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  1. One of the reasons I love the Camp Office as a base is to practice long range archery against the deer that spawns at the rail tracks ... and i've one-shotted him with some spectacularly long range shots. However, since the Redux update, I've noticed a new .... ummm .... glitch? bug? map issue? that has appeared. If he's standing on, or crossing, the tracks when you shoot him - the arrow drops out and below the railway sleeper. To retrieve the arrow requires a LOT of repositioning and crouching and creeping around it - feels like there's only a small 5x5 pixel position where you get the UI focus to pickup the arrow .... and you absolutely cannot retrieve it while the deer is still there - you have to wait for it to despawn. Picture for illustrative example - location was adjacent to the very small snow covered rock next to the tracks between the camp office and the gap through to the bunny and deer clearing below the lookout.
  2. Following up on my post a few posts above, I've just spent a week in the Muskeg on a forge run - wearing deerskin boots - returning gear I'd stashed in the Winding River cave as a preventative against glitches from the update. I took a serious amount of sprains (single and double) while in the Muskeg, it's a map I love but usually spend only short periods in and this seems to reinforce my point above that moving to a different map causes a higher chance of sprains until you get settled in the map. I also took sprains almost immediately on re-entering Mystery Lake at the side of the rail tracks between the tunnel and camp office. Screen shots of some of the locations -
  3. Are there any plans for variations in wildlife behaviour? In particular I'm thinking of wolves "shadowing" a player over a long distance, never attacking or quite being in range for a bow shot, but moving closer then moving away while staying roughly parallel to the player, sometimes slightly behind, sometimes slightly ahead. A curiosity, or awaiting opportunity, type of stalking. It would add some great levels of tension on regular routes (e.g. Camp Office to Carter Dam and back) or on longer treks (e.g. Muskeg perimeter or rail tracks, PV, etc.).
  4. Sadly, there's still a number of objects floating in mid air at the Muskeg Overlook and approaches to it. In particular I found floating at various heights off the ground ... a deer carcass, a stick, several stones and rocks, 3 pieces of cedar, and a couple of other items. Not urgent issues as they can still be interacted with / harvested.
  5. I know a particularly lonely bear in Mystery Lake that needs a new plaything - sounds like you just volunteered.
  6. LOL - you got to be kidding ... Last night I spent the whole of a 10 hour live stream going backwards and forwards between ML camp office and the big cave in Winding River to move my hoarded gear to a "safe" zone ... and I still have about a quarter of it at the camp office to be moved out. I reached day 354 of the run last night and the wolves are not happy - I killed over a dozen on them on the rail tracks just keeping the route open and safe. If I can get it finished in tonight's stream, I then have to rescue the stash at the Muskeg Forge. After that I have to move everything from Meadows Farm and Milton House to somewhere on HRV as well, which will be another 15-20 hours of game play. I have a large loot hoard in Broken Railroad too, at the engineering sheds, but I'm going to ignore that and hope it doesn't bite me. All told, I'm expecting it to be around 50 hours of effort to rescue all my loot and move it to "safe" zones ... and that's without moving the mountains of fish, meat, and firewood/sticks I've piled up at my base camps in those zones. Whilst the need to do this does add a distractive purpose to the middle-game on this run, I'd still have preferred not having to do it. [QUESTION] @Raphael van Lierop - could you or one of the team please confirm that Winding River will not be affected by the possible items loss from resetting the Mystery Lake map in the update? The thought of hauling the 300+ Kg of goods, extracted from ML, in the Winding River cave over to Pleasant Valley is not something that would be enjoyable.
  7. Gazbeard

    group survival

    It might work as a set of rolling missions ... Player one works for an aid agency and is dropped off at the dock in Desolation Point, tasked with carrying an aid package to Milton. When they die it's classed as never having reported back and someone else is sent (player 2) to find out what happened, and so on. It would need a way for loot tables to be updated based on player actions, and may need additional NPCs as info givers, but it'd be a lot of programming for essentially another game mode.
  8. Considering its current sole use in game (drawing maps) charcoal is far too heavy per piece ... no-one would attempt to draw with a piece of lumpwood charcoal of the type used for BBQs, it should be based on thin sticks and short lengths recoverable from the fire's ashes and require something like a tobacco tin to keep it in (otherwise it would crumble to dust in a pocket or backpack. The lumpwood / nugget style shown in the in game graphic would be better to create a "coal bed" for camp fires and pot-bellied stoves, not for mapping. Just my 2c worth. Still love the game regardless.
