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  1. Up until a couple days ago we were able to click on the "report a bug" link and it would display all bugs reported. Now the link takes us to a screen on which to actually report a bug and doesn't show us the current list of bugs reported. How do we now see the current list of reported bugs?
  2. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    Any plan to add the ability to craft a sling and use it as both a hunting tool (for rabbits) and a weapon (against wolves)?
  3. Many items

    Maybe barrels full of lamp oil available at Hibernia Whale Processing from which we can refill the jerry cans?
  4. Is Mystery Lake in the Upsidown

    It's been a while since I checked, but I believe there are still four regions / transition zones with inconsistent sun movement.... Mystery Lake, Broken Railroad, Winding River (sun rises in the west in each of the three) and Pleasant Valley (sun rises in the north). And two in-game charcoal maps without north being at the top of the map (when compared to the in-game Great Bear Island map)... these are Mystery Lake and Winding River (north is to the left-side of the charcoal map in both cases).
  5. Hinterland - can you confirm cairn 117 currently does indeed exist in one of the regions / transition zones and was not actually meant to be one of the mistakenly duplicated cairn 140's found in Coastal Highway?
  6. Where is cairn #117

    One of the duplicate #140 cairns was probably supposed to have been cairn #117. Multiple times, I've thoroughly searched all regions and transition zones for it. Doesn't mean I haven't overlooked it. I could possibly be walking right past it. Just hoping someone else comes across it. It's kind of a let down finding 164 cairns but not being able to find the final one.
  7. Where is cairn #117

    Anyone know where cairn #117 can be found? Have found 164 of the 165 cairns (excluding the duplicate of #140). Even if you can only tell me which region or transition zone would help. Thanks.
  8. Valley Cave

    Have you found Pensive Vista? It's near there.
  9. If I drop the hunting rifle along the tracks between the Camp Office and the Derailment, the rifle is parallel to the tracks with the rifle stock pointing towards the Derailment (pointing towards the top of the map). Doesn’t that imply that Mystery Lake map is being displayed correctly with north being the top of the map? If anything, I would say the world map of Great Bear is incorrect. To me it looks like there should be a curve in the tunnel between ML and FM, with the tracks running N/S in ML and W/E in FM. Then when the tunnel transitions from FM to BR, there again is another curve within the tunnel with BR tracks also running N/S.
  10. Are there plans to rotate the in-game maps for Pleasant Valley and Broken Railroad 90 degrees counter-clockwise so that north is to the top of the map? All other in-game maps appear to have north at the top. This may have been answered already and if so, please provide a link to the answer.