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  1. Never seen this message before.

    Is it possible that a wolf had been chewing on it? Also, is the bear scripted for that behavior too?
  2. Share your screenshots

    A bit late, but here's the 4DON Victory Party. As you can see, Yorik let all that coffee go to his head.
  3. Anti-Wish List: Never, ever, ever....

    I may not be expressing it as well, since I'm sick. But, I got some meds today, so maybe that'll cure me.
  4. Anti-Wish List: Never, ever, ever....

    It was.
  5. Anti-Wish List: Never, ever, ever....

    ...ever, ever, put in illnesses like the flu, the comon cold, or eboli (the unholy union of ebola and E. coli) into the game. Seriously, it would be miserable if Will/Astrid had to endure it while trying to survive. Don't do it. Chicken noodle soup, please!
  6. Share your screenshots

    Maybe they were duds. I've shot plenty of surplus 8mm Mauser rounds, and would occasionally have a few fail to fire because the primers went bad.

    Gobies. An unstoppable horde of gobies flying out of the ice hole to attack. Of course, that's just the diversionary group. The main group has used the ensuing chaos as cover, in order to steal your sardine cans.

    I always assumed that this takes place in the west coast region of Canada. If so, the Smallmouth Bass would not be native to this region. Their presence is easily explained if they were artificially stocked in the lakes and ponds from a fish hatchery. A while back, I had suggested such a hatchery, in the wishlist, for a future map.
  9. More Food and Soda Pop Ideas

    There's one canned item that seems glaringly omitted in the suggestions: Canned Maple Syrup
  10. The Long Dark New Year's Resolutions

    That sounds like a recent last-minute addition.
  11. The Long Dark New Year's Resolutions

    Finally post my Day 4 pictures from 4DON. Survive 500 days. Start building a camper trailer IRL.
  12. Regarding The Choice With Hobbs

    Maybe seemingly splattered by a storage container. I'd also go for the snowman hit by a car, with the head resting on the hood (not pictured). Nice to see fellow Calvin & Hobbes fans. It makes me want to pull out the old books. Ooooo.... How about a cardboard box with "Duplicator" drawn on the side? -From Scientific Progress goes "Boink!"
  13. Adding Alcohol

    Hey, I already asked for a still. Tongue-in-cheek, of course.
  14. confusing ur head with one single choice

    I can't tell the difference between Whizzo Butter and this dead crab.
  15. What is this Wonderful Thing!!

    The Killer White Rabbit of Caerbannog!!!