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  1. My most annoying (and successful) wolf tracking

    I thought a limping animal indicated that it would drop soon. Maybe not. So perhaps I stalked him much longer than I should have......
  2. What is the 1 thing you enjoy most about The Long Dark?

    Tell me about it. One of my first playthroughs. I was having a ball. I decided to venture out of MT to see what life had to offer (by the gas station, down the rope). On my way back with loot, I sprain my wrist. Can't climb a rope with a sprained wrist. No pain killers. Left them all in a kitchen cupboard in MT. No bedroll, for I was planning to return to my own bed that evening. Could not heal. Could not rest. No gun... I decided that a slow, agonizing death from the cold and hunger would not be my style. I could not even pass out due to the pain in my wrist. There was a cliff. I jumped.
  3. Midnight Badge disappeared

    If it helps, I think "sandbox19 backup" is my save for when I should have had, or would have received eventually, the Midnight badge; and "sandbox 19" is for sure just after I survived for the third night in a row (after 2 hours). sandbox19 backup sandbox19
  4. Midnight Badge disappeared

    @Support thanks for replying. I play on Steam for Linux. I have not seen any issues with other feats/badges. I'm wondering if somehow I didn't save the game after receiving the badge and therefore lost it? My User001 has since been updated while playing in regular Survival Mode: user001
  5. Things about TLD you never knew and just realized

    wow I've gotta try this...
  6. So firstly, I'm stoked that animals have returned to the lake cabin area of ML on my 343-day save (one of my first saves ever, easy mode, wolves are mostly scared of you). I was worried it was bugged when no animals at all respawned ever. I knew there was a bug, so I just waited... Finally, I see a 3-wolf pack and a 6-deer herd on the lake! This hopefully means that the herds by Trapper's and elsewhere have respawned too. And rabbits as well. Anyway, I'll be damned if I let those mangy woofs steal my venison, and on my way back to the camp office I get lucky with a critical and massive blood gush from this fella. He runs for not long at all before he stops running and is immediately limping. But then he keeps limping for what felt like an hour in real life but it was long enough for the weather to change and go down 2 degrees. At one point I worry, cuz he howls for his friends, who howl back. And I'm thinking, "Great, Hinterland has updated the wolf AI and I'm about to be revenge-killed." So Mr. Woof finds his friends. They don't seem to care that he's limping, poor sap. They circle the lake for I don't know how long but I am circling with them from camp office to fishing huts... Then his buddies howl, and Mr. Woof answers, and again I wonder if I'm wolfbait. But I'm crouching all the way and they either don't notice me as I"m wearing a wolf coat, or I'm just that good at sneakysneaks. Then I get impatient with the lil $#1T and shoot him again with an arrow, AGAIN getting a crit and big gush of blood. He runs a tiny bit then is limping even harder (or rather dragging himself along). And by along I mean up that ridge across from the camp office -- up high enough for me to sprain my wrist AND ankle... !@#$$% -- then swings back around down, then up AGAIN where he finally keels over and I don't have to check my journal because I hear Mr. Woof's death cry. The temp is now 4 degrees lower, though my coat is laughing at this. I get my arrow back (the other one didn't stick in him and I retrieved it from the snow), and get 7.2 lbs of meat from him.... skinny thing. I didn't just do the "wait and stalk after" bit because whenever I do that in this area I lose the beasts in the hills. Thankfully the footprints and blood trails did their jobs and didn't glitch away. I stalked this fellow long enough to start to feel bad for him, but I remind myself he'd otherwise steal my herbivore meat supply. ....sigh. This game requires nothing if not patience.
  7. Midnight Badge disappeared

    Hey Hinterland... lil help? Received the badge in-game. Gone after 4DoN patch removed.
  8. Community Feedback

    I'm thankful that Cabin Fever was turned off for this event. It's a ridiculous thing in my opinion. Then again I'm a bit of a homebody, and would never willingly leave my house during a blizzard or when wolves are about. That said in reality I wouldn't be alive anymore on Great Bear.
  9. 4DoN: QUEST FOR PIE!!!

    Without save file edits?
  10. DAY 4 (spoilers)

    I woke up this morning and decided to give finding a pie one more try. @ajb1978 gets the first slice I'm just so glad I got to not only find a pie but survive long enough to eat the whole thing with a side of... green tea. Haul from Quonset was ridic generous. Shame if this can't turn into a regular save file....
  11. DAY 4 (spoilers)

    What's odd is that twice I went there just now and both times all that was waiting for me was a newspaper. Both times. And I'm not seeing any candybars at the cabins either so I don't know. In any case I'm Done now. I tried. I'll have to have the real pumpkin pie soon to make up for it.
  12. DAY 4 (spoilers)

    I started three new games to see what I could find in CH and nope, no pie. Only misery and death. I never found one pie. I feel I missed out.
  13. DAY 4 (spoilers)

    I really feel bad for those who maybe just started out on Day 4, or who ended up somewhere with poor gear and couldn't build a fire. It seems utterly hopeless. Why do none of the houses in CH have fireplaces/usable stoves (at least the islands and the house by the lumber yard)? So silly. Let me start a fire in my bathtub, or something! I also find it odd that a house in Canada with no broken windows isn't better insulated and is below freezing inside. The cabins in ML were much better insulated.
  14. DAY 4 (spoilers)

    I can't last 20 minutes in the open without going into Hypotherm. Risk, but I did make it to Trapper's, just to see what's up. Seemed a cozy enough place to die as any, as I'm out of wood, only a few CBs left.. but there's a dead deer outside I'm going to check out, and then... I might as well go to Milton. If I can see in these conditions... which I can't always. I only made it to Trapper's because I've run that path a million times before. Nope. The walk to Milton is just too damn long for my gear.... My only hope is to fish in ML, but I'm not going to bother because I have to do other things now. It's been cool, Hinterlanders!
  15. 4DoN: QUEST FOR PIE!!!

    Half of me wants to keep trying (on a new save) to find a pie in CH... but I just keep dying so.... *shrug*