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  1. The Long Dark Hotfixed to V1.46 [44395]

    It seems to happen when the background noise to too "busy". Like, just wind is fine, and Just waterfall is fine, but waterfall and blizzard makes my sound "stutter". Like ti can't process all the information. It's like the auditory equivalent of frame rate dropping.
  2. The Long Dark Hotfixed to V1.46 [44395]

    It might be my crappy computer, but is anyone else's sound quality go to crap with the new update?
  3. Bear Spawn Times

    I was under the impression if I set Bear to "low" I will get less bears. I have everything set on max difficulty, with the exception of healing while sleeping at low, and I am getting three bears a map as well as bears spawning back in after as little as 3 days. I mean, It's been 74 days in this run and I have gotten 7 bears and shot 2 that ran off to die somewhere I couldn't harvest them. I'm getting enough bears to actually consider a second bear coat (not that I can afford the weight just yet) because at the rate I'm getting bear hides, I can maintain it above 80%. Has anyone else noticed that "low" setting isn't "low"?
  4. Bored of Interloper? Try sleepwalking!

    Now, I've been experimenting with the opposite. You only heal while sleeping. I have thirst set to max, so on a good day, when you go to bed the INSTANT you finish drinking you can get 8 hours of sleep without thirst causing damage. Otherwise, you can get most 7 hours of sleep. With low sleeping restoration, I get a very poor return. For the most part, get a max of +10% in a bed and +8% in a bedroll recovery sleeping max hours. Now, when I turn off healing while sleeping, I can't use Herbal tea anymore. Yes, only +6% total, but when you can recover max of 10% in a bed, that is HUGE. Whereas when I tried sleepwalker, only healing while awake, I found I could heal +1% an hour for most of the day for at least +12% condition. It's harder to tell now that they removed the percentage from the condition indicator, however. I have not tested things on Redux. Since my time has become limited and I haven't dedicated myself to actually wear testing it, any chance you could give me a break down of healing times with playing sleepwalker on Thirst, Warmth, Sleep, Calories all on Very High and Sleep healing off, and Healing while awake on Low, then reverse it, (sleep while awake off, and healing while sleeping on Low). Also, I believe you cannot use Herbal tea while heal while sleeping is off. However, I know a bunch has changed in 1.44. The double boiler bug is gone and trust me, I miss it. I really, really miss it. I have also discovered some of my favorite wind proof spots are no long wind proof. (and yet they cannot fix the cattail bug). I'm just trying to figure out which is less healing overall. Also, I was under the impression that if healing is off on sleeping, but walking around healing is on, You would still heal while asleep, just you only heal 1% an hour. It doesn't stack when you have sleep while healing on. Again, have not had time to test it. This past month has been a nightmare and I barely have time to move my stuff to the new place, much less clock in a few hours wear testing the game configurations. Thanks in advance, The Quonset Manager.
  5. What Do You Do with All These Empty "Recycled" Cans?

    BTW, they fixed the double boiler bug.
  6. Fantasy Island

    There's a hole in the map and once you get past the instant death zone along the water's edge, you can just walk out to it. Nothing there.
  7. Car fell on a bear

    I thought this was in Canada, not Australia.
  8. The Quonset Manager Origin Story

