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  1. Please don't fix this... That light makes you feel so good when the blizzard has you...and you're tired...and losing health fast...but suddenly you come around that corner....and the warmth of that light beckons you home...It gives me a boost of endorphins just seeing it. This bug I love.
  2. Yep, this is 100% true. Like EA, Blizzard, and all the other gaming companies who are pushing microtransactions and do not care what the majority of player base actually wants anymore. Releasing games half completed, and glitchy...with RNG rigged to keep you spending. Which is why they are in trouble at the moment. Blizzard built a whole franchise on giving pc players exactly what they wanted. But that's all gone now when Diablo was announced on mobile. Hinterland, on the other hand, are very interested in what players have to say at this point. But...at the end of the day, it's a bit sad that the one game we really want to support and spend more money on, we can't. I would gladly take out my credit card and give Hinterland twice as much as I paid for this game right now. I'm begging for a chance to give them my money...
  3. I think perhaps you have misread me. I am not trying to dictate to Hinterland anything, and I'm not sure how you drew that conclusion? In fact, Hinterland has many ideas for DLC already...but they cannot put effort into it because Wintermute has backed them into a corner by their own admittance. Fear of a backlash is actually stifling the project, not aiding it. I'm in Hinterland's corner here... They would already have released DLC content had it not been fear of this backlash. Again, I'm not against Wintermute at all, and its an integral part of TLD which must be completed. But for $20 i paid....damn...I'm not gonna cry. Plus, the obvious part is, a DLC sooner than later means more money to Hinterland, which will make everything better in the long run...even Wintermute.
  4. Let's agree on this point at least. I'm not saying Wintermute is irrelevant. Just,...speaking for myself....the sense of entitlement that many people feel is not with me. I don't feel like Hinterland has disappointed me or owe me anything, and i also don't feel like they owe me an apology for anything. The thought actually makes me blush. I would be embarrassed to kick and scream and complain to Hinterland over something they committed to that was obviously a bad idea. If anything....I'm grateful to Hinterland for TLD.
  5. Lohaan

    Episode 3?

    There are many who have complete faith in Hinterland devs. They haven't disappointed. However long it takes to complete Wintermute, we're sticking around for it.
  6. Not abandon, guy. Just...Hinterland shouldn't feel backed in a corner like they're held hostage to these episodes. Give us a way to give you more money so that the whole project can benefit. I mean....DLCs means more money to the overall project, right....contributing to the overall success...right? Have they disappointed so far? Maybe just on these episodes and the time it's taking. But...also...perhaps the ones who played since early access and grown with the franchise are more inclined to appreciate all the changes that have already been implemented to make is so much better....
  7. I'm not really sure what you mean? There's already split between console and pc players...and there always will be. PC players are running mods to enhance the experience anyway.....and the pc vs console communities are always split. The core survival can still remain the same.... as similar as Pilgrim is to Interloper xD....but i would love to throw a few dollars into my sandbox experience to add a few more "things"... Like the mods im using to get some extra "stuff" in my game....like improving the night sky, and binoculars.....and other "stuff" from Wulfmarius' mods on github. Console players will never have that...and too bad for them...cos it really enhances TLD and makes it even better.
  8. Mac and cheese? You're not really making a solid comparison here. And...games with a story? You're saying there's no immersion in Sandbox? There....you can create your own story...and roam free. Dude if you're gonna play Wintermute for the next 5 years over and over, I get your point. But if you're just gonna blast through it in a week...well...ok i suppose. Worth all the disappointment over story mode? I think this is more a case of.... How dare they say they're gonna give me 5 episodes and then take their sweet time about it. How dare they make me wait. But...i don't feel like that. I love everything they've done since the start. And i trust them. And I will wait patiently for the next 5 years for Wintermute if that's what it takes. And I'm not alone in that.
  9. Nope. Honestly, I created this post based on everything outside this forum. In one Facebook poll, 80% voted they wanted a DLC before Wintermute is completed. Because...most people play Sandbox. Wintermute only kept them busy for a few days...and then what? We have faith in Hinterland, and we know it will be worth the wait. Don't get me wrong. I want 5 episodes. I just want more options and more stuff added to my Survival Sandbox....and at the moment the backlash over episodes taking so long seems a bit unjust. Most of the complainers have no clue what goes into game design and it really feels a bit childish with the "but you said you were gonna do it...now gimme my episodes boohoo!!" Like...come on...give the majority what they want. We don't care how long Wintermute takes.
