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  1. Not anywhere to the degree I would like. Even on the lowest settings animals are everywhere and starvation is no threat at all.
  2. I would love a realism setting where the threats are starvation and cold primarily. Cabbins need to be kept warm, animals are scarce, and getting into a fight with a wolf is way more serious than it currently is. Cold could increase calorie burn too. This is way too much work for the devs though, so my real hope is that they open the game up well to modding so people can make a realism setting.
  3. odizzido

    Hot rocks

    Interesting. I still want to see for myself IRL at some point. Assuming you're correct however, I should change the title to hot water. I know the thermal capacity of water is very good.
  4. odizzido

    Hot rocks

    I've never played don't starve...and I would be shocked that this wouldn't work in real life. I will try it next time I have a camp fire. I just can't imagine that carrying hot rocks wouldn't provide any warmth. The idea would be to have a dozen or two dozen stones in your pockets that have been in a campfire. They'd be quite hot and provide a few degrees of warmth for a while.
  5. One thing I would like to add is that I don't think we should need to thaw meat to eat it...we could eat frozen meat. What it should give is a cooling down debuff and perhaps take longer to munch through it. Could even possibly reduce the number of calories you get from it since your body would use more to keep warm but honestly I would rather see that added as a general mechanic, not something just for food.
  6. odizzido

    Hot rocks

    It would be cool if we could heat up stones by a fire for some extra warmth, trading weight for warmth, giving us another option for preparing for going outside, and choices to make if we need to drop the weight.
  7. I use autohotkey to do things like pick up piles of sticks. It's very effective.
  8. I really like this. If wildlife were more unpredictable the game would feel more alive. One thing I thought of is to have wolf aggression based on how much other wildlife there is around. It doesn't make sense for a wolf to attack you if there are plenty of rabbits for it to eat. Why take that risk? But if you've hunted all of the rabbits perhaps the wolf would get hungry enough to take the enormous risk of attacking a human.
  9. Wolves already suicide at your doorstep constantly. Adding a way to bait them in will just give you even more wolf meat. Mountains of wolf meat, you could make a meat fortress. How well can wolves smell frozen meat BTW? I really don't know.
  10. I really do wish we had more control over actual spawn rates. A % slider would be cool, so you could set bears to 1% and see maybe one every 600 days
  11. I like seeing fanart so I decided to share mine. I am not an artist, but I hang out with someone artistic. I decided to give my art skills a go and this is what turned out(sorry I don't have a proper link) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dT0P3wQX-GBo50vnILccg2HkkLTQalf_/view?usp=sharing Inspired by
  12. My biggest problem with quartering an animal is that it takes long enough that you're likely to freeze doing it. If you play with very low or no regen this is a serious problem and the reason why I never seem to use the feature.
  13. I think they should play their own game and go a month or two without finding a bedroll. Maybe then they will see the need for the option. edit-------------- Maybe the issue is they know their own game too well? For me I will decide not to wander off because I know if I cannot find a bed I will die. Once I find or make a bedroll I am free to explore, but until then it's very risky to me. If you know where all the sleeping locations are you're fine though so yeah.
  14. There are a lot of things I would do in this game generally, such as use the lantern to start fires or build traps for the army of wolves, which I would cook properly so I wouldn't get parasites.
  15. Thanks for the update I always like reading them