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  1. Autowalk

    This is probably more for the wishlist than for the Milton Mailbag. However, I'm playing with keyboard and mouse, but I remember I was very thankful to have such an option as I've played WoW.
  2. Rabbit hunting

    From time to time the rabbit stops and looks around now. I'm quite sure rabbits didn't do that before. I guess that makes it easier to stun a non moving target.
  3. Yellow exclamation mark in HUD

    No afflictions on the status screen. Yes, I was starving and saw a red bar growing clockwise for fatigue but I'd be interested to know what that means. I mean I am tired anyway and I know I can't carry a lot in that state. After sleeping about 6 hrs without eating and drinking it looks like that: It dissapears after eating and drinking to get white bars there and sleeping for 4 hours. But what does that mean, I mean I know I'm exausted when the display is red...
  4. ben91, this is a game you can pick up for 6,24 € on Steam's sale now. I've got it for 12,79 € last year in November, I put 288 hrs in, that's 4 Cents an hour! You say, you are an experienced player, so I guess you have put even more time enjoying this game. I think a couple of ideas you mention are very interesting, but I guess Hinterland would need to establish some kind of subscription modus to be able to realise more of such ideas. You and me, we might be willing to pay, but how many others? Would this be necessary anyway for the major part of the community?
  5. What does that yellow exclamation mark in HUD mean?

    I've also liked the old MT map with those short cuts, but I guess they wanted to tone down the difficulty for beginners. Maybe it would be an idea to have the new map for the lowest difficulty setting in Wintermute and have the old map layout for the others and the survival mode? I didn't start Wintermute until I've made some runs in the survival mode mostly at pilgrim (although not on the Mountain Town map). So as I started my Wintermute run I already knew how some things work in the Long Dark. For example the ability to hunt rabbits and drop decoy. The way which leads directly to Milton now was blocked then and I remember I almost died out there and had to retreat to the cave where the episode 1 begins, before I've finally found the way to the cave where you find the sleeping bag. Guess I took too much time looting the scene, collecting wood and hunting rabbits. However, back then you've met at least the wolf outside the transition cave and a bear at the bridge. Then further wolf(es) at the church and one welcoming you after you've entered Milton. For somebody who's just started the game it's quite hard, I guess, even with the possibility to save the game. Maybe too hard at least for beginners? Now you only have to distract one wolf and you're at Grey Mother's house. I think it's a better introduction into the game than before. Although, having the old map layout for the "hardened survivor" difficulty would maybe be a good idea.
  7. Version 1.41

    What trouble? It's just 3 pelts and one gut. It's 0,1 kg heavier than the wool toque, but I think all self made stuff is a bit heavier than industrial made clothing. I'd say it might not be interesting in the first 400 days of pilgrim survival mode but I am sure it can be some factor in other difficulty settings. Especially when you have to fight vs bears and wolfs. You can get down 3 rabbits so quickly, so I personally really welcome the option to craft such a hat.
  8. It's live since almost 2 hours? At least on Steam.
  9. I like those screens, but they are gone too fast for me too. I guess this will change in a few weeks/months but now it's gone too fast

    Oh, the update is there!
  11. Climbing out of the ravine

    The rope is pretty long there as far as I remember. I've only been there once yet, but before climbing up such long ropes I sleep until I am fully rested and I think I have even had to take a short nap on the ledge there inbetween to be able to make the last few meters without risking a fall.

    Are you sure? My english is not the best, but as far as I understand, your save will be wiped away. You have to finish episode 2 too. The message is " If you completed Episodes One and Two prior to Redux, Episode Three will still be unlocked for you..." I see no info what happens when you've only unlocked episode 2 but haven't started playing it.

    That's what I did too in my >400 days pilgrim save (please don't laugh at me), at least with my important stuff from ML camp office. I went back to FM forge to get my two heavy hammers. I forgot to take my sleeping bag with me so it was kind of nerve wrecking in regards of the weather as I've arrived at poacher's camp and decided to go back to ML office beause the beginning bilzzard. Finally next day I've got my hammers and went back to trapper's and took all hides, tools and stuff on me - about 80 kgs. I can't move and I can't await for the update to come so I can play on ^^
  14. Where in the World are you From?

    Hello from the western part of Germany called "Ruhrpott"
  15. Bear hunting

    To me it makes perfect sense. The bear didn't see me shoot him. He runs away and after he doesn't see any further danger he calms down and decides to go home to his cave where he falls asleep and fades into the long dark... Maybe the wounds he suffers from my gunshot are not that severe and he is losing blood slowly? Does an animal calm down after being shot in the game or does it run wild until it dies?