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  1. When we get the bear spear in survival mode, would it also be possible to get a makeshift bayonet for the rifle using the spear mechanics but lower range and slighty less damage?
  2. Would be nice to have a use for the 20+ recycled cans. How about being able to craft 1 scrap metal with 2 or 3 cans?
  3. Some questions regarding the revolver. 1. Will the revolver have separate shooting skill from the rifle? 2. Will it always spawn in a hunting bunker? 3. How rare will it be compared to the rifle? 4. Will it be possible toi use it in a bear/wolf/moose strugle?
  4. Just wondering which one would be better in a wolf stuggle, 51% hatchet or 99% scrap metal shard?
  5. Why is the box of crackers so large? It looks like there would be 500 grams minimum in it.
  6. Will we ever get a region with very rough terrain and lots of climbing, but less wildlife?
  7. I really like this idea but there could maybe be a few wolves near the weather station so it would be more dangerous to explore.
  8. Why do you forge the bear spear tip in EP2 of story mode at the railway yard instead of the more logical old spence homestead?
  9. Skelegutplays


    Here is a link to a spoiler free beginners guide. Its not all the loading screens but its a nice guide.
  10. What current regions will never be featured in the story mode? I can guess HRV will never be in the story.
  11. Why do they weigh 250 grams each irl they are like 60 grams.
  12. Started the game yesterday started in mountain town at the church and found a rifle went to milton to loot some houses and then to the farm. Im going to make the farm my main base. Btw i normally play voyager
  13. So im going to play TLD today after a while and start a new custom game with difficulty being voyager but tuned to be more realistic. The settings will be something like this fatigue:high (its high on all default difficulties) hunger thirst and cold: voyager wolves:low but similar to stalker bears:low rabbits:medium deer:medium moose:medium harvestable resources saplings wood mushrooms etc:very high parasites:yes loot:voyager rifle:yes starting gear:stalker So what do you think and what region should i pick?
  14. So what hacks does granny aka grey mother use to sit in her chair. OR... #NotAllChairsAreCreatedEqual So grannys chair is a special one.
  15. What is the point in this? Would you also lose everything you have stored in containers?