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  1. Lower FPS when looking at the ground

    I don't have this exact issue, but I noticed since the redux update that various locations, including Grey Mothers house and the Orca Gas station, the FPS will just dip for no real discernible reason. For example, I can look at Orcas Gas Station while standing between the last set of pumps and get 60fps. Once I move a little closer, the FPS just dips to around to the low 40's to high 30's. This can be replicated around the entire station, where a seemingly invisible threshold is present and once passed over, will trigger a drop in FPS. Lowering my graphical settings gets rid of this particular issue, but I've been able to play on Ultra settings since release with a stable 60fps, so I'm not sure what happened to cause this particular problem. I've dropped a support ticket with Hinterland shortly after the release of redux but as I understand it, Hinterland has an unusually high load of support requests right now, so I'm hoping there will be some resolution to this. I don't really mind having to turn down the graphical settings, though it is a bit annoying considering that graphically, the game hasn't really changed between the last update and the redux. There was another issue I brought to their attention where I'd get frame stutters, even at low quality settings. I'm able to maintain a stable 60fps indoors at Orca, but the frames skip frequently and it's put me off playing the redux until it gets sorted. I know they're busy and I hope sometime soon I can enjoy the Wintermute overhaul.
  2. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    With the implementation of Wwise audio system, how has the audio design changed from both a technical and gameplay perspective? I know this might be more technical but I was always curious since it was implemented some time after the games initial release.
  3. Dev Diary - November 2018

    Looking forward to the future of this game. Also, when you said this: I suspect you meant to say 2018 but wanted to draw it to your attention in case it was a typo.
  4. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    I watched the retail release trailer again, and something in it struck me as a possible subtle nod to a common situation I've seen many people find themselves in and wondering if there is any confirmation to this. In the trailer, towards the end, there is a quick clip of a bear rushing the player with a flare gun and you hear a distinctive *click* indicating that the flare gun wasn't loaded. I know I've seen numerous posts here and elsewhere where people attempt to use the flare gun only to realize they forgot to reload it. Obviously it's user error and often results in a humorous anecdotes of people doing the same. Just curious if that was a sort of nod to this.
  5. What did I just hear?

    Now that's an interesting mechanic that would be both realistic and hilarious. *Eats Canned Pork and Beans* *Affliction Gained: Searing gas pain. You will fart uncontrollably, attracting wildlife. Treatment: Avoid beans for 24 hours* *Affliction Gained: Dutch Oven. You will be unable to sleep with normal warmth bonus because of the rancid gas being released from your person.*
  6. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    Who picks the music for your trailers? Is it a single person or is it more of a collective effort? I loved "The Curse" by Agnes Obel used in the Wintermute Launch trailer and I loved the most recent "Hollow Talk" by Choir of Young Believers used in the retail launch trailer. Any chance of making a list available of 'contenders' that were considered but ultimately didn't make the cut? I love discovering new music and would love to see what was pitched around.
  7. Dev Diary - August 2018

    I've been really wanting to go back and play the first two episodes again, but knowing that so much is going to be changing, I'll hold off until the redux is live. I really enjoy where the story is going and I hope we learn more about Great Bear, its inhabitants, and the context behind the First Flare event. I love survival mode but having context really helps immerse me in the idea of this place you've so artfully crafted. December can't come soon enough.
  8. I have this happen often as well and I don't know the reason why the wildlife seemingly don't have the same hindrance of climbing a steep slope like we do. From a gameplay perspective, all resources that spawn, spawn in locations the player can access. Having a fair kill run up a sheer cliff and die in a spot that players cannot get to seems counter-intuitive to the design of the game and is ultimately just unfair. I know Raph hates when people say "That should be an easy fix" and I agree with him wholeheartedly, because games are complex machines with thousands of moving parts and something that may seem easy to the outsider looking in may be anything but. However, I hope this problem isn't an insurmountable one, because the game is brutal enough without your hard fought kills ending up in a spot just out of reach. I know there is a randomness to everything but I strongly feel this goes against the gameplay design.
  9. Obviously this is a simple problem which may or may not have a simple solution. With the addition of the new cooking mechanic, people have been eating raw meat like it's going out of style but not out of a want or need to eat it, but because it's simply too easy to do it accidentally. Considering the affliction that happens afterwards, regardless of how much was eaten, this can be a significant detractor from an otherwise nice and welcomed addition to the game. This is especially true on harder difficulties where resources are scant and having to deal with an affliction brought on by accident can be particularly frustrating. I understand user accidents are a part of the game, such as misjudging ice that you subsequently fall through, or going through the backpack and eating food that you forgot to check the quality on which leads you to get food poisoning, or even choosing to harvest your only lantern when you were trying to repair it. However, from a UI design standpoint, I feel you'd have to admit that there is too easy of a chance to eat raw meat instead of placing it on a cooking surface. The radial menu by and large has users clicking the left mouse button (LMB) to select a weapon, place a fire, make a shelter, eat food, drink water (or soda), use a light source, etc... The majority of actions we'll be performing in the radial menu use the LMB so when we are asked to use the RMB to place an item for cooking, you can begin to suspect that our muscle memory alone will make it far too easy for a player to make a mistake when trying to place food on a cooking surface. I feel there needs to be something to help mitigate the accidental eating of raw meat from the radial menu interactions. I know a warning might be against the overall idea of TLD but there has got to be some way to stay in line with the vision of the game while also helping prevent accidental ingestion of raw meat.
  10. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    Is it possible to get some behind the scenes videos on your official YouTube channel? I'm always interested in various components of game design and I love seeing how things come together.