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  1. Many items

    You can tear apart clothes, curtains, towels and such without knife. Abd without knife you can rip cardboard boxes for tinder, crates and some chairs for reclaimed wood and small brancges for sticks. You can even harvest a carcass without a blade, according to your skill and how hard it's frozen. If you can avoid using a tool you definitely should. Keep tools for fighting, quartering, chopping large logs and furniture, or when you're in a real hurry.
  2. Luring Wolves

    Slightly off topic, but an alternative (even if limited) method is playing the prostitute during an aurora. When in a formerly civilized area you can stand right under a street lamp. You'll surely stick out and wolves will notice you, but they will stop and stand still snarling at you just out of the light circle. Easy targets.
  3. Jerry can or Jerry can't?

    Something I noticed: a jerry can self destructs when emptied! I refilled a lantern with an almost empty jerry can and it disappeared from my inventory. I immediately cooked a fish and a tiny bottle appeared. As unpractical as they may be, jerry cans look nice in a base, so if you hold them dear always leave some fuel in them.
  4. Game Breaking Jeremiah's Folly

    Have you lost track of the bear? Or didn't it spawn at all? Anyway you could just resume an older save (which usually works) OR simply wait for the update next week, which will delete all your story mode saves, and just start over.
  5. Anorexic Rabbit

    0.4 lbs of meat is a sad weight, not worth a snack.
  6. Undead animals for 4DON

    Wow, Christmas is yet to come and people are already planning for next Halloween! A bit more of a horror movie feeling could make 4DON better, but zombie animals... no, thanks. In post-event topics several not-so-extreme suggestions were made. I only remember my own: weird sounds (you enter a big house: you hear running footsteps and the other door slamming), visual effects (gruesome details added on pictures and paintings, corpses have the well-known puddle of blood on a side implying they were "harvested), unexplicable events (you leave your shelter and there are impossibly large wolf traces passing by) and so on. We'd never meet some running maniac, the Wendigo will not eat our guts and we'll never meet a two-ton wolf (hmm meat...) but the constant fear it MAY happen would sting. Anyway, if we could find where Grey Mother keeps her ancient grimoire AND use it to finally obtain and undead moose mount and undead wolf companion...
  7. Anorexic Rabbit

    In a certain sense, it did. I had already dumped my plan of exploring and looting Pleasant Valley and was running back to ML (panicking over possible glitches in the Matrix) but - no matter how much in a hurry I could have been - when I saw the wolf dancing over the dead rabbit I couldn't resist and simply HAD to stop and harass the wolf. The arrow only scratched it, but I manage to ran off with the half chewed bunny, cackling like a maniac and waving it by the ears. By the way, I just noticed that the "anorexic rabbit" had 0.4 lbs (not kgs) of meat on it, so I admit mine was less miserable.
  8. Anorexic Rabbit

    I just got a 0.3 kgs rabbit but I stole it from a wolf, so I don't think it counts.
  9. How to catch a rabbit

    Before I knew crouching was "stealth mode" I played the Lord of the Rings version of TLD. I used to throw stones like a hobbit and loose arrows like an elf from unlikely distances to avoid scaring off the prey. Then wargs usually came to bother me, or in very special occasion Beorn was tapping on my shoulder saying "U no kill mah bunneez!".
  10. How to catch a rabbit

    Change the default "put away" hotkey to a more practical one, so you'll efficiently stop throwing stones at the stunned rabbit instead of picking it up. And don't forget to stand up! If you're not overencumbered you should be able to run to the sleeping softy and grab it. Aim. Throw. Squeek. Stand up and put away the stones. Run and point. Pick up, snap neck. There's no secret strategy. I'm assuming you throw stones while crouched because everybody does so. I do it too, after reading it allows to close the distance without scaring off the bunnies.
  11. What are those bloody bags ?

    Quartering also is way to make a carcass quickly disappear. When you quarter you'll see sacks, guts, skin, and paws which are basically the only leftovers. Going back to my quartered bear: the following morning I passed by its location and the paws were gone, so it probably does wonders for the respawning algorythm. I suggest you don't quarter wolves.
  12. What are those bloody bags ?

    It doesn't. The "quarters" are nothing more than a split carcass, so decay is quite fast, but once harvested the meat is just like all other meat. It probably starts with lower condition because you'll often work on it while indoors (which is the main advantage of quartering), and this accelerates the decay, but I've never noticed faster decay. In my current game I harvested a quartered bear and the steaks are still good after many days.
  13. Stats on Wolf/Bearcoat scare?

    They're far from reliable. They seem to work better at long range, if you step over a ditch and run into a wolf it woll 100% attack, but if a wolf is far away and notices you it may panic instead of come near. I'd add that a wolf which already has been affected once is more likely to be scared again. Anyway the chances of scaring off a wolf are really low. I have to relate a funny episode. Some time ago I started a game in BR. As I was going up to the hunters' lodge I lit a fire and pulled a torch. As I neared the house I started to freeze and ran for it. There was a wolf with a freshly killed rabbit, and I almost trampled it. Strangely enough, it fled whimpering. I always play on stalker, so wolves never run away. Did the sight of some maniac charging with a flaming stick in his hand scare the poor wolf? What could this possibility be based on?
  14. What are those bloody bags ?

    Those are "quarters". What you get when "quartering" a carcass. Basically big pieces of the animal which need to be harvested, twice as heavy as the meat they'll give. The advantage in quartering is that you quickly cut up the carcass so you can carry it to safety and then get to work.
  15. Bacpacks

    Even if it's not shown, the survivor already has a HUGE backpack. The carrying capacity limit reflects the encumbrance too, not only the weight. When you pack up six hatchets, four toolboxes, three lanterns, half a bear's worth in steaks and two bedrolls along with pieces of cloth, sewing kits, sticks, matchboxes, a jerrycan, ten bottles of water, a rifle with thirty bullets and so on the size of the load is incapacitating just like the weight, and there's no way to carry it comfortably. If you're in decent shape you can carry another human heavier than you for a good distance, but surely not fast and a human is somehow balanced and solid. There's just a limit at how many stuff you can carry on your back.