  10. Of course, finishing the story would be amazing. Having played since early release and eventually purchasing the game, Wintermute actually does not interest me that much. Don't get me wrong...it's amazing. I love every bit of it. But i blast through it just to get back to sandbox. In terms of spending additional money of clothes pack....i don't do that either...but TLD is different. I really want to spend some money on it... I spent more money than i should have on Hearthstone...and i bought an Xbox just to play Red Dead Redemption 2...and 2 months later i was done and and back to TLD. Challenges as a DLC...sure why not...not really my thing...unless...like i mentioned...the challenge is to track and kill the Alpha Wolf on TWM...or something like that. I want more elements added to my Sandbox to be honest. For now, fingers are crossed the modding community really takes off...but i genuinly and truly want to support this project somehow...and I'm convinced that the majority of players feel the same. They would gladly pay for silly stuff like clothing packs and more animals for example. I honestly and truly don't care when Wintermute finishes.... It's only gonna entertain me for a few days...and a second playthrough again when i'm 50 maybe. I'm not saying it's not an integral part of the game. TLD won't be complete without all 5 Episodes. But...please give us a way to spend some money right now on a game we actually truly feel passionate about - and stop Wintermute from holding this whole project hostage.
  11. To get right to the point...most of us don't care that Wintermute is taking so long. Yes, there are a lot of complaints...but...honestly...they are the minority...and they shouldn't dictate the pace of TLD. In the end, we'll all be happy...and continue playing Sandbox forever. We've all gotten our money's worth out of Hinterland already....so....is there any chance of a DLC in the near future - like more craftable items....a fishing hut in Forlorn Muskeg....more animals to hunt...hell...even a badass Alpha male wolf on Timberwolf Mountain with a special pelt? Anything at all? We're grateful for TLD...and we'll take anything right now. We're dying to give you more money @Raphael van Lierop so forget about the backlash over these gotdamn episodes...and please give us an option to help this project along.
  12. In a recent Facebook pole in The Long Dark Community, the question was posed...." Would you be angry at Hinterland if they offered a dlc before all the episodes were completed?" I can tell you...without having looked at the results...what the answer is. But this comment summed it up best: "Honestly, I feel like I’ve gotten my money’s worth in entertainment and then some. Whatever Hinterland wants to do is okay by me." 72% of voters said that they wanted DLC content...and they wanted to give Hinterland more money and they would pay anything for some additional sandbox content right now. And we're not talking new regions here. We're talking...a new craftable gear pack with more options for clothes...some more animals to hunt like otters and snowy owls, a DLC that adds a fishing hut to Forlorn Muskeg perhaps...you know...some smaller things to add to the game. Of course, we don't want to turn TLD into a micro-transactions cesspit (like many of the other games we actually dropped money on and stopped playing again). At 41 years of age...and having played games since the age of 3...I can say with surety...there has never been anything like TLD...and I imagine I will never stop playing it. And that means Sandbox...not Wintermute. And many share the sentiment. So, will there be a backlash? Of course... There are people who can't wait to fling poop whenever they get a chance. And a lot of them are just kids who act like spoilt little kids. But, just ask yourself....are you really going to be playing Wintermute for the rest of your life? So why complain about it while you continue to enjoy the Sandbox? Cos once you've completed Wintermute, you'll be back Sandbox again for 1000s more hours .... Sandbox is TLD. Wintermute is TLD tutorial. But think of it this way.... When you order food in a restaurant and it takes longer to come out of the kitchen than you imagined, you're sitting there irritated and angry cos of the bad service. Once the food arrives and you set your gaze upon it, however, you already you start to feel better. Take the first bite, and your attitude softens up. 4 bites in, and you're thinking...THAT WAS WORTH THE WAIT....and that's what stays with you when you're done. Unless you're a complete child about everything. It doesn't matter how long it takes to complete the episodes...the majority of players will be satisfied with it in the end....and the time spent waiting won't matter anyway. The point is this... if you're afraid of a backlash...well...it's inevitable. People are going to complain no matter what. But, with small DLCs, at least we can support this project and help things along with $20 here and there... So, come on Rapha...please consider giving us the chance of throwing some more money your way...so we can help with the development of this project....and let the kids complain as much as they want...We've all got our money's worth already...and we really want to give you more money so we can all see this project reach its full potential.
  13. Once....loooong time ago....found a flair gun. But nothing there since a few years now...but we keep checking.
  14. As it has been the past few years, I always seem to return to TLD after a break. And one thing that really struck me again when returning recently is how much time I waste dancing around sticks and stones with my controller while trying to pick them up...bouncing around the object like...left, no right...left again...no right again...ooh up a bit...no not that much...ooh little bit down click click click click click click....oh little bit left again.....tHERE YOU GO....one stick picked up. That cursor just seems to jump over and not picking it up so often.On Interloper, so much time wasted mis-clicking. I would love a change in that mouse cursor so it might cover a bigger area....or be more responsive to sticks and stones in particular cos I literally start asking myself whether it's worth the time to stop here for this one stick...or piece of coal...and although it always is....honestly...I'm wasting a lot of time with my cursor mis-clicking small items. And changing my sensitivity is not really the answer cos then my movement will just be slower...so not worth setting that down just to collect sticks.