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  1. As far as I can tell, the new soundtrack released in Vigilant Flame is not in the game's OST you can buy on Steam and Bandcamp. This is the only thing stopping me from buying it, because these are one of my favourite tracks and I would love to listen to them on their own. Will there be an updated version or will these release along Ep. 3 in Volume Two, perhaps? Thanks for your answer. :-)
  2. At the beggining of episode 1, Will drags out the broken shard from his hand. Then there's the section with memories. After this section ends, he drags the shard out again. Why is this happening? Is this a bug or did I understand this incorrectly?
  3. Have you ever considered adding multiple skins for items? For instance, crowbar is always blue. I think it would be interesting to also have a red crowbar. Even more interesting would be to have multiple skins for items like the rifle, I understand that this would be a bit harder to implement, but I'm already seeing myself abandoning my 100% rifle in exchange for a one with a terrible condition, but a nicer colour. This could extend even to animals - wolfs, for instance, could have some different shades of grey, or even white. Bears could be brownish, or completely black. Along with the first person clothing, this would be a change that wouldn't really affect the gameplay, but would improve the game a lot, in my opinion.
  4. That's great news, thanks for sharing, Raphael. :-) I really hope that first-person clothing is still planned. I know that from a gameplay perspective, it's not so important, but I think it would really improve the game a lot.
  5. Will we ever be able to work with lantern fuel the same way we can with water? Dropping only a bit of a fuel instead of the whole can or even defueling storm lanterns would be a great addition, imo. Thanks for your answer! :-)
  6. Yup. It's not a huge problem, but it has been in the game for so long it's ridiculous.
  7. I'm happy that stamina bar is now showing everything correctly again. I have a question - will the bug with the head gear slots in the inventory menu being swapped ever be fixed? It feels like it has been in the game forever and I see people making fun of it everywhere. I can't figure out why wasn't it fixed already. Is there a reason or is it just not a priority, currently? Thanks for your response.
  8. But why do you even lock the cabin? The player can still go to grey mother's, even after you complete every single quest in Ep. 1, so I don't really see a point.
  9. SPOILERS FOR EPISODE 2 OF WINTERMUTE: After fighting the Old Bear, Jeremiah kicks you out of his homestead and you can't go back. The game puts everything you had in his cabin in your inventory. I can't help but wonder... why? To me, it was quite a hude problem, because I was REALLY encumbered. I've also read some posts from different players that couldn't even move and they thought it was a bug, since they couldn't reach the door and see that it's locked.
  10. I disagree. As much as I love Wintermute and Survival, Hinterland should be currently focused only on Wintermute, in my opinion. I personally really don't mind and I know that Ep. 3 was delayed with the release of REDUX, but I absolutely understand that people are angry about how long it takes - episodes 1 and 2 were released in August 2017, which is almost 2 years now. That's a bit crazy.
  11. Yup! Just ask your question in this thread: :-)
  12. Fluffy was really difficult to deal with and it gave heart attacks to new players, so I think it was wise to remove her, but have you ever considered adding her back to the game through custom settings or something? I really don't think she should be added back to normal difficulties (or at least not pilgrim and voyageur), but it would be nice to have a way to bring her back.
  13. Is Hinterland's logo inspired in any way by the logo of Mozilla Firefox? They seem.... oddly similar. :-D
  14. I've always considered playing TLD in my native language (Czech) with a community translation, but I don't like the one that's currently on Steam, so I've wanted to create my own one. When I was browsing through that Google Document, I discovered that it's pretty old and it wasn't updated for a very long time. Do you plan to update it or is there any way to translate the stuff that's not in there? :-)