  9. @Raphael van Lierop many many thanks for the Milton Mailbag interaction with the community and for producing TLD, which I love dearly. Because of TLD I have made many very good friends around the world and we all share the game as our common interest, both as players and in many cases as streamers and video creators. Regarding the sprains "triggers", in my live streams and videos there have been instances such as the following ... Standing on the front porch at ML camp office looking at the lake for wolves, turn round to enter the front door and get double sprain. Walking from Trappers Cabin to Camp office via the rail tunnel to FM (mostly flatish the whole way) and get SIX double sprains in that one journey Standing still on a slope for several minutes watching a wolf patrol, draw the bow to shoot and get a double sprain One thing that I have noticed after over 700 hours in game streamed or recorded for videos - wearing work boots has the lowest chance of an ankle or double sprain, wearing hiking boots has the highest, with all the other shoe and boot types fairly close together in the middle. For example - wearing work boots almost exclusively during 90 days on ML I had only a very few single sprains with no double sprains, but switching to hiking boots for the traversal back to Milton led to five double sprains in the ten days that I wore them until I remembered to change into my spare work boots that I kept in Milton, after which I had no ankle or double sprains in the next 45 days before crossing into HRV. I've also noticed that the longer your run, the less regularly you get sprains (seems logical as you get more experienced travelling in the weather conditions), but with the hiccup that if you change maps then you'll get a burst of sprains during the first few weeks on the new map (even if you've spent time there before in the same run). I mainly play long run Voyageur games - my current Twitch run is approaching 350 days and has only had one sprain in the last 60-ish days spent in PV ... but that was when carrying 50kg (mainly bear meat) crossing the river bank. TLDR - it seems that hiking boots have a sprain chance multiplier both for ankle sprains and for accompanying wrist sprains.
  10. Hi DarKube - yup the run was aiming for 1000 days, but the Aurora wolves got me on the 5th night in HRV ... overall it wasn't a bad run (167 days) ended by a stupid decision to try getting back to the cave in the dark instead of hunkering down in a sheltered spot and making a camp fire until sunrise ... I guess trying to not let it get too boring because it was for youTube contributed slightly? My Twitch run is going well though - currently at day 317 or 318 and mapping out Pleasant Valley ... a.k.a. Blizzard Alley.
  11. Yup - have this happen at both ends of the ML - Ravine transition zone ... also had it happen once at the Muskeg end of the ML - FM tunnel with a downed wolf.
  12. Interloper start ... HRV? ... where's the nearest cliff to jump off? Even with a seriously well equipped character entering HRV on Voyageur 160 days into a run ... 3 days in HRV and he's dead (entire run recorded for posterity on YouTube) ... I genuinely hate that map. Any difficulty level, spawning into HRV and I instantly suicide or hit escape and cancel the save.
  13. I typically use Quonset Garage as my base in Coastal Highway - in my Twitch Voyageur run currently ... All filing cabinets and lockers, except one, are full with no remaining capacity (food & clothes) All desks are full with no remaining capacity (matches, flares, sewing kits, cloth, medicals) All floors (except the back office) are fully carpetted in animal hides with guts stacked under the tyre racks and on shelves, despite a full set of skin clothing made. The last locker is full of weapons - bows, arrows, rifles, ammo, etc The workbench drawers are full of arrow heads, carved shafts, feathers, fish hooks, fishing line, and the workbench tops are covered in tools and tool boxes. .... just realised - I forgot to use the big red tool chests - woohoo more storage drawers to fill. And outside, in car trunks or on the ground, I've got 100+ Kg of various meats ... all this and I'm only on day 297 in that run, but have relocated to PV for a change of scenery ... where on day 5 on-map, I have over 70kg of cooked meat piled at the back of the farmhouse outside the conservatory (Got me a bear on day 3 here at the road junction right next to the farmhouse) plus 12 wolf and 6 deer skins curing in the cellar. Aiming for the 1000-day badge in this run - might just stay in the farmhouse and fatten up for a while, the barn and abandoned car are close by for sleeping out to break cabin fever risk.
  14. I have a feeling that snares are currently glitched in survival mode for new starts after Vigilant Flame - check my (Voyageur 1000-day) youtube series where I dropped a line of 3 snares between the bank and house facing Grey Mother's in Milton on about day 20. They were still there (not triggered or destroyed) at day 159 when I picked them up for the move to HRV, despite having spent about 85 days in Milton interspersed with batches of time on ML, FM, Ravine, etc. In a couple of episodes, the rabbits can be seen running between the snares (even though they were almost touching each other on the corner of the house the rabbits pathed round). In another similar long run on Twitch, the snares worked fine at Meadows Farm, but again refused to catch anything in town. The main difference between the two runs is that the Twitch run is a roll-over from pre-Vigilant Flame, whereas the YouTube run began after the Vigilant Flame patch dropped.