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  1. This guy is surviving in the wintry wilds of Alaska, and not on a PC or console. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2019/jan/14/alaska-houseless-lifestyle-outdoors-huntings
  2. interior light needs rebalance

    I find many inconsistencies in the level of illumination inside buildings. There are so many it is too onerous to report fully.
  3. Rifle Improvement suggestions

    What about a bump stock, laser sights and a grenade launcher attachment ?
  4. Map Location optional? Please?

    Knowing where you are on the map is effectively giving you a GPS device. Having such a device would make the game too easy. TLD is about a badly equipped guy lost in the wintry outback trying to survive.
  5. Does Foot Wear Affect Sprain Probability?

    Recently I have taken to walking straight down steep snow slopes instead of taking a less steep diagonal course. This seems to have reduced sprains. Has anyone else found this?
  6. Im blue da ba de da ba doh.

    I find that new blue awful. It is bad enough outside but inside, when the room is dark, the blue overpowers everything. I hope the restore the old colours asap. There are many problems with the levels of illumination, many rooms are too dark during the daytime while others are OK. The barn at Pleasant Valley used to be darker in daytime then in night time. It seems as if night vision kicked in at night. The blue cast makes all of this much worse. Instead of things being black dark they are now dark blue.
  7. Version 1.41

    I have just been trying out v1.41. I have rabbit hat, but I'm not sure that it's worth the trouble. It's no warmer, yet heavier than the wool toque. I was out on the Coastal Highway when I switched over to v1.41 and the colours and brightness are terrible. Previously I found that inside the buildings along CH the level of illumination was much lower than in other regions. Now the interiors are brighter but outside is much brighter too. Exterior scenes look like a photo that has been over exposed by three stops. As well as being to bright the colours look very washed out. I suppose it could be the weather conditions, but I very much doubt it.
  8. I feel like a child at Xmas, and I'm 72 year old. I have a new toy. It has a thousand things that I want to try.
  9. Starvation Method

    I decided to try out this starvation technique on a new Nomad Challenge. It was interesting, Perhaps my test wasn't as scientific as it might be. The Nomad Challenge is easy and I was drinking wine copiously. It seemed that one could almost do without eating. Not eating seemed to have such a small effect on my overall condition, which is re-storable overnight, so that one might be able to survive with negligible food. I have played this challenge for 13 days, and apart from the first few days when I played normally, I have hardly eaten any food. This might sound good, but no, it isn't. It makes the game much less challenging. With very little need for food, I have very little need for cooking, very little need for collecting wood, very little need for hunting. The game becomes very easy, and I suspect, too easy, and boring, for the sort of people who contribute to this forum. This added to the great respect that I have for Hinterland. There is a very delicate balance of difficulties, easiness, and realism required to produce a game which is satisfactorily challenging and can appeal to a wide enough market to make it sell and be profitable. I first tried this game almost a year ago and have been completely hooked by it. Sadly, I find it hard to get my friends interested in the game. This brings up another positive aspect of the game. The level of comments in this forum is extremely high. Instead of the offensive, abusive comments from American school kids, I feel that 50% of the comments come from serious IT professionals. I did say that I was drinking copiously .
  10. Good load of loot from aircraft wreck

    Perhaps there needs to be multiple rates of degradation for an object. Objects just lying around unused, such as these bedrolls in TWM, should degrade much slower than objects which are in use. Of course I have no idea what the degradation algorithm is, perhaps this already applies.
  11. Good load of loot from aircraft wreck

    That explains it, thanks. TWM was the last area I visited and it was around 700 days. Lots of clothing in TWM was ruined too. The lack of bedrolls is becoming a problem. I am quite happy to just wander around exploring for many days, but occasionally I lose a bedroll to a bear or wolf and by now I suspect that all the standard bedrolls are ruined. Trying to maintain bearskin bedrolls becomes a major consideration. They deteriorate quickly and take much time to replace. It means spending much time in or near a place with a bed, a work bench and an easy to kill bear.
  12. Good load of loot from aircraft wreck

    I found three, perhaps four, bedrolls but all of them were ruined.
  13. Starvation Method

    Thanks for explaining that. I have seen past references to the subject but had no fully understood it. I think I do now. I prefer not to use such a technique, although if I was desperate, I'm sure that my moral standards probably would be prepared to compromise.
  14. I've just returned to the Mountaineer's Hut from the top of Timberwolf Mountain, (Voyager level). I got great load of loot from aircraft wreck. It took two trips to get it down. I had to leave a lot of decent stuff too. I took a standard bedroll and a bearskin bedroll intending to leave the standard bedroll high up on the mountain for emergencies. Having your bedroll destroyed in a bear or wolf attack leaves you in a very difficult situation. However I realised that the bearskin bedroll deteriorates quickly and is a problem to repair, you need another cured bearskin. At the same time I realised that if left my standard bedroll which is easy to repair, on the mountain I might have problems down below. So I brought them both back down. I was surprised not to find a usable bedroll anywhere in the TWM area.
  15. How many arrows to kill a bear?

    This bear was near a big rock with a tree trunk against it. I sneaked on to the tree and shot from there. up on the tree trunk was safe from the bear. After the first shot the bear came close and ran around in circles beneath me. The body, just below me, was an easy target. However its head was rarely visible due to the tree. Eventually I put an arrow into his head, and that was it.