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  1. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    Will The game ever be Ported to Nintendo Switch as well ? ... Would love to play the long dark on the go !!!
  2. Passing Out when too Tired

    Thats also a nice idea ! But i guess it be a lil hard to programm since players could get stuck that way (For example on Timberwolf Mountain)
  3. Passing Out when too Tired

    Like i said. I dont really know much about balanceing stuff... But im pretty sure the devs will figure that out. Maybe you could balance it by preventing the player to pass out on the first day... Much like Predator's Grace Period
  4. I think that being tired (long term) isnt Punishing enogh right now. And i would love to have a Pass Out risk added to the game The Tiredness should be more and more Punishing once you have no energy left. And a Pass Out Condition risk should be added much like the Condition Risk of Hypothermia when you get cold... One which will (just like Hypothermia) slowly increase the longer you stay Tired. And if you pass out... you flop down and fall asleep even when its out in the cold or near enemys. I Think it should go like this: >Player Has No Energy left >Player Effect added "Tired": Player can not Sprint anymore -> (Status in Condition Tab) >Effect Tired will become "About to pass Out" after 1h (ingame) >Player Effect added "About to pass Out" -> (Status in Condition Tab) >Base Chance to PASS OUT 25% (Increaseing by 5% every 15 Ingame Minutes) >When Player Passes out he should fall into the snow (animation) and get one last chance to use an Emergancy Stim... If not his eyes slowly close and he falls asleep >When Player Passes out he will fall asleep for 4h ingame (Energy and health will only slightly restore, Food/Drink will be drasticaly Reduced, Warmth decrease Normal) If an enemy attacks the player, he will have a harder time struggleing and will get an additional 10% Dmg. (The Bonus Dmg should not be applyed to the bear however to avoid being oneshot killed when only slightly injured or damaged by cold/hunger/Thirst or other minor Injuries) >Player wakes up again. Treatment >Coffee Could be used Against "Tried" and or "About to Pass Out", If the effect of the coffe Passes however you can go up to "About to Pass Out" once again. >Emergancy Stim could be used When "Passing Out" to prevent falling asleep. >Treatment of both effects (Obviously) is Sleep... Visuals >Most of the Information in condition Tab >Maybe an Sleeping eye as icon or IDK Values shown here Should be Applyed to "Normal/Hard" Mode (Voyager/Stalker) Other gamemodes like Pilgrim or Interloper Should be Easier/Harder
  5. Finaly a good Survival Game
  6. This is a fairly simple thing I’d like to have changed in The Long Dark... If you eat / use an item in the Long Dark item wheel it will be instantly used or will be partially used until the "item use time" (the "using" circle thingy filling up) is completed. Especially now with the fairly nice cooking update i found myself accidentally missclicking leftclick on a RAW meat instead of rightclicking it and placing it on the cooking spot... Resulting in me eating like 10% of the raw meat before I could cancel... Giving me instant and frustrating food Poisoning. It would be nice if items are only "used/eaten" once the "Use Time" has been completed... Meaning you could cancel it during the time you take to use/eat said item... Or maybe have the player confirm the usage of the selected item before using it. Its worth discussing though, if this is really necessary... since it only happens to me every now and then. I do find it quite frustrating when it happens ... But I could avoid the trouble by just paying attention I guess.