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  1. Outstanding! You must be the first to have done it!
  2. I've always found it somewhere around the farm... corpse, tractor, truck, behind farmhouse, etc...
  3. It's great to have you back!!! ☺️
  4. Go That's where I find it most often.
  5. Don't know why the screenshot shows up as a long string of characters for you. I see it as a picture. Verified that I can also see a picture from my wife's laptop, too.
  6. Lookout is not new. It's a little tricky to find. There's a single birch or maple sapling at the spot. When you do find it, it should pop a message on your screen... location discovered.
  7. Now it's pretty straight forward to find them since Gecko has updated the maps found in his Travel Guide and displays the location of each Cairn by number on the maps.
  8. When I count Icons, I'm counting only the icons that are visible on the map when the map is zoomed out as stated in the Faithful Cartographer Achievement, not all those that are visible when zoomed in. Lately, I've been finding the Abandoned Camp in FM here.... I agree. I've had a lot of fun exploring all the nooks and cranny's of the maps. I think I was the first to find all the cairns. It was my own self challenge and really gave me a good feeling for what is where :-)
  9. Don't forget to enter the random Prepper's Cache at both ML and PV, as well as discovering the random Abandoned Camp at FM. Maybe those are the 3 locations you are missing?
  10. You may have missed a couple interior locations which you must enter in-order for them to increment the "Locations Discovered" counter. Here is how many locations found in each region / transition zone:
  11. Here is a list of the locations which currently do NOT increment the "Locations Discovered" count in the Journal when you first discover the location:
  12. I have documented 255 locations in a spreadsheet. Ten of those locations do NOT increment the "Locations Discovered" count in the Journal when you first find them (I've reported this as a bug). The Journal will display between 243 and 245 depending upon the number of Coastal Houses not destroyed (there can be up to two destroyed at Waterfront Cottages and the one at Log Sort may or may not be destroyed).