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  1. bow in wintermute

    i dont see what that has to do with my question _-_
  2. bow in wintermute

    when i watched the trailer for the release of the reduxes i noticed that mackenzie was holding a bow at the crash site, is this actually possible or is it a part of the trailer?
  3. manual looting

    instead of the automatic looting instead you open the drawer and the PHYSYCLY NOT ON A MENU see the items in the drawer then click on them to pick them up for example look at the photo the drawer thats open and there is an item inside wouldn't that be nicer? GDFHGFUYSFGYJ.psd i edit good
  4. cougar and revolver

    cougar its like a wolf but faster and and easier to scare can be hunted for cougar hide cures after 6 days to make cougar boots or cougar jacket cougar jacket decreases the chance of detection revolver similar to the flare gun but does more damage and more range maybe a luger
  5. birds of prey

    an owl would b something nice to add to the game so they steal items that weigh less than 0.51 kilos when sleeping outside and can be hunted for 1 gut and 2 kilos of meat and owl pelt owl hood can be made with 2 owl pelt and fishing line
  6. help

    ok so every time try to do interloper i end up dying caus i spawn in places that are no were near a house what do i do i can never find any houses in pleasant valley and forlorn muskeg
  7. hopes for next update

    here are some of the things i want i the next update 1.revolver 2.access to plane crash site (starting place in story mode) 3.an owl (steals items that weigh less than 0.51 kilos from your back pack while sleeping outside) 4.different animal sizes like adult and juvenile 5.bears attack moose wolves attack moose wolves fight each other over food 6.crossbow (a better version of the bow] 7.npcs in sandbox (they can shoot you or trade) 8.owl hood [craftable from owl pelt and fishing line] 9.cougar [similar to the wolf except it spawn alone and is faster] 10.rain [a rare weather that makes cloth wet 8x faster]