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  1. I'm the slow and steady type, and with the bad habit of being overencumbered 90% of the time until I get the well fed bonus, and too often anyway until I have the moose satchel too. I'm always ready to set up a base, with plenty of meds, a lamp, spare cloth and whatnot, so running isn't very successful for me.
  2. I don't remember how much did it take, but lighting fires is one if my obsessive grinding activity when I start a new run, usually holing up in a cave with a load of firewood and tearing apart some animal to tiny bits. I'm sure I got it before books and running
  3. I took everything and failed to find it among the wreckage. Looks like I missed a cargo hatch.
  4. I think there's a difference between a heavy snow with strong wind and a blizzard. I'm almost sure a true blizzard is louder and has bigger snowflakes. I'm currently in PV and recently used one of the many blizzards to make a wolfproof dash from the barn in the general direction of the Rural Crossroads (meaning I walked to the road, turned left and hoped to live long enough) carrying a dozen kgs of raw bear steaks, planning to establish a temporary base and keep mapping, since I don't know much of the region. Blizzards and fog are cunningly taking turns to thwart my geographical activity.
  5. Building huge fires to cook more stuff can be simulated by building two or more camp fires, with some extra fuel you can cook quite fast. Littering the landscape with massed camp fires looks ugly after a while, but it's not often needed. Lumps of abandoned fires can usually be found near my first temporary shelter, as I start runs making mincemeat of every animal I get to practice cooking and fire building. Light a fire, add fuel, place meat, pull torch, light more fires, let them die and keep cooking, add more fuel, pull another torch, re-light fires... the "practice" fires may actually last enough to cook the smallest bits of meat. Anyway, unless you're in the middle of flat nothingness like the central areas of Pleasant Valley, shelters for a good fire are easily found. Don't underestimate the wooden wonder of hollow trees, you can use them to light a permafire and sleep buck naked in the open during a blizzard. A few feet on the inside of caves you can light fires with a lens and they'll be shielded from wind. And if you need to thoroughly harvest everything from a carcass, locate a sheltered or fire-friendly location in the vicinity and consider quartering. It allows you to relocate the whole carcass, it saves you a lot of time if you want to skin&gut a large animal, it can be stopped and resumed and it takes not so much time that you'll die if the weather goes bad halfway. Just don't quarter wolves.
  6. As I said elsewhere, how much gaming time will be wasted in "Oh, well, another blizzard. I'll just stay indoors today. Like yesterday. And the day before. And..." given the Elsa-with-PMS-and-an-hangover weather of PV?
  7. By the way, I hope Astrid has plenty of research and crafting to do, since the average weather in Pleasant Valley has eighteen hours of blizzard every day...
  8. I may try to check this. Yesterday I used a herd of deer to distract a wolf, and as it was chomping the slowest one I decided it would be fun to throw some stones between its teeth. Apparently the mutt got scared and ran away. FIRST TIME EVER that I managed to scare off a wolf with a stone, and I'm not even sure of my accuracy. On the other hand, I personally never saw a bear passing near a feeding wolf.
  9. I was making the last trip to collect the remaining chunks of the moose from the previous day, and from the distance... I was like "Are you kiddin' me?!" then I realized it was just a deer. By the way, crows circle over quarters (they are not in the image but they were just there), no mistake since the leftovers from the original carcass disappear after a few hours. Feathers aren't rare, but maybe quartering an animal and scattering the sacks may be a way to summon multiple flocks for mass production of arrows. I've just noticed this! Epic! Down but not out, ready for one last glorious flight. But it's the one which slew the moose, so maybe I should just treasure it as a talisman.
  10. Looks like the meltin Witch of the West, since she came up recently somewhere else. Or more epically speaking, some demon bear being banished and sinking back to Hell.
  11. The point is not that the bear ignored the wolf, it's the other way round. Bears don't care about wolves or carcasses, their purpose in the cosmic order is to be scary and brutally beat up characters, but wolves flee from bears. When a wolf is feeding it reacts to the character, snarling and taking a defensive stance, and it will charge if the distance becomes too small, or flee if torches are thrown at it. It also flees on pilgrim level if the character comes near, I've seen it happen when my kids played. Apparently the feeding wolves don't react to bears, there's clearly a hole in their reaction table.
  12. He came with a knife at a... frostbite? It wasn't that. Oh well. What a steteotype, in all natural disaster movies there's some no-gooder who stubbornly sticks to his original plan even if it's totaly pointless, causes trouble and then bites it.
  13. Doc Feral

    Weapon Ideas

    Isn't shooting a big gun on a snowy mountain a bit like kicking the avalanche spirits in the nuts? Maybe silent hunting has more reasons than just fairness and tradition, by the way. I was thinking more about his house, not the bank. The one with the flag, it's clearly designated in story mode.
  14. It's too cold now, but I'll get you. Just wait for the morning to get warmer! Now's more like it! I'm coming for you! I really wanted to demonstrate my "hidden fire" technique. "I'm a servant of the Secret Fire... YOU SHALL NOT PASS!" No, not that. The point is to hide the fire behind something so the moose will notice it when he's a few feet away, so it will stop and turn around granting me a huge and almost still target for the second arrow. Anyway, it didn't go as planned. Moose.mp4 And so I went full Legolas, I'm just sooo cool. Quartering a moose takes two hours, like a bear.
  15. Doc Feral

    Weapon Ideas

    I agree, modern hunting bows and crossbows would be fit for vacation hunting, which was clearly relevant in Great Bear. The only issue which needs addressing is where would such equipment be stored? Camp office? Orca? Surely some kind of rental service existed. It would add some more "one and only surespawn location for the rare item". The same would apply to some guns. Maybe only the bank director owned a pistol. And only the Quonset manager kept a shotgun under the desk, and so on. I'm a background story freak, did you notice? That, or accept that somebody could just forget his hunting bow in a fishing hut and the arrows in a backpack near a picnic table half an island away. And by the way, I keep mistaking sling for slingshot and vice versa