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  1. As I was harvesting meat from moose quarters outside of Trapper's, I started to hear strange noises. Wanting to get on with the harvesting to best preserve the meat, I didn't stop. When I was finished, it was windy as heck, and the sky looked like this...
  2. I was under the overhang at the Camp Office in ML, which is solid without holes, and even though the snow was falling vertically (no wind), I got wet. I was standing in the center of the overhang, not at the ends. I would think I'd be protected unless there is wind... but maybe the game code doesn't recognize that I'm basically under a roof?
  3. I can say that on Pilgrim at 520+ days, there are definitely more windy/snowy days in ML. I've been boiling water/upping fire skill outside with mag lens, but can't now nearly as often. It was a pretty sudden jump from almost every/every other day to almost never...
  4. store everything except for soda, beans, and peaches outside (away from carnivore patrol paths) crackers and cattails don't degrade. don't eat them unless you're about to die only cook raw meat that's 50% condition or less only repair the best clothing, and only when its condition has gotten low enough that upon repair it won't go beyond 100% never travel without: bedroll, medicine, tin can, matches, and maybe enough material to make a snow shelter use prybars (when you have the choice) to break open fishing holes; other tools are worth more for your survival never use tools to break down objects that can be done by hand
  5. Sometimes a fuel container can say 0.0L but actually just have less than 0.1L in it, probably less than 0.05, hence not truly being empty but reading as such.
  6. I've made it to 500+ days in my favorite Pilgrim run. I have... lots of clothing in varied bases, the crappy clothes and the good. I also have crafted gear, all of it, for when I need it. I've been wearing the crappiest of gear (sometimes mixed with one or two good pieces) while just farting around one of my bases, then for the most part letting the gear become threadbare until it's basically ineffective for temperature and then I scrap it if it's crap gear, repair it if it's good gear. I'm wondering about strategies for things like socks and bedrolls. Socks you can't craft, but do you need them once you're just in deerskin boots? And bedrolls, we can make bearskin bedrolls but bears aren't always readily available (though I suppose it's possible to keep 1 bear skin around) and bear skin rolls degrade quickly. I'm running on Pilgrim so animal attacks are rare (only attacked by one wolf when I pissed him off by stealing his dinner) so I won't have to worry about ruining clothing unless I take a bad stumble. Anyway, I know cloth is almost infinite in the game, but it isn't really. So for instance if I wanted to try to live forever in the game, should I only repair socks and one or two sets of good gear until the cloth runs out? Should I let the socks go threadbare and forget about them? Save the cloth for the bedroll?
  7. Okay, I definitely didn't get any "wasted" notification, just "harvested". Jerry cans hold 1.06 gal (4L) and after that I kept getting 48% Condition canisters of oil from harvesting storm lanterns. Didn't have any fish to experiment but I'd wager it's the same.
  8. Apparently lantern oil condition does not degrade, but we still find and harvest oil in all states of decay. I've read that when you have a non-full jerry can these containers will fill up with oil harvested from fish (when you have both the large and small container in your inventory the oil goes to the small can first if not only this). My questions: how do we know what % Condition the oil harvested from fish will be? if oil harvested from a fish comes out as 50% (or whatever) but my non-full container is 22%, will the two combine or will a new container appear? Mainly, I'm trying to reduce clutter in my Pilgrim playthrough. I have a LOT of small canisters and would like to avoid making more. Thanks!
  9. This makes a lot of sense. Much more than cabin fever.....
  10. I like this. Would make for a lot of extra code I would think, but things should indeed freeze. No need for complicated "chipped tooth" etc, just make it need to be 100% thawed.
  11. I mainly play Pilgrim to avoid having a heart attach from predator attacks, but the point that the island WOULD have a lot of left behind items is an excellent one.
  12. Are you a nomad or a squatter? I'm a squatter. A collector. Come the advent of future civilizations, I could be the museum curator. Ancient oddities from The Before. And lots of boots.