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  1. My return to Timberwolf Mountain

    Typo that for whatever reason I wasn't able to edit once I already edited the post... *shrug* I'm playing "fresh" (no guides) so I'd forgotten if there is anything to pry open in TWM (I haven't found any and did indeed leave it behind).
  2. why those illogical mechanisms?

    Good point.
  3. why those illogical mechanisms?

  4. why those illogical mechanisms?

    mmmk here we go I'm not usually one for feeding the angry demitrolls, but... 1) this is a game. 2) since when can you just... eat snow? yes, it will satiate your thirst, but it will a) cause you to burn calories to melt it and b) might have any number of bacteria in it. 3) this is a game. 4) you can survive quite well with just a diet of meat and fat/marrow, fish are a good addition, but also the stomach contents of herbivores. no, never tried it, but the arctic peoples of Earth have. 5) this is a game. 6) our playable character is not a survivalist. they are a pilot or a medic(?) in Wintermute, I believe. so they probably aren't used to carrying the weight of a grown person on their back while climbing a rope. and while in Survival mode you can pretend to be whatever, the game's canon suggests the former situation. 7) this is a... you got it... game. 8) I've never have, could not if I wanted to, eaten an entire deer in one go in the game. granted some animals would be (realistically) lean as hell, so yeah, some animals would yield very little meat (esp scavenged ones). But never have I ever downed an animal in a game and been able to eat the entire thing in one go. Except for fish, if I was starving and the fish was smallish. The rabbits are gonna be lean as all hell too--and they're ALREADY lean ("rabbit starvation", anyone?)--so I wouldn't be surprised if one didn't get much yield from them. True, the meat yields in the game are overall, what, halved? from what they'd be IRL (maybe more drastic than half; I forget what the game yields are per animal). But as I see it, you being on your own and downing a moose with realistic yields, you'd be able to sit on your arse and not do a damn thing for a long, long time, and therefore removing the exploration/looting aspect of the 9) game, which this is. 10) what is the difference between 'tired' and 'sleepy'? I'll wait. 11) 12) while it's true the 'animal fleeing' mechanism is silly, so is the respawn rate (depending), so is the fact that rabbits exist at all, so is the fact that ANY animal exists because all those grasses should be DEAD. but it's fine, because 13) THIS IS A GAME. 14) If @vargata asks one more time "have you ever" I'm going to morph into a rage demon and destroy you all. Seriously though. write a damn letter to the devs. Don't parade your outdoorsy experience in front of fans of the game while simultaneously belittling "n00bs" who just want to have a good time just to make a point of how unrealistic a video game is. jfc.
  5. My return to Timberwolf Mountain

    Doing a Pilgrim run because wolves give me anxiety lol... Still, it took me ages to find/craft a weapon, and I nearly died of exposure AND starvation in TWM so I had to skidaddle off to PV without raiding the cargo boxes because I didn't have a hacksaw anyway. But now I've got my bearskin coat (thanks to Pilgrim's fast respawn rate, there is now a THIRD bear in like, way too brief a time!) and deerhide pants, rabbit boots/hat/gloves, and found a fisherman's sweater in a hatch in PV, so with my bear meat and prybar and fishhooks I went back to the lake cabin in PV to BAG ME A MOOSE then raid all the cargo boxes. I'd seen the moose there at the fishing cabin, when I started (TWM start) but had no weapon, so... Sure enough, after a couple days waiting, there she was, mooing away. It was terribly windy but I lined up my shot... got her in the neck, which just pissed her off. She saw me and ran right for me, I reloaded, then shot her in the face. I don't think I've ever experienced a moose attack in the game before. And I still haven't. She went down second shot, and I think I have to give thanks to the 25-hour research book of Guns Guns Guns that I found in a PV cave. Huzzah. Now I just need to eat moose meat while her hide cures, travel around a bit when the weather is clear, and then I can make my way to the summit when the pack is ready. I'm worried about my weight still though. That bearskin coat... I'll probably end up leaving it in the cabin storage as it is desperately needed there for the shitty shelter. But the question remains if I can return there from the summit without dropping stuff. I figure, at the very least, I can leave my prybar behind once I've got to all the cargo boxes. I've got 6 more waiting for me in PV
  6. i got 99 problems and a weapon ain't one

