how food items work, with the ability to select the "add to radial menu" option (going off memory here, if I'm wrong, please correct me). In an upgraded system the first thing that you select to add to the menu would be the item that appears in the top section of the radial menu, with other items taking up slots going clockwise. This would then be reflected by hitting the 1 and 2 hotkeys, cycling through the items as they appear clockwise in the radial menu. This system would then allow those players that aren't so concerned about an expedient order of items (like me) as simply not selecting anything would automatically revert back to the way things currently work...though I would like to see a wolfskin bandoleer, that'd be cool.
  11. As others have said before, plastic bottles would be in no short supply in great bear and implementing a requirement for water bottles (Something I strongly disagree with) adds nothing but monotony to an otherwise well-developed system. All coding challenges aside, TLD isn't the most realistic survival sim out there and nor should it be, my feel for it is that it's a simplified version of survival and adding a requirement for water bottles does nothing for the game.
  12. As a drinker of cold brew, I think it'd be neat to be able to cold brew coffee in TLD. It would probably only be doable inside like curing (requiring 1-2 days), and might require more water to balance the fact that you don't need fire to do it. Other than that, it would probably work the same way, just for coding's sake. Alternatively, it might only give 4 cold brews per five coffee tins, but each would give the fatigue reduced effect for longer (as cold brew coffee tends to have more caffeine than regular coffee).
  13. Willy Pete

    Hot Springs

    I think it might be neat to have a region (probably mountainous like Timberwolf Mountain) with some hot springs. While in them any worn clothing would get wet very quickly, but the springs themselves would have a real feel of 100F (38C) or so, meaning they could be used as a way to escape the cold, or just relax a little. It might be too hard to use them to acquire dirty water (I'm no coder or game designer) but that could be a neat idea as well, though I think they would have to be in a high up or otherwise hard to reach area to offput the ability to get unlimited water (though making it dirty could offset this as well). In the long term, it could also be used to benefit any sanity added to the game, increasing it slowly.