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  1. I have some questions, something from the point of view of game realism. My first ’what if’ question. What if camp fire had some degrade time like Snow shelter, and/of could be destroyed. During play many times we use camp fire to warm up carcasses, and with time this camp fires are stay there, or we put down a camp fire start a fire, and bugs. It would be good to handle more flexible the camp fires. My second what if question is, what if we could open MRE packs like quarter packs ( it would contain a foodpac, tea, coffee, matches, 2 painkiller ). I think the game mechanic of quarter packs could be a good start to develop it. And from the from the point of view of game realism some times it would be life sawing. Thanks
  2. Loot exhibition (Coastal Highway ) ps: and that's just a part of it
  3. Thanks @Raphael van Lierop ,it was tricky answer, but i don't have another choice ... I must wait longer ... I'm in Coastal Highway if you're looking for me.
  4. Do you plan ad more regions to the game, in the Retail Launch Trailer we saw a bridge many cars in front of it, and in the story is a prison in the great bear island, do you plan add this places to the game?
  5. For desktop background , i camped 2 day in Lake Overlook for this pic, but the snow storm and etc