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  1. Light Rays

    Looks kinda like those new head lights on cars. You know the ones that challenge the sun and make you completely unable to see when driving near them.
  2. If EA Created TLD

    Very Nice, I particularly like the "Idiotarod" and "Timbaland" points!
  3. If EA Created TLD

    The idea developed from one of my post on another topic and I figured this would be a funny conversation to direct some of our negative energy about all the things that the industry is doing that is irritating gamers with a more lighthearted approach. I won't take all the easy shots at EA away from everyone so I will just start with one. "If EA Created TLD" It would have a battle royal mode
  4. Well Fed Buff

    Do you work for EA? Because your pricing plan is right on track . Thanks for that all to real break down, but you must always remember to include features that nobody asked for and then killing the game permanently so that no one will every touch it or make it again. EA= Why is there no poop emoji? Well played hinterland, well played...
  5. Well Fed Buff

    I couldn't agree more. This is why I continue to defend Hinterland when updates get delayed and some items are still on the shelf. Because at the end of the day I would rather play the fantastic work that is "The Long Dark" by Hinterland than play the ok version of "The Long Dark" by another so called AAA studio, the Meh version "The Long Dark 2" and finally the crap bag version by EA "The Long Dark 3" that kills all fond memories and the franchise forever. Hinterland may take a long time to get some content out, but hey, at least they don't count on their fans to mod their turdball into something great. And with that I will digress "cough" Konami also sucks "cough cough"
  6. Omg this game is gorgeous!

    It does look amazing, just wait until you start to notice that warm areas create warm lighting and cold create cool lighting. Mornings and evenings look better too. There is also some additions to audio as well which includes wolves howling far more than before. It true the world feels more alive and vibrant than ever before. This is the very reason I got irritated when I read a steam review that basically said that "they did not buy the graphics as an art style" that they were just bad. I think we all agree, this comment was utter trash.
  7. The Long Dark Updated to V1.41 [43925] – REDUX

    Comments all seem to be valid. I just want to say, although I'm currently gaming on windows, props to Hinterland for supporting Linux!!!! If I could play every game on Linux I highly doubt my Windows environment would ever get booted again. Appreciate the Linux Love. Also wanted to say I hope all the reported bugs and issues get addressed but props again for tackling multiple platforms, operating systems and forms of distribution. Lastly although the new minimenu when you are interacting with a fire is far from terrible. I do however think the issue all of us are having is that those functions are so constant throughout the game that while it may seem nice to a new player for a few times, learning how to fluidly move through that campfire time is something you must learn and even master. This is why the update that gave us all the ability to cook items and do other task was a massive improvement. This new additional menu is great the very first handful of fire's you work with, but then it is just a minor obstruction the other 1000's of times you interact with a fire. Also all the new changes and improvements are very well crafted. It is hard to find other dev's that hit the nail so squarely on the head. Thanks again
  8. The Long Dark Updated to V1.41 [43925] – REDUX

    That's never going to happen to me. I will be a snail forever!!!! A well fed warm snail
  9. The Long Dark Updated to V1.41 [43925] – REDUX

    Sweet Jesus it is here! Ohh cough cough I think I feel sick and need to leave work early
  10. Luring Wolves

    Bahahaha I will definitely keep that in mind. Fantastic!
  11. Luring Wolves

    All Good info on luring wolves in and some interesting kill tactics. Does anyone mind if I steer the conversation in the direction of evading wolves or scaring them off? For instance, I have had the hardest time fending off wolves with hand flares! Has anyone had success with this and what are some of the contributing factors? I know some people have talked about this already but considering this is such an easy topic to read without a hundred post to read though I figured I would pose this question. I have been having a hell of a time with wolves like I'm sure so many have.
  12. Dev Diary - November 2018

    Sorry totally missed the "Move on or the Thread will be Locked". I will say that I am excited for updates to survival mode as I've only really started to get my feet wet and barely manage to survive. I would be excited for a Bunny FooFoo but I have not been able to craft anything yet. Not to mention last time I played a wolf attacked me and apparently tore my pants off/to shreds so I was forced to freeball it in the in the middle of the blizzard so yeah I got some problems atm.
  13. Dev Diary - November 2018

    What it really comes down to is Redux. It needs to show that some serious work has been done to bring the story mode into a new caliber and justify the recent delay of episode 3. Not to justify everything else and years past but just this single delay. I think everyone will be pretty damn happy if they improve the quality of the story telling, elements of play and are able to roughly stick with a 6 months window per episode. Also episode 3 will have to continue this momentum. Overall I totally get the frustration and Hinterland clearly does. Question is are they ramping up and fixing these issues? I think they honestly are. I also think we should wait and see what Redux really is before we get too frustrated. One of the big problems is other game studios, loot boxes, half finished crapware and everything else that is going on that is assaulting awesome games and their futures along with a most clear money grubbing business models. I'm out $60 because of StarCitizen. Annoyed, but I let it go because that is never getting finished and I'm over it. Best way to get someone angry is to create something they love and then have issues with content. This is Hinterland at the moment, and I fully believe they are trying, because money grubbing practices are not being put in place. I bought 2 copies for friends on steam for around $7 each. As I said I really do get the frustration and it is warranted, but I don't really think there is an argument that is worth having about that anymore. Its now all about will they deliver on Redux, Episode 3 and finish this whole race with a good schedule for episodes 4 and 5. Anything else at this point, in my opinion, in just beating a dead moose, that we have gone back to scavenge from time after time again. On that note, Hinterland you should contact endnightgames, If I'm correct I believe they created "The Forest" in 5 years with 3 people. Maybe they are looking to do some awesome work. My selfish dream that my two favorite developers work on a project together
  14. Dev Diary - November 2018

    Disappointed that episode 3 is delayed, yet very excited to replay episodes 1&2. To be honest, I probably won't even be done before episode 3....so I guess it doesn't matter that much . I'm stoked to explore the Redux version and will be milking it for all its worth, not to mention survival mode. Also enjoying the amazing steam sale right now! I got two more friends about ready to start their journey. Love the work guys, keep it up!
  15. mod support !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm just going to say one thing really. With such a dedicated and passionate fan base, there is some real potential to have some well crafted and thoughtful mods created. Maybe a great avenue once the game is completed as we all know, my self included, once its finished the question will then be, are they making a sequel?! This is never ending for you Hinterland I hope you guys enjoy it as much as we do.