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  1. Once....loooong time ago....found a flair gun. But nothing there since a few years now...but we keep checking.
  2. Mouse cursor & misclicks

    As it has been the past few years, I always seem to return to TLD after a break. And one thing that really struck me again when returning recently is how much time I waste dancing around sticks and stones with my controller while trying to pick them up...bouncing around the object like...left, no right...left again...no right again...ooh up a bit...no not that much...ooh little bit down click click click click click click....oh little bit left again.....tHERE YOU GO....one stick picked up. That cursor just seems to jump over and not picking it up so often.On Interloper, so much time wasted mis-clicking. I would love a change in that mouse cursor so it might cover a bigger area....or be more responsive to sticks and stones in particular cos I literally start asking myself whether it's worth the time to stop here for this one stick...or piece of coal...and although it always is....honestly...I'm wasting a lot of time with my cursor mis-clicking small items. And changing my sensitivity is not really the answer cos then my movement will just be slower...so not worth setting that down just to collect sticks.
  3. Aurora Hunting = Aurora Pelts

    I suppose it will be a good mod to have that will work well in conjunction with the Relentless Night mod. However.. supernatural is the Aurora...so, perhaps in this type of scenario, the Aurora is both your biggest threat and your most important resource.
  4. Aurora Hunting = Aurora Pelts

    Since the Aurora is the cornerstone of TLD (without it there would have been no crash), I would love to see the Aurora offer a permanent benefit in the long run. What if you could hunt all animals during Aurora...and not just wolves...but even rabbits are aggressive. By hunting when the Aurora is out, you get to obtain their glowing pelts...and with cured Aurora pelts in hand, you can craft gear that offers an even bigger benefit. Best of all, your gear has a green, luminescence glow from the Aurora. Craft your full set, and no animals will attack you at all unless the Aurora is out, and provided you're wearing Aurora gear in all slots, of course. This may make it harder to hunt, but Aurora gear provides permanent safety (outside of the normal Aurora crazy animal time). Also, with the glow, you can travel through caves, for example, without needing a light source...seeing as your gear has slight glow (think Pipboy from the fallout series..but maybe not as bright so it's not a complete substitute for a light source). This would make the game more compelling as well as marry with the story line "realism" of this scenario. Moreover...this could be how you eventually conquer the long dark in a world that's forever getting colder and darker. Just you...the glowing night hunter...trying to survive.