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  1. Bear hunting

    Bears will not necessarily flee towards their cave - they will just flee, possibly even into the polar opposite direction. Once they calm down they will try to reach their cave - that's correct - but might die en route. Depending on where you hit the bear it takes up to eight hours for it to bleed out from a rifle shot, while it takes a maximum of 4 hours with a bow. Hitting the head will not only have the biggest chance of a one-shot (i.e. critical hit) but also make the bear bleed out the fastest. I also think there is some sort of hitpoint based damage involved in this. I've had occasions where I put five arrows into the same bear, but never more than three bullets. This might be due to higher accuracy of the rifle - but I actually suspect that bullets do more upfront damage.
  2. Jerry can or Jerry can't?

    I suspect the duality in kerosene canisters to be a remnant from a design state in which there was no automatic creation for these containers and/or there was no way to replenish lamp oil reserves, period. It makes perfect sense that you would find jerry cans in the world, so maybe it originally was just a different flavor of basically the same loot, much like very similar food items co-exist. Another thing I could think about is that they might have been intended to be used to pump gasoline from cars. Some cars actually have gas caps, and assuming most of the cars you find died in the aurora, that, too, would make perfect sense.
  3. Newbie Survivor Log

    It would. It's actually a game mode I've proposed before, basically shifting focus heavily towards battling the environment instead of wildlife. You could even play Interloper with "passive" wildlife like on Pilgrim, which wouldn't even be unrealistic and still very much challenging. Basically all you'd have to do is flip "Passive Wildlife" on and you'd have wolves and bears that actually evade you unless you directly threaten them - in which case they'd still make up for formidable opponents. The key is to break line of sight. They will let you walk away for a very long time as long as you keep your distance, but follow you as long as they can see you. Dodging behind a rock or even a tree and crouching with enough distance between you and the wolf does the trick more often than not. Keep an open ear. Once they howl in despair about losing their prey you're safe - at least from that wolf. Running from wolves doesn't help a lot except for gaining initial distance if the wolf is already close. If you run from a wolf that is already tracking you it will keep up and you will tire.

    I think that's a fair warning. It's like making a software update on your mom's PC like saying "mom, stuff's gonna be fine, but maybe you wanna thumb drive those pictures of yours just in case the stars align just the wrong way".
  5. Newbie Survivor Log

    You've got - as usual - the right instincts here. Stalker is hard in that you just face so many more wolves. Interloper is hard in that a single wolf has a very good chance of being your end. I tend to compare Stalker and Interloper to playing Duke Nuke'em vs. Splinter Cell. Personally, after you established yourself - which takes some knowledge and planning - I find Interloper actually easier. The start can be harsh or outright impossible, but if you make it to having a knife and a bow plus a few arrows you're good.
  6. Newbie Survivor Log

    @Czhilli+1 I merely wanted to encourage her to not evade challenges too long as I took forever to seriously tackle Interloper - and it turned out to be not even that hard (compared to 500+ day Stalker runs)
  7. Newbie Survivor Log

    Before I started playing Interloper I thought it's impossible to go anywhere without a bedroll. Then I lived 60 days on Timberwolf Mountain without even a bed. What I'm trying to say: you rise to the challenge quicker than you think.
  8. I'm kind of a hoarder myself. It's not as bad playing on Interloper as the amount of stuff is rather limited, but on Stalker it gets pretty serious. My longest so far game on Stalker, which went past 700 days, saw me running out of space on the floor to put things in the cave in The Raven Falls Railroad aka The Ravine cave. I tend to loot a region, get everything I deem valuable and then "close" that region. I've done something similar on my Sleepwalker LvL 4 run, where I hauled about 120 kilograms of stuff from the cave in the Basin all the way up to the Farm just recently. Just that small distance took me a week. I'm not the biggest fan of multiple bases either. When I have no reason to revisit an area why would I maintain a "safe house" that is not my main base towards that area. It's something else with places I know I will revisit. Best example is probably Spence's on longer runs. I keep that place stuffed when I leave because I will eventually return, as well as usually the Poachers Camp since it's probably the easiest to reach safe place on the entire map which otherwise really is quite the pain.
  9. Transport Stream. VLC can play that, for instance. Basically MPEG2 with video and audio interleaved (or multiplexed) instead of seperated. Several DVB standards use this format, it's also common among several not-super-new consumer grade camcorders. The distinction between TS and the MPEG2 you find on DVDs is basically that DVDs have their audio and video seperated, while TS gives you little bits of video and audio alternatingly in the same file.
  10. The name is Walker, Sleep Walker

    Maybe I'm a bit anglo-centric here, but in my very much humble opinion English is a language that gets you pretty far in the internet age. It's worth learning ;-)
  11. The name is Walker, Sleep Walker

    I'm not much of a narrator. Plus actually making videos - which even at minimum level includes cutting, footage selection, rendering, etc - would completely kill my time budget I am already over-using for TLD. And yes, all of that would have to be included, because nobody wants to watch a 4 hours video of some random doode playing TLD. What people want to see is 10-15 minutes condensed gameplay or actual streams, and having a family and an on-call job - two factors that make it impossible for me to just shut the door and play 2 hours straight - streaming is out of the question. Plus I would guess being French it's even harder to listen to a German talking English with a notable accent. Maybe I will make a gameplay videos at some point, but then it'll be another format than this and I really don't want to make any promises. I agree. There's this and there's that. Streaming has its "market" but it's clearly saturated. Opposed to that only a handful of people are writing Survival Stories / Logs on these forums. As much as I do this for myself I like getting some recognition, and my stories are actually quite well read here on the forums. Don't think that many people would bother on youtube or twitch. Thank you for liking the style! Thank you! And I will, albeit a bit slower from now on since I've got quite a lot of work up until the holidays and following that as well. Alright then. That pretty much makes it more than just valid. Maybe I will consider it in a another run!
  12. The name is Walker, Sleep Walker

    Into level 3 maybe if you find all there is. Further .... nah.
  13. A Few Dead Men

    It is. If they take the bait they shut up immediately.
  14. What are those bloody bags ?

    Exactly right. Quartering them makes them respawn faster. Good point. Unless you hunt wolves for food (as I do on occasion :D) you shouldn't quarter them indeed.
  15. What are those bloody bags ?

    I guess the main thing here to note is that it really is a carcass, technically as @Doc Feralnoted. So it doesn't benefit from being outside or suffers from being inside. It just decays. How fast exactly depends on your difficulty, but generally it decays four times as fast as raw meat outside, while only at 40% the rate of raw meat inside. Even on interloper you have several days time to harvest the meat. Also do remember that cooking adds 50% condition to meat. So unless you let it decay below 20% before cooking there is practically no chance of contracting food poisoning. Something worth noting about quarters is that they are twice heavy as the meat harvestable. So 9.8 kilograms of deer will result in 4 bags of 4.9 kilograms each, but each bag will only yield 2.45 kilograms of harvestable meat. About the wisdom of quartering: I basically found it worthless for the longest time, but actually @BareSkin's arguments were eye opening to me. Basically: one hour to harvest guts, hide and make the meat transportable == nobrainer. Unless you really just need (parts of) the meat it is most of the time favorable to quarter the beast and harvest the meat somewhere safe (base, cave, otherwise safe shelter).