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  1. Being too similar to TLD? I hardly call that a problem
  2. So I was walking about in the middle of a blizzard as some folks are wont to do and as all the snow particles flew at my face, I wondered: why doesn't this blind me? IRL it doesn't take all that much to cause snow-blindness, and there's an easy fix to counter it: Ski Goggles. I think it could add some challenge and neatness if while walking into the wind with snow coming down your vision goes all blurry and it gets harder to see. I don't imagine this would be that hard to do as walking into the wind already slows you down, all you'd have to do is add the effect when being slowed by wind and getting wet by snow and ta-da! Ski goggles would be a semi-rare item like woolen earmuffs and go in the same slot (we've only got two items for these, it'd be neat to have a few more). Ski goggles themselves would provide no warmth, maybe a fraction of a degree of wind resistance, be quite waterproof, and maybe add 1% to armor. They could have the added bonus of increasing your speed while going into the wind. As to repairs...they probably wouldn't be repairable. I can't think of any items in the game that could be used to repair them and it would add some fun (meaning challenge, hardship, and strife) in the fact that you have to choose when to wear them and when not to. If you forget to take them off before a bear attack, you might have them ruined for good!
  3. Only way I think it would work is as a two-player co-op in which both characters have to be present and it one dies it's game over. Even then, probably too hard to ever implement with passage of time and whatnot.
  4. The world would definitely need to change for helicopters (or literally any modern combustion/electric engine) to work again. Still, while an ending doesn't really fit with the style of the game, it could be neat to add it as an option in custom games.
  5. Feel like this would have to be a custom game mode only thing, otherwise, as Moll said, it's basically a cheat. Like, in the custom game stuff you can select a "Pick Starting Gear" option. I do like the idea (and was actually thinking about it earlier today) and think it would make a fun way to add some role-playing to the game. One idea might be a neanderthal-like character who only uses crafted items and whatnot and only sleeps in caves, could be neat.
  6. So I'd love to see the quiet apocalypse from different locations outside of Great Bear Island. The Siberian Wilderness would be a definite go-to for a game similar to TLD, but what about the opposite side of the spectrum? What about taking a look at a hot desert wasteland like in the Middle East, Africa, or Australia? Instead of worrying about cold, you now worry about heat. Instead of nighttime Auroras, you instead have occasional solar events during the day that cause drastic increases in temperature. Instead of melting and boiling snow, you have to seek out and find oases or craft condensers that can be raided by animals. Depending on the location you could have anything from dingoes to hyenas taking the place of wolves, or even adding lion packs or elephants to the mix. The quiet apocalypse doesn't need to only take place in blistering cold places, there's a whole world of potential out there!
  7. Only way multiplayer would work (as far as I'm concerned) is in a two player co-op where both players need to be connected and if one dies the game ends.
  8. No. For what is probably not going to be the last time, the Aurora isn't some magical thing that makes any electronic device work. One of the very last things that would ever work is any form of engine be it combustion or electric. You need complete control of the electrical charges you send to something like a spark plug that ignites the gas, drives a piston, and turns the engine. If nothing else the Aurora would fire all the spark plugs at once (while also probably blowing all the fuses and frying the alternator) and result in nothing happening. If a flashlight barely works, you can bet your butt an engine won't at all.
  9. A lot of stuff I've seen before, a lot of it either not befitting of the game or not plausible. Slingshots, salt, and axe are all neat, though.
  10. Willy Pete

    Grey mother

    Willy Pete isn't sure he agrees, he doesn't really have any problem with this sort of thing...
  11. An annual thing probably wouldn't lead to fishing huts, being only a once-a-year sort of thing. Could be accomplished with a few drills and would just freeze over. No reason for making dedicated fishing huts.
  12. I was literally thinking about this a few hours ago, I do agree indeed.
  13. Evidently, someone should've told the fictional Kyle Royce that. Hindsight is always 20/20, no reason people can't make dumb decisions, which is exactly the point of why it failed.
  14. Same reason they built a dam, did you read the description?