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  1. Hello Everyone!

    Welcome to the forums @DerpyLemon115 . Hope you enjoy your stay!
  2. Share your screenshots

    That's a great screenshot, that probably took a lot of time to make! Great job @piddy3825 !
  3. survival: the procedurally generated story mode

    Thanks for joining us and it's great to hear that you're enjoying the game. We hope you get as much out of joining us here as you clearly do playing the game!
  4. A lone survivor

    Hi Zachary! Welcome to The Long Dark & Hinterland's community! I'll try to take a look at your story. It's great to see people getting inspired by the game and taking their experiences and creating something new with them.
  5. MRE's : the spice of life living in the post apocalypse

    Ha ha. I just spent a bunch of money on a backpack. I think that if I bought an MRE right now my wife would be quite annoyed with me. Tinned sardines, however, they're not that bad.
  6. MRE's : the spice of life living in the post apocalypse

    You're all living much more adventurous lives than me! The closest I've ever been to an MRE, or a situation that required an MRE, was playing The Long Dark.
  7. Hallo

    Welcome to the forums! This is definitely the best place to be to hear about The Long Dark right from the horse's mouth.
  8. Animal skin crafting sugestion

    Moved to Wish List.
  9. Favorite Classic Video Game

    So many to list... My go-to is Elevator Action. It's a really fun game, simple but well designed. There was a Dexter's Lab version of it on GameBoy Advance awhile ago that I liked a lot.
  10. Greetings from a truck driver.

    Welcome to the forums and we're glad to hear that you've been enjoying The Long Dark.
  11. Pancakes... Pancakes for everyone!

    Welcome. I'm always happy to see people making the move from Steam.
  12. Hi folks!

    Welcome! Great to see people making the move from Steam.
  13. Revert Animal Behavior While Passing Time

    Let’s keep the ad hominem attacks off the forums. We can disagree without being snippy. Thanks.
  14. IF not already...

    Calm it down a bit people. No need to fight. Closing thread as it’s already off the rails.
  15. Constructive criticism of Milton Mailbag

    That's good feedback. We were wanting to get something out before the end of Friday and the immediacy of Twitter clearly made that possible. However going forward when we do these we'll do our best to ensure that the forums have their say. In our view the forums are our primary home for interactions with players. In terms of the answers, well we're glad you're debating them here. Thanks for starting this off @EricTheGreat12!