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  1. Oh please don't take them out. It took a lot of time and effort (admittedly it was very enjoyable) to find and document them all. If you do anything with the cairns, make finding them all an achievement
  2. ProsPex

    New Maps

    It's so exciting the first time exploring a region. The "awe factor". Can't wait till there are more :-)
  3. My vote is North of Mystery Lake, between Mountain Town and Pleasant Valley. The tunnel to the east of MT would connect to the region and the road beyond the long curve of PV would also connect to the region. Maybe add a cave system north of Unnamed Pond or Clearcut (if they rotate the ML charcoal map 90 degrees clockwise to line up with the world map). Or entry from the difficult to enter area (the almost inaccessible) to the left of the dam (if they do not rotate the ML map).
  4. I have almost identical dark spots on my map, too!
  5. Keep up the great work Hinterland! Thank you. Best sandbox game out there.
  6. Love the video! Great overview of the new features!
  7. LOL... let it be known though, that I'm happy to schedule the conference calls for later in the day as my customers only want me to do some consulting for them and I'd rather play TLD instead... Forty years in the IT business and I'm now ready to retire 😉
  8. But it's so difficult to wait..... can you believe that I'm actually scheduling my conference calls with the customers around this 🙂
  9. It's just wishful thinking on my part, but Raphael did say this in Milton Mailbag - Dispatch #31: "I'll assume you all saw the exciting news that we're releasing the next update to Survival Mode -- STEADFAST RANGER -- this Monday, May 6th? Exact timing TBD but we'll get it out in the AM Pacific if we can" I guess in the statement "AM Pacific if we can" the relative words are "if we can" 🙂
  10. Wow! Had no idea it would be released so soon! Thanks Hinterland! The only thing that would have made the news even better would be to have the release tomorrow (Friday) instead of Monday so we'd have the entire weekend to enjoy :-)
  11. And she thinks of you as being something good to eat.... or at least the recipient of a great big bear hug!
  12. Outstanding! You must be the first to have done it!
  13. I've always found it somewhere around the farm... corpse, tractor, truck, behind farmhouse, etc...
  14. It's great to have you back!!! ☺️