    To: Quonset Manager From: Jen RE: What happened. Sorry I shot you. I don't know how long I have to write this, but I figure I need to write as much as I can before I have to leave. So I'm starting out with I'm sorry and what happened. Well, I had a while to write this. You've been out for over a day now. I just couldn't figure out [scribbles]. You are a jerk. I get it that you are insane. I also get it that you don't think I'm real. Considering you keep having conversations with that damn battery where you talk about me. I'm in the same building. You don't have to talk about me as if I'm not there. You're like some passive-aggressive bitch from high school! You only pay attention to memos? I mean, what the hell is up with that? [Scribbled lines] Sorry. You're the one who got shot. I'm just pissed. Okay? The snow won't let up and you won't wake up and- ---------- Situation: If you wake up and I'm not here, this note is to explain what is going on. We are in a house on an island off shore. You've been here before because you clearly looted the place. There isn't even furniture to chop up. You did leave some emergency supplies here, thanks for that. But you didn't leave any medical supplies and you clearly need antibiotics. We've been stuck here because of the storm and a bear and the wolves. I can't see the way back to shore. As soon as the weather lets up, I'm going to make a break for the garage and get medical supplies then come back to help you. Damn it. I don't get it. Why did you just pack up everything and go out on the ice? You were gone for over two days. I was thinking you were dead. I didn't know where you went and the only sign anything was going on was the smoke rising from your hut. I waited and waited but you never came back. You didn't say what was going on. So when I was searching the garage, I found a box of five bullets you missed. I loaded up one of your spare guns and went looking for you. There were wolves on the ice, but they were far away. I figured I'd have time. Why did you lock the door? You could have just let me in. Did you think I wasn't real? I know you knew I was there. You told me the fog was coming in. Never seen fog like that. So fast, so thick. I got lost, and that's when the wolves came. You must have heard the shots because you came looking for me. And... I just want to say, that stupid bear head on the front of your bear skin coat looks scary as hell coming out of the fog. So that's why I shot you. You started bleeding. A lot. (I think the bullet had something to do with that.) The blood brought the wolves. I couldn't find the ice hut in the fog, or the shore. How you started that fire in the thirty seconds I was gone is impressive. Glad you did, I would have lost you in the fog. The fire bought us time, because the wolves were surrounding us. I only had two bullets left. I bandaged you up as best I could, but you passed out. I figured when the fire burned out, the wolves would get us. From the fog, I heard a gruff snuffling sound. Last time I heard that sound, I pissed myself. In one regard, it helped because the wolves scattered. I heard them all make that whiny sound puppies make when they want mommy to save them. I didn't have a choice, so I dumped most of your gear, and the gun, rolled you onto that stupid cloak of yours and dragged you away from the bear. I THOUGHT I found the mainland, so I started dragging you up from the ice, but discovered it wasn't. It was one of those islands off shore. As I dragged you away from the bear, I saw a house, and pulled you inside. I would like to point out my leg still hurts like Hell. Thanks for passing out. That helped a HEAP. Sniff, sniff, Smell that? That's sarcasm! You had a fire pit out front, a pile of frozen meat, and a bunch of hide curing in the living room. Looks like a charnel house down there. How many wolves have you killed? I had time to count them. There are twenty two wolf hides down there. How long have you BEEN here? Sorry. off topic. As you may have noticed, I sewed up your wound. The bullet went all the way through, but the only thing I had to work with was your fishing lines. I didn't have time to get them that sterile and you can't use old man beard on a hook. I stopped the bleeding, but it's obviously infected. You only wake up long enough to babble, and it's too damn cold here. You'll notice I buried you under layers of wolf pelts. There's no place to start a fire in this damn house. The blizzard started up after that. It's so bad I can't see the shore. Either way, if the sun sets and it's still snowing, I'll just go anyways. I don't think I can wait another night. I figure if the aurora sets off the electrical equipment, I'll be able to see it through the blizzard. Although... I've never seen the aurora work when there is snow in the air. Which doesn't make any sense, unless the snow grounds the aurora somehow. None of this makes any sense. The world hasn't made sense in a long... long time. You don't make any sense. Or... am I not making sense? Is it me? Maybe I'm the crazy one? I mean, I shot you. That's crazy Crazy people do crazy things. No. I have to assume I'm sane. I'm sure of it. You are the crazy one. You need to come back to reality. I need you. Damn you. I'm all alone here. Please just WAKE UP! I'm so sorry for what I've done! I didn't mean it. Why can't you? WHY??? Please. I could use that gun, but it and your bullets are out in the ice somewhere and more than likely covered in snow by now. I'm sorry about that. If I make it to the garage, I'll take the flare gun and use it to get back. If I don't make it back, well... It's your own damn fault, you big JERK!!! I hope this bullet through your shoulder finally puts to rest any notion that I'm not real! I get it, you've been alone a long time. Now grow the Hell up and get with the program! Thanks for saving my life, now take me seriously! Why- Crap. The snow is letting up. I'll get back here, or I'll die trying. If I don't make it back and you find this note, you know what happened.

    Well, we have a email about "invasive species". It could be fresh water sharks for all we know. However, pikes are just plain mean. Like russet potatoes.
  10. Hidden Caves

    You know, I need to get you to put these on my maps. As soon as I get finished moving, I got to get back to this. Wind proof locations for fires needs to be on the list. Maybe a little picture of the fire itself on the edge of the picture so you know what the location looks like.
  11. What Do You Do with All These Empty "Recycled" Cans?

    There's the double boiler bug. Once you get it going, you can't take the cans you used to get the bug going in the first place without the fire resetting. I have a number of wind proof locations I have found where I set up the double boiler and just leave the cans there. Although to set it up with pots allows you to cook meat, instead of just boil extra water while you are using the fire.
  12. The Long Dark New Year's Resolutions

  13. AURORA FISH!!!

    There is an email on a laptop in the game about the introduction of invasive species to the local aquifer. PIKE! Supercharged Aurora Pike! I want glowing fish to leap out of the hole when I fish during an aurora and try to eat my face! C'mon Raph! Nobody will see it coming!
  14. Camp Office Laptop (spoiler)

    AURORA PIKE!!! Pikes have been known to leap out of the ice to eat passing birds! The Aurora will Supercharge the Pike so they leap out of the water to eat... YOU!!! You have been eaten by a fish and faded into the long dark.
  15. The Long Dark New Year's Resolutions

    Quonset Manager's Resolutions: 1. Find more bullets. 2. Figure out why D. Wolf keeps haunting my dreams. 3. Figure out if this person living next door is real or just my imagination playing tricks on me because of my hellish, sophistic existence. 4. Carry more rocks so if I ever do break through weak ice, it'll be a quick end to this parody people might call life. 5. Figure out where all these damn bears are coming from. 6. Restock the deli section with fresh water fish. 7. Find Trombley and end him once and for all. 8. Floss. 9. Restock the cattails 10. Turn this pile of scrap metal into knives, hatchets, and arrows. 11. Finish stripping every last thing off the two surviving cabins up the trail. 12. Kill that moose that broke my rib cage and dance about on his grave.