    So, it came the day where I was down to just 27 cattails in my pocket. Many deer out in the yard, a bear roaming, wolves. Still no weapon, though my maple sapling was something like 65% cured... So I braved it. I went outside in the blizzard, and used my vague memory of where the path to the control tower base was. With these as my clothes: Not terrible. Not good. But I knew I had to try. The control tower usually has a good stock of food if not other supplies. I went the hard way, forgetting there are two ways up, at least. But I'm trying to play without maps/memory on this new save file... and, so, in the pale of a gusty blizzard I found a very tall mountaineer rope. I climbed. I got very cold. I wandered and wandered, figuring I should just go straightish... slightly uphill... I don't know how I made it there, but I did. and... ......... Thus endeth my problems. Except for that I shot the bear dead in the face and he still ran off. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. i got 99 problems and a weapon ain't one

    alas... thanks for the tip, though. I checked all beds, but all I had missed was a piece of scrap metal.
  8. i got 99 problems and a weapon ain't one

    Hey man, I waddled my way to the PV farmhouse just fine.
  9. i got 99 problems and a weapon ain't one

    Not sure I found any, and if I did, I didn't have the proper tools to open them. My clothing was too bad to waste more time on Blizzard Mountain but I can go back there now that I have slightly better gear. I ended up at the cabin by the lake in TM.. no gun........ and the moose was there. I didn't even get a crowbar until I got deeper into PV. missed out on 2 lockers in a survival hatch I found that saved my cold ass. I finally found a maple sapling while wandering in the blizzard in PV, so I'm just waiting now for it to cure. In the meantime, I've got like 25 cattails, and keep trying to hunt rabbits but,,, aiming!?? what is that!??..... and it keeps blizzarding so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Found a dead deer though so got food for a day from that. I have a ton of arrows. Made 2 from 2 broken ones, and there were 4 good ones in the PV house target. The bear is around the PV house now. deer very close. Wish the bear would kill a wolf or deer for me..... lol. *loudest sigh in the world* ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. My crappiest run yet. Wanted to fart around on Pilgrim and started in TWM for a change... My gear was absolute sh*t so I couldn't stay there much longer for all the snowing it did. I was able to make a rabbitskin hat at least while there. Fled to PV in hopes to find better gear. I did, but not good enough (no coat still). Will have to search more. But my sad haul, which is getting way too heavy now, includes: 7 crowbars. 5 knives. 2 hatchets. 1 hacksaw. 6 arrows, 7 bullets 5 sewing kits 3 rifle cleaning kits 3 quality toolkits. rifle? nope. bow? nope. I need to find either a coat or a weapon or a maple sapling. A coat would at least let me travel warmly to a better fishing area. But if I had a weapon I could hunt for more hides. A maple sap I could make a bow.... But it's too dang-diddly cold for me to go looking for saplings (without cheating with a map or my memory of zones). Too cold for me to really go much of anywhere. I'm also running out of food. I had no choice but to eat 17% quality peanut butter. Got the food poisoning but at least it filled my belly. At least on Pilgrim I don't have to worry about animal attacks. But yeesh.
  11. Camp Office Laptop (spoiler)

    *snort* at least your death will serve a purpose and feed something other than wolves
  12. Camp Office Laptop (spoiler)

    Such a thing may not discriminate between regions, particularly aquatic life. I have a feeling in reality all mammals on that island would die off within a year or two given the constant harsh winter climates. Sudden ecological shifts are, well, bad. Fish might do okay, which is why this email is worrisome.
  13. Camp Office Laptop (spoiler)

    ....right before you starve to death
  14. Camp Office Laptop (spoiler)

    So the aurora woke me up... "Predatory species, if introduced could see a profound devastation of Mystery Lake's local fish stocks. We will need to follow up to check whether there are attempts to introduce these invasive species deliberately." It's probably just a different sort of fish but I thought it was interesting, only because it made my butt clench at the thought of my fish source going away.... lol
  15. Supplies at risk?

    I saw that too. I had mugs of reishi tea there but I don't think it actually swallowed any. They were just clipping the laptop graphic nbd. But sorry about your saplings. You can always edit the save and give them back to yourself.