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  1. Share your screenshots

    Some great first posts andspran!
  2. I still spend WAY too much time looking for my arrows

    Yeah, ill be honest with ye, if I lose way to many arrows, I usually just restart, its just a hassle to lose em all. Good thing I can reload a save, or I might be stuck with the rifle forever
  3. I still spend WAY too much time looking for my arrows

    How skilled are you with aiming the bow? All you have to do is pop them in the middle of the face and there down, You have to aim just a little lower then there snout for it to work properly though.
  4. Regarding The Choice With Hobbs

    Id think a crazy calvin and hobbes snowman in some obscure corner of timberwolf mountain would be a nice easteregg!
  5. confusing ur head with one single choice

    Fools, you have not truly experienced tangerine ecstasy until you have sipped THE NECTAR OF GODS #VoteSnappyOrangeSoda2019
  6. Redux E1, missing gloves and cache

    In all honesty I scoured the map for any notes or books but Im pretty confident they've been downright removed. Perhaps you will get acess to the gloves in EP 2. I don't know as I haven't played it yet.
  7. Happy Holidays from Hinterland

    If only hinterland would add in some EGG NOG I drink so much of that stuff during the holidays Id bet you im 98% normal human and 2% pure, creamy, rich, NOG.
  8. The Long Dark Hotfixed to V1.44 [44110]

    Wait... You didn't fix the glitch were your sent to the void if you try to harvest the deer corpse at the start of the first episode?
  9. Regarding The Choice With Hobbs

    Hinterland, kudos for having a moral choice far, FAR better then choosing whether or not to loot a gas station for supplies. But for the love of god, please have this choice actually matter in later chapters. If you spare Hobbs life make him show up down the line either interacting or antagonizing Will or Astrid in later chapters. Or if you killed him, would you make it so it actually affects Will beyond word changes in his dialogue like in Telltale games? I let a dangerous criminal live, MAKE IT WORTH MY WHILE EH?
  10. Well Fed Buff

    As someone who only has a few games they play the crap out of, I gotta say i didnt know this! Thanks
  11. Well Fed Buff

    While I do play only interloper nowadays, Im not sure im a diehard number cruncher. This buff is pretty great though, but your acting like its the second coming of RNJesus! Least I now have a use for that pile of rotting bear steak!
  12. How to spice up wintermute Caches

    Ya sure
  13. Spear Maybe?

    Looks like hinterland has finally added a rabbit hat thank thah lawd
  14. How to spice up wintermute Caches

    The notes you find for the caches in wintermute just list down on your map were the cache is. But what if instead the note had some directions and a hand drawn map? I feel like this could help newer players learn how to use the exploration system you guys at hinterland love so much. Instead of just saying something and marking it on your map have the player actually need to find it! And maybe make the loot better as well, Antiseptic and a granola bar isnt exactly exciting.
  15. Interlooper +400 days

    Ive got a challenge for you, make a wolfskin carpet for the office.