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  1. Armor-piercing Ammo

    by 303 I assume you guys mean 7.62x51? If you want something a bit beefier 7.92x57 seems like it would be a good choice? It exists, could be fired from an older rifle, and has 60% more energy.
  2. Dev Diary - November 2018

    Why? Apparently current owners will still get updates on gog? I don't understand.
  3. Dev Diary - November 2018

    Just going to mention for the people who don't want their saved games wiped. Get the gog version, you can update it whenever you want
  4. Ouch, that sounds really painful. However I do think that it should depend on how much you're wearing and the fire itself. If you have two thick socks and combat boots on with deerskin pants, jeans, and two layers of thermal underwear....I don't think stepping on a fire made out of a single stick is going to do anything at all. Obviously that's an extreme example, the other end being stuffing your naked head in a forge full of coal. But yeah, somewhere between those is where damage should start to occur.
  5. Save Button! - reason: Windows 10

    I plan to move to linux actually. I am still on 7, but when I upgrade my hardware I am planning on running linux and installing 7 as a gaming VM for when I need it.
  6. Save Button! - reason: Windows 10

    Yeah W10 still sucks. It was just a few weeks ago that they pulled their latest version because it was deleting people's stuff. What a disaster of an OS, I am glad I don't have to deal with it at home.
  7. Anorexic Rabbit

    All the animals are anorexic in this game. You can probably eat an entire deer AND an entire bear in less than a month in this game.
  8. Broken Arms And Legs

    I can see it now, both of your legs break while just walking on a road, then you try to make splints and your arms snap like they're made of balsa wood. You lay on the road helpless while that 10g of meat attracts the never-ending army of wolves.
  9. Windows 10 crashes

    /barf windows 10. I am curious, why aren't you using the 1050? Is it slower than your current IGP?
  10. Bed Reading with warmth bonus

    I mean in real life. The feature makes sense, of course it does. Why it wouldn't make sense in the game is something I cannot comprehend which is why I made that post. Anyways to be clear I would be 100% behind reading in bed in TLD.
  11. Bed Reading with warmth bonus

    I find it strange you made this a poll. It essentially asks is it possible for people to read in bed?....uhhhh yes? I've done it myself and I know at least one other person who has, maybe even three or more.
  12. Whiskey-type item

    I don't really understand cabin fever myself so I disable it, but it seems to me like it might help with that? It should lower your cold resistance though, not raise it.
  13. A lot of those are things I would love to change. Bump up the amount of meat from animals and also make the calorie content realistic. I would love it if I didn't have to eat four whole rabbits for breakfast. Make is so animals are way more rare. Make wolf struggles way more rare(in addition to actually seeing them) but also far more dangerous. Add tracking to the game. The ridiculous sprains can already be disabled, and I do disable them. Knives could be split into durability and sharpness. Sharpness being how well they function and durability being how long until it will break. Whetstones could last way longer if this were done. Anyways I think there are plenty of ways to have the game make more sense without it losing any challenge.
  14. I like the game to be hard, but also make sense. Things like not being able to sleep for more than six hours without dying of dehydration, having to eat an insane number of animals(constantly), cooking like a three year old.....and the sprains jesus. I was walking on a flat wooden path and I sprained my wrist. How is that even possible? Did a particularly strong breeze hit my tissue paper wrist or something? Anyways that sort of stuff is really hurting the fun I have with this.
  15. I love a good challenge...going to give this a go. edit------------ Wow okay so I thought not being able to step over sticks was annoying before but on these settings when everything counts it's becomes incredibly frustrating. I just died because I couldn't walk over a branch. There should be a mod where instead of stepping sounds we make wheel sounds so at least it can make sense.