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  1. DAY 2 (spoilers)

    Good looking spot! I'm debating if I should make the move to a cave now (and hope aurora wolves leave me alone for day 3) or maybe try to move at the end of day 3. I'm worried the aurora wolves won't care about my fires
  2. DAY 2 (spoilers)

    Man that would be brutal. RIP all the survivors hoarding loot in a safehouse ...wait that's me
  3. DAY 2 (spoilers)

    I think the northern one seems safer to stay in but maybe slightly more dangerous to travel to.
  4. DAY 2 (spoilers)

    I'm doing this too on my 'safe' save. I'm thinking it should be fine for day 2 and maybe 3. Worried about what day 4 will bring though... "A cold embrace" sounds suspiciously like a day designed to make us survive outside in a blizzard while keeping a fire going. I'm trying to decide if it's worth braving the wolves to haul some wood to a cave somewhere just incase..
  5. 4DON Late Start/Catch-up [Potential Spoilers]

    Well I got bit within 30 minutes . Luckily I had found a knife and got him before he got me. Tried to spook him with a flare... didn't go as planned lol
  6. 4DON Late Start/Catch-up [Potential Spoilers]

    I have two saves going. The first I had enough time Day 1 to collect a rifle, 20 rounds, half decent clothes and enough food/water to bunker up to get the badges. However my second save is completely fresh starting during day 2. I'm thinking I'll do this every day just to enjoy the challenge while still holding on to my coward-survivor. My game plan is to hit jackrabbit, fishing houses and then to ML. I don't think there's much of a way to 'catch up' to the level of what day 1 loot fest allowed, but I'm thinking this might be more fun anyway . My advice would be to play slow and careful if you purely want to survive the 2H for the badges. But if you want to be more adventurous I'd go straight for the JOL caches fending wolves off with your FL, flares and fires along the way. GL out there!
  7. Fishing tips N trix

    I find I catch more fish per hour if I fish for several hours straight rather than 1 hour at a time (can anyone confirm?) So I just haul raw fish for later cooking. Sometimes I leave it all in the hut for later if my run back is dangerous. If I have to have a fire I bring a pot and just cook water for 3 hours or w/e. I never trust exposed fires for cooking unless I can babysit them.
  8. My moms opinion on TLD

    "But Ma! You never let me freeze in the forest in real life so that's why I got this game" That's what I say to mine anyway
  9. Firelog... emblem?

    Probably is.... OR ITS ILLUMINATI
  10. Fire starter priority- lit torches

    I think the best solution would be to design the order based around emergencies and logic. So anything already lit should be first priority. Second is firestriker. Then matches and finally lens. Would satisfy wolf encounters as well as prevent matches being needlessly wasted. The fuel priority should also default to highest % chance I think.
  11. Bears wear football helmets now?

    I've heard this but I've also had bears bleed out for me recently so they must at least sometimes
  12. Share your screenshots

    I may be freezing and starving to death.... but at least I have style and a nice smelling house! Nature is depicted beautifully in this game, but I think the interior spaces are wonderful as well and might be taken for granted sometimes (usually I'm too busy scrounging for loot )
  13. Reading: smaller segments? Assessing game mechanics

    lol. Well I'll get back to you once I've either built the game from scratch with my changes, created a mod or joined the Hinterland team... Or I'll just say what I WOULD do (or more accurately what I WOULD LIKE to see happen). That's the point of the Wish List forums silly
  14. Fun in the dark in the sun

    What about civil sarcasm?
  15. Noticed this twice now. First time I was way up on a cliff looking down in PV (seemingly too far to be detected). There was a bear at the bottom of the cliff almost directly below me. You can imagine my surprise when I see him rear up on two legs and then begin charging around the nearest footpath up the mountain! Second time was just now. I was up on the Lake Overlook area in ML. I was again looking down a cliff and noticed 2 wolves that were acting strangely. They weren't patrolling. Instead they seemed like they were on a direct path that took them right past the camp office. I thought nothing of it and continued looking around for sticks. I had no smell. Well, after a few minutes I hear footsteps coming up the hill right towards me. I crouch and begin backing off but it's too late. The wolf crests the hill and charges. This is on Interloper but I had a heavy hammer and was rested so I beat him off without much damage. I then heard his buddy begin his charge. I took off running and barely made it to the rope leading down. The climbing animation saved me from the second wolf. Now I know it is possible that these wolves were just patrolling and maybe heard me when they got close enough. But I hadn't seen wolves around there before and something tells me the 2 wolves were the same ones I saw making a bee-line for the exact path I had taken up the hill. My theory is that they smelled/heard me from the bottom of the cliff as I was looking over it and they went into "investigation" mode. So... be careful when looking down cliffs lol