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  1. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #23

    Agreed. I'd have no problem paying for a Survival DLC. Most of the excitement is exploring a new area for the first time.... the "wow" factor!
  2. The poor train engineer must have been terrified. First the Raven Falls Trestle shakes and breaks after crossing over and the tunnel collapses after passing through. Then a landslide derails the last eight cars, three of which tumble into the ravine. A falling tree derails two more cars and another four are derailed by yet another falling tree just as the train enters a tunnel. The earthquake shifts the tracks, tears down trees, and another seven cars are derailed. Not done yet, fourteen more derail as the engineer races for the next tunnel and it, too, collapse as the engine passes through. Upon leaving the tunnel, another landslide almost catches the remaining few cars and the locomotive where the engineer urges the train forward. Just as the engineer wonders if the upcoming bridge will be intact, falling rock, earth, and trees finally derail the locomotive and remaining four cars.
  3. Faithful Cartographer - How many locations?

    I believe one of the updates removed the Stone Church from the required locations to obtain the Faithful Cartographer achievement because the location didn't show up for some legacy saved games. Went backed and checked... in the notes for Update v1.33 [37608] — VIGILANT FLAME * [Survival Mode] Removed Stone Church from Faithful Cartographer requirements, as it was causing an issue with legacy game saves.
  4. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #20

    In addition to the in-game ML map not having north at the top, the only other in-game map I found not to have north at the top is WR. If you compare it to the world map, I think you'll agree the in-game needs to be rotated 90 degrees clockwise to match up with the world map. I also agree that the sun movement is still incorrect in ML, BR, WR and PV.
  5. Disappointing new Milton/Mountain Town map (SPOILERS)

    I seriously believe Hinterland has future plans for that area of the map. It's too large of an area and too central to the map not to utilize. Possibly redesign of the area and access to it for Astrid's journey from the crash site in Episode 3.
  6. Disappointing new Milton/Mountain Town map (SPOILERS)

    It does leave a rather large inaccessible area in the center of the map. Maybe there are future plans to build an amusement park or a winter wonderland? ? :-)
  7. Disappointing new Milton/Mountain Town map (SPOILERS)

    Be nice if Hinterland would put the two original paths and the rope climb back in for Survival. Maybe they could put scrub brush blocking the paths and then would be less likely someone playing episode 1 would try to go along those paths; however, I don't see why Hinterland wouldn't want a player to use one of the alternate routes to get to Milton. Maybe they can change the map again and include the alternate paths.
  8. When you climb down to the lower plateau at the Mountain Town Picnic area, it would be nice to have a second rope climb (or a series of rope climbs) going from the plateau to Milton Basin. After all, this is marked as a recreational climbing area.
  9. Disappointing new Milton/Mountain Town map (SPOILERS)

    That route is very close to being the same distance and takes just about as long as OP 's route.
  10. Disappointing new Milton/Mountain Town map (SPOILERS)

    I think the new map will be much more exciting for a new player to explore. Once they get to Milton they will have options to head towards Milton Park, Paradise Meadows Farm, Milton Basin, the Crashed Plane and out towards Spruce Falls Bridge and eventually the cave out there... with a one-way connection back to the new Crashed Plane route. The whole northern route will be something new to a first time player instead of being something they breezed by on their original route when they left the plane site and headed off towards Milton.
  11. Where is cairn #117

    I hope so. The Backer's quotes are insightful. Found approximately a third (about 56) had an inscription.
  12. Where is cairn #117

    Thank you Hinterland! The last update replaced one of the duplicate 140 cairns with number 117. Found all 165 cairns!
  13. Does cairn 117 exist?

    Thank you Hinterland! The last update replaced one of the duplicate 140 cairns with number 117. Found all 165 cairns!
  14. Up until a couple days ago we were able to click on the "report a bug" link and it would display all bugs reported. Now the link takes us to a screen on which to actually report a bug and doesn't show us the current list of bugs reported. How do we now see the current list of reported bugs?
  15. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    Any plan to add the ability to craft a sling and use it as both a hunting tool (for rabbits) and a weapon (against wolves)?