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  1. I wanted to keep very near to Stalker so I reduced the number of wolves by one notch. Then I remembered that after many days I had far too many resources so decided to reduce the resources that are found. If I reduced lots of things I might as well just play at Voyager level. This is the only custom game I've played, and I set it up ages ago, so I am unfamiliar with the custom settings, and I can't remember exactly what I did. " Actually, I come to see wolves as a resource " With wolves reduced by one notch I still have more wolf meat than I can eat.
  2. I would like to see a simple arrow without a metal arrowhead. I could be limited to killing rabbits and, perhaps, scaring wolves.
  3. " Is there a specific location you are finding darker during mid day perhaps? " The PV farmhouse.
  4. I play TLD a great deal, almost daily for over a year, and I have had no technical problems. My system is, Win 10, Dell, Xeon, CPU E3-1225 @ 3.2 GHz, 16GB, Radeon, R7 360.
  5. Mrosz4k, The problem is that a snow shelter might save you one or two nights, a bedroll saves you for a great number of nights in many difficult situations not just one or two nights.
  6. hozz1235, " Custom mode was, IMO, one of the best enhancements to the game. It allows you to tweak the game for maximum enjoyment. " Your comment hits a fundamental issue. Some people play the game with only themselves to satisfy, some people want to show others how well, relatively, they are doing. Being able to create customs games means that comparisons are meaningless unless the details of the level of the game are given so that others can compare their experience with that of others. I suspect that experiences and achievements described by some players are at a very easy Pilgrim level, or at the other end of the scale, an Interloper version with easy everything. Having a restricted set of levels is good when people are trying to compare their experience, successes, with others. I am occasionally irritated when I detect a bit of bullsh*t. Having custom levels is great for people who want to play an individual game. All of this doesn't really matter anyhow. Whichever way people chose to play is up to them. If they get enjoyment from their way of playing, Great !
  7. I am surprised that some people like blizzards. In my early days of playing TLD, a little over a year ago, I was often caught out in bad weather. Surviving the cold was a greater problem than surviving the wolves. In those early days I didn't realise that I could build a snow-hole or sleep in cars. (I didn't realise that the radial menu offered activities not available from the inventory.) After several hundred games days I developed a different strategy in which I give a higher priority to the weather. I would avoid going out in very bad weather or even travelling when the wind was blowing from in front of me. Once I adopted that strategy life became easy and fairly safe, apart from the occasional wolf or bear attack. I guess that I have not needed to build a snow-hole for over 1,000 game days. (Of course this is helped by now knowing where there are safe places to shelter.) I find this interesting from the real life situation. Hinterland covers their ass by saying that this is a game and not a training simulation, but I feel that I have learned a lot about survival in harsh winter conditions from the game. Alas, my days on snowy hills were decades ago, tonight I gave up and brought my glass of wine indoors, from my garden, when I felt that I could do with a Cowichan sweater.
  8. In spite of my earlier mapping suggestion I have to agree with the point that you're making. I suspect that 500 game days is about optimum for a game. I have a Voyager game that has run for just under 900 days, I am finding it hard to motivate myself to take it up to 1,000 game days. The map is fully drawn, I think, I have left food and fuel supplies at all the places where I am likely to stay overnight. I suppose I could spend 100 nights in Milton Basin. There are plenty of deer, plenty of wood, only one wolf and it is easy to avoid Cabin Fever. The Fishermen's Cabins in CH could be another location to kill time. It is a bit more interesting and risky there. Although I suspect that for 100 days I'd use up all the nearby wood. And what's the point of playing the game if all I'm doing is avoiding hardship, challenges and risks. The one aspect which irritates me in long games is that bedrolls in caves etc. become ruined. There is nothing worse then being attacked by a wolf or bear in HRV, having your bedroll completely ruined, struggling to a cave in a blizzard to find a useless ruined bedroll. Perhaps I shouldn't complain about that, it's just another element that makes the game more challenging.
  9. " When we can play episodes 3-5??? " I'm not particularly bothered. I find the Survival game much more interesting, challenging and enjoyable. In the Wintermute game so many of the Survival features are not available so I find it frustrating.
  10. I like to remove all the black spaces from my maps. This means checking your maps and going back to awkward places that you haven't visited, or visited and didn't map. You'll probably get that cartographer achievement in the process.
  11. What I most want to see in the next update are corrections to the levels of illumination in houses. Some houses, especially the PV farmhouse, are so dark inside that I can't see objects even in the middle of the day unless I use a lantern.
  12. Damn it! I thought that note must have part of Wintermute so I have spent several evenings going over all the accessible areas of Wintermute looking for, and failing to find it.
  13. I find Mr Jade's negative comments very, surprising and very, very unfair. I am an old IT guy and I have played a great many games over decades. I am retired so have lots of time to spend trying and playing games. I regard TLD as the best game I have encountered. It has many minor bugs and it doesn't have state-of-the-art graphics. Those issues are very small issues. The game-play psychology is the best I have come across. When I play this game, and I have played well over 2,000 game days at the Voyager - Stalker level, I am constantly amazed to find how carefully, and accurately, the game creates an illusion of reality. I could write a book on the seriously good aspects of the game, but I suspect that Mr Jade's expectations, enjoyment and challenges of a simulation of survival in a harsh environment are very different to mine, therefore my words would be wasted. I haven't had to survive in the severe wintry wastes of Canada, although I have read books about the hardships of the early explorers, but many times I have been out in hills in nasty conditions, and TLD re-creates the desperate need to find shelter when you are tired and cold and in the middle of nowhere. For me, TLD, for all its development problems, is the greatest game ever.
  14. I think that Pilgrim is hardly worth playing apart from initial training and for special issues. It is far too easy, negligible dangers, and far too many resources. However, I think Stalker has too many wolves. Interloper is very challenging but everything depends upon the random resources that you are given at the beginning. With some starts it is pretty much impossible to survive more than a few days. I prefer a custom Stalker game with the number of wolves reduced and the and the amount of loot to be found also reduced. I can't be bothered with having to spend almost all of my time fighting with wolves. It is such a long time since I set up my current game that I can't remember exactly what the custom settings were.
  15. Hawk, "... You only research the books in Survival Mode. Not in Story Mode. " Yeah, that's what I thought. For a moment I wondered if I had missed something fundamental.