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  1. Why do we melt snow?

    There's actually a character line referencing this in game :"I'd eat snow if the hypothermia wouldnt kill me"
  2. Steam crash

  3. Steam crash

    Yes just checked
  4. Steam crash

    If he's already brought the game on steam he's not going to buy it again on GOG + TLD's been pulled from GOG
  5. Steam crash

  6. Steam crash

    @timimt I have the same problem and I am on Linux simply re launching the game should make it work
  7. Whats a .TS? Also the first link is broken.
  8. New Feat Idea

    Surely you mean 20 wolfs in one game and the effect would only be in that game.
  9. Allappa Bay

    What exactly do you mean by "spark":could you give examples?What is the spark of ML,FM,...?TWM I can guess
  10. Allappa Bay

    Thank you for your answers.I know that HL probably wont add Allappaa Bay entirely to TLD but I don't really care I do this for pleasure and the fact that this might be added to TLD is just a bonus for me.
  11. Allappa Bay

    Draft III A:The precision enhancements is here! Legend: M:Potential Maple Sapling B:Potential Birch Sapling L:Potential old man's beard lichen R:Potential Reichi mushrooms RH:Potential Rose Hips DC:Potential dear carcass Red dot:Potential Prepper cache Little black dots:Human body's(if its on a yellow zone its in the building) Thank you for reading -SneakySquid
  12. Share your screenshots

    Violet sky:
  13. Allappa Bay

    Okey Dokey.Draft III:The precision upgrades,coming soon(hope fully).
  14. Allappa Bay

    Hi everybody.I did have some other projects but since you guys really want to keep Allappaa bay going,so I guess draft III is coming! @k0s0ff what do you mean by:
  15. Share your screenshots

    Spawned in BH at dusk and had to tramp to ML to find